Salvation of war

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In a of war where are species against species ten people ,one from each species, are chosen to bring peace to the world. All of which are raised to hate each other. Salvation will keep you reading until the end wondering what happens next there are many trials. Enemies become friends, old friends reunite, secrets are revealed,love is found. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoy writing it.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Castle

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



prolog:I light tth candle. Oscar annd cleedus are wounded. Gragory and Calvin are standing at the cave entrence for protection. Tim and Nicole are tending to oscaand cleeedus. Louis is summoning a Fire and Peter is cooking food. Joesph is in the corner praying.

Wait I should start fromthe begining. Sorry for that, here let me give you a bit of background. All of the species of Earth are at wwar with each other. One person from each person from each species was selected to bring back thr peace of the world by fighting and working together. That sounds Fair right? Tenn to Billions. If you say yesI will smack you. Well we are not suposed to complain so let me start from the begining.

It was a normal day as always. ( At least normal for the world being at war.)

"Gabriel", My mother called me.

( Yes my name is Gabriel. I am a six foot tall vampire. I am usualy described as Battel ready, trigger happy, out for blood( all pun intended.) , Can be Cruel, psychotic, and only loyal to myself.)

"You have mail from The royal castle. What did you do this time." ,Mom said

"Nothing ", I said.

I grabedt he letter from my mom and read it aloud.

Dear Gabriel,

You have been summoned to the Royal Castle for the special meeting. The meating will be on August eleventh at four thirty in the evening. Please come alone.


King Bumbmass.

"So what dose it say? Mom asked.

" King Dumbass wants to meet with me." I replied.

"Its Bumbmass" Mom Said. " Dose it say why?"

"No" I said.

" Well behave yourself then" Mom said.

The day moved quickly and I went to bed.

I woke up and looked at the calander and saw it was the eleventh. I got up and got dressed. I ran to the human farm were we breed them so we can feed on them and fed. (most of them are prisoners of war.) Then I ran to the royal castel. When I got there there was nine other people. There was: a werewolf , an ogar a troll, a tasty looking human, a light mage, a dark mage, an Angel and an Elf. The King Came Out.

"State your name and Spicies.",he said

I started," Gabriel Vampire"

"Gregory Werewolf"

"Calvin Ogre"

"Cleedus Troll"

"Oscar Dwarf"

"Tim Human"

"Peter Light Mage"

"Louis Dark Mage"

"Joseph Angel"

"Nicole Elf "

The King Said," Thank you very much. Now you are all probably wondering why your here. Well you have been called on to restore this world to peace. You will all be fighting together to prove all of your spicies can work together. Now you all have a choice dothis or die."

"We will do this." we all said in perfect unison.

"Okay then we all have a deal." he said.

We walked to our chambers.

" Why do I have to fight with all of these imbusules?", I asked.

"Hey blood breath! Do you have a problem with it?" Said Calvin Ogar.

My eyes went red. I jumpeed up and hit the seven foot Rot breath in the Chin. On the way down I kicked him in the balls as he fell. I landed perfictly.

" Hey Rot Breath I did not like that. NEXT TIME YOU WILL DIE!" I said threatiningly.

The ogar got up.

"Hey Blood Breath try it agin", He said.

My eyes turned red agin and I jumped up. Calvin Ogar Drew his Fist and hit me into a wall. I got up and said, "show time"

I ran and slid Between his legs and Kicked the back Of his Knees. He stumbled a bit and recoverd quickly. His eyes raidiated.

"Now this is going to be fun" I said

When an Ogar's eyes raidiate that means they're angry and they are at their best at fighting. I Jumped up for another hit to the face. He drew his fist and swung. I grabed on to his arm and when he drew back I kicked him into the mouth and landed perfectly. He went to hit me and I doged and Kicked him in the head.

"Too slow." I said

"I will Kill you" he Threatened

"Is that a threat or a promise" I asked sarcasticaly.

He went to kick me and I doged and Kicked him in the back of his planted leg. He fell face first onto the floor. One of the royal guards passedat that moment.

"Break it up you two." ,he said," This will be reported to the King."

Calvin ogar got up and said,"This is not over"

"Anytime Anywhere" I said.

Finaly we went to our rooms.

The next day i woke up to a note on my door. It read....

"Dear Soilder there is a meeting in the throne room.


King Bumbmass.

I went to the throne room and when I got there everyone was already there.

"Now that I got everyone is here I can get started. since you all can't get along you will be in a training simulaton aginst my Royal gaurds. Do not kill them only take them down. This will end when I find it appropreite."

"What" Joseph Angel yelled.

"This will be fun" Louis Dark Mage Said.

"Are you serious" Joseph asked

"Yes and if you dont think so then you truely are a wing brain." Louis said.

"I am with Joseph on this one." I said

"I am with Louis then" Calvin oger said.

" I am with joseph" said Peter the light mage

" Louis" Gregory werewolf

"Joseph" oscar dwarf

"Louis" Tim human

"Joseph" Nicole elf

"Where calvin gose I go" Cleedus said.

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