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That next morning we woke up to each other and a nurce was making the bed beside me. " Its about time you two woke up from your slumber." She laughed. " why are you re-making the bed?" I asked. " Someone is going to come in verry shortly. Its a girl and she is suffering from her knee. Shes getting it checked out, she will be here a while." The nurce left the room with the old sheets. " your so cute when you sleep." Jamie smiled and put his big manly hand through my brown silky hair. " thank you." I giggled. " Dont be thanking me. Thank yourself for your beauty." He kept grinning. " haha arnt you smug." I laughed.

After laughing my family came to pick me up because I was doing alot better. I half to take pills though. For a little while anyway.

When I got home, I sat on the computer and talked to Jamie on IM because he had to go home. I was so bored and I felt so sick.

I went down stairs and my mother was looking at me with confustion. " Sam, where is your shirt?" She asked. "WHAT!?" I screamed looking down at my naked body with only a bra and pants. " I guess you forgot to put one on this morning," my mother laughed.

The door handle turned and I stood there in a transe and Jamie opend the door. He looked at me and slammed the door. " wow." He said with shock. " JAMIE! YOU PICKED A BAD TIME TO COME HERE! So, unexpecting."I hollerd. " Sorry, But, Your bod is SLAMIN!" he said coming over to me puting his hands on my base wastes. " JAMIE!" my mother screamed. " sorry" he blushed. " Jamie.. Wait here and I`ll get a shirt." I said as I ran upstairs.

I opend my closet and took out my cutest top and quikly threw it on. I ran down stairs and stopped at the bottem and fell right into Jamie arms from exahtion. " Tierd eh?" Jamie laughed. " yes and sick. So you better not try to kiss me." I demanded with a straight face and than Jamie stared at me unsure and than we broke out in laugh and my mother sat her coffee cup down and joined us. " So, we going anywhere?" Jamie asked. " Yea. We were going to talk to Samantha. Remember our conversation on msn?" I asked. " Oh yes. But your in your Pajama pants and a really hot T-shirt." He smiled and looked like he was getting horny. " uh. Right. I`ll go change." I said and started walking up the stairs. " Let me help you." Jamie laughed. " haha verry funny." I said kinda mad. " I was kidding, you know that." He said. " I know." I giggled and ran upstairs.

I took a pair of short shorts on my dresser and put them on. Than I went down stairs and Jamie took my hand and we left out the door to go talk to Samantha.

" Samantha!" I screamed as I knocked on her front door. " What!?!? I`M A BUISY MAN HAVING A CHAT WITH MY DOUGHTER!" Samantha`s father yelled " Sorry, could you send Samantha out when she is done?" Jamie asked. " Sure." He said than slamed the door in our faces. "wow." Jamie said suprised. " Now I see why shes so mean." I said as we walked down the front porch.

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