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I sat there crying and I looked up at the sky waiting for some sighn that Kyle will be ok.

My parents wornt home. No one was. It was just Kyle and I in our big house.

The ambulance came and I stutterd to my feet. I watched them quikly take action on the situation. Next thing I knew, I was riding in the ambulance with Kyle passed out on an extending bed.

I stared at Kyle. I could have done something. I guess this was all I could do. I would have probly been killed out there if I took a step out the front door. But Kyle, Hes brused and beaten, like an abused animal, suffering to live.

I placed myshaking hand on his brused forhead. I smiled behind my tears and the docters looked at me with a frown. The one sitting next to me put his arm around me and I hugged him. He than rapped his arms around me. I felt a sighn of relief. We stopped hugging when we got to the hospital.

I watched them take Kyle out of the ambulance and push him into the hospital. I ran along side holding onto the side of the bed. We rushed into a room and they picked Kyle up and placed him onto a bed and than the Docter that hugged me, stayed. He hugged me again. He kept hugging me untill the nurce came in to check up on Kyle. " Who is that?" The nurce asked. " I`m kyles sister." I sighed. " This is the patients sister. He seems to be in a verry horrible shape. " The docter exclaimed. " I see. Are you going to stay here and confort her?" She asked. " If she wants me to." He looked at me. " sure." I hugged him. " Ok. Well, go wait in the waiting room. I will tell you about Kyles shape." She pushed us out of the room. " follow me." He took my hand and hided me to the waiting room. " This is nice." I said as I sat down on a chair in the waiting room. " It sure is. But its depressing being here." He sat next to me. " How old are you?" I asked. " I`m 19. But I`m in training." He smiled. "I`m only is grade 9." I sighed and a tear fell down my face. " I see. How old is kyle?" He asked. " Kyle is in grade 12." Tears steamed down. " ahh.. I see. I`m verry sorry about your brother." He placed his hand on my face wiping my tears away. "Its fine." I looked down and placed my hand on his."Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked. " I do. Is there a phone I can use? I wanna call him. " I sighed and put my hand down and looked at the docters cute face. "Yea." He got up and went over to the office.

He picked up a phone and walked over to me. He handed it to me and sat down. I pressed the buttens of Jamies phone number on the phone. I put the phone up to my ear hearing the normal ring. Jamie picked up. " hello?" He wonderd. " Hey, Can you come to the hospital?" I wisberd. " What happend?" He worried. " I`ll tell you when you get here." I wisberd solftly. "ok. I`ll be there in a couple minits." He hung up. " So, is he coming?" The docter asked. " Yea. He is." I smiled with tears all over my face. " Thats good. Its always great to have someone there for you." He sighed. "whats the matter?" I asked. "My girlfriend broke up with me a couple days ago. It hasnt been a smooth ride sence than." He looked down and than stood up. "uhu." I looked up at him. " put it doesnt matter. Good luck with your boyfriend." He smiled and walked away." Arnt you missing something?" I asked. " What?" He turned around and I stood up. " Thank you." I smiled and got closer to him. " No problem." He smiled.

I kissed him on the cheak and Jamie walked into the room. He stared at me in shock. Than he walked over and I stood there and the docter walked away smiling.

" What was that?" Jamie asked. " I was... umm" I stuterd.

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you was...ummm...thanking him for helping your brother! dur! say that!


Mon, November 3rd, 2008 3:36am

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