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"Well what were you doing?" Jamie got closer to me. " I kissed the doctors cheek for helping me out. Its not a big deal." I sighed and got even closer to Jamie taking his hands. "I understand." He kissed me and everyone in the room said. " aw"

I stopping kissing Jamie and sat down still holding Jamie`s hand. He sat down next to me and put his arm around me. " You going to tell me what happened?" He asked. " Kyle got in trouble with some guys and he is in the room fighting for his life." I sighed and a tear fell down my cheek. " I see. I love you Sam." He said truthfully. " Do you really?" I asked staring into his blue eyes. " Its true," He smiled and I hugged him. " I love you to." I whispered in his ear as tears fell onto his shirt.

A doctor walked out of the room that led to where Kyle was. I stood up as he walked over to Jamie and I. The doctor looked at me and smiled. " what? If Kyle ok?" I asked worried. " Kyle Is fine. Broken ribs and broken bones for sure. But Kyle will get to come home in a while. You should call your parents, they will want to know." He smiled and handed me a phone. "Thank you." I sniffled. " Kyle is ok. Why are you still sad?" Jamie asked as he put his arms around me from the back. " Because I half to tell my mom what happened." I sighed. " I see." He kissed my cheek and held me close. " Hi mom." I said as my mom picked up the phone. " Where are you?" she asked. " I`m at the hospital." " What are you doing there?" She worried. " I`m here because Kyle got in an accident." " What type of accident?" " These kids beat him up pretty badly." " Oh my. I`m on my way. Love you." she hung up.

I sat down and waited for my mom. Jamie sat next to me and held my hand close to his chest for a sign of relief.

" BANG!" The door swung open and my mother ran over quickly to us. " Wow." Jamie whispered as my mother sat next to me. " Where is kyle?" She asked me. " In a room." I said in an obvious tone. " What ever." My mom walked over to the desk and talked to the lady and than ran through the doors screaming " I NEED MY BABY KYLE!"

" Wow again." I laughed. " I know." Jamie joined.

That next day Kyle and my mom both came out. Kyle was in a wheel chair and he had casts all over. He looked weak and tired. So did Jamie and I. We all went home and it was pretty hard getting Kyle in and out of the car. Life is going to be pretty hard with Kyle in a wheel chair for a while.

I hope they catch the guy that was in that truck.

Submitted: November 13, 2008

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I hope they do too!


great chapter!

Thu, November 13th, 2008 3:43am


although i have enjoyed reading your kinda random...but i guess you meant it to be that way...interesting story tho

Thu, November 13th, 2008 5:52am


I didnt mean to make it random. I try to make it long and dramatic. I like putting drama into my storries. I`m planning on a big finish for all the novels I write. And I have big plans for this one. I just want it to be long, I want atleast 20 Chapters in this book. With Marina`s trouble I want 30.

Thu, November 13th, 2008 12:59pm

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