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I was up in my room doing my home work, I had a big smile on my face knowing that my dream was going to come true. My street was going to be saved. Atleast, I hope. My brother walked into my bedroom and sat down on my bed. I turned around in my chair and looked at him and he put his hand on my knee. " Why are you in my room?" I asked. " I have a majour plan. I`m going to bust Samantha on cheating with guys. Wanna help?" Kyle smirked. " Um.. Do you half to? I mean, cant we do that after the plans are off for the mall?" I asked. " Sure thing, But the plan is that I`m going to get one of my buddys to ask Samantha out and she will ovieously say yes cous she dates anyone.My best friend is going to go to the park and make out with her at a specific time and date. I will get the other guy shes dating and take him to where they are. Voilla. Problem solved. She will get yelled and and yea. End of story." Kyle smiled evily.

I looked at him from left to right. He looked full of depresstion and thought. He didnt seem like the normal Kyle. His eyes were twiching and his clothes were the same as yesturday. His hair hasnt been brushed or washed. He looked like a mess.

" Thats a great plan, You go take a shower and change your clothes. Than go hand out with your friends. Love you, Bye." I said as I pushed Kyle out my bedroom door. "Sure." Kyle smiled and ran off. " Finnaly." I wisberd.

A couple hours later, I saw Kyle out side talking to some strange looking guys. He sounded like he was tellingthemsomething important. I ran down stairs and sat on the couch in the living room by the window. I peeked my head out the blinds just enough to see. I opend the window a crack and listend in. " You got the crack?" The guy beside Kyle asked.

The guy beside kyle was tall and had a long black robe on. He looked really skinny and he looked like the drug dealers from my school. He had a skate boad and same with the other guys that were with kyle. The other guys where short and had baggy clothes on.

My brother looked from left to right. Than he pulled a little bag out of his pocket. He handed it to the tall guy and than the tall guy shook my brothers hand.The tall guy fliped my brother over onto the ground onto his back. The other guys started kicking my brother and the tall guy got into a truck. I grabbed the phone and called 911 watching them closely. I told them about what was happening and the cops came in a seccond. Turns out they were ona case a couple doors down.

As soon as I saw them I ran outside and they didnt get the guy in the truck. But they manadgedget the other guys.

I ran over to my brother and bent down on my knees. A tear of myne fell onto my brothers cheek. My brother was passed out and the cops had put all the gangsters into their cars. They called for an ambulance and I sat their holding kyles hand, crying.

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