Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Me and Emily were running as fast as we could, not being able to see Samantha. We stopped at her front yard and plopped down on the grass laughing and panting at the same time.

" That was pretty funny how you spit in her face." Emily said while laughing. " I know eh?" I said laughing while my face turned beet red. " I didnt know you had it in you!!" emily said with a laugh. " I know. I didnt know either."

We laughed a bit longer and went inside.

" Emily..where are your parents?" I asked. " Oh there upstairs working on the bathroom.." She said with a smile. " I wonder what they are doing." I said while sitting down on the couch. " haha me to." She giggled. " niceee em." I said while she was sitting down. " Wanna call Nate?" She asked. " Nate!?!? Call NATE!?!?" I yelled. " yep." she said while laughing. " girl you knowHow much I like him!!!" I said while staring at her. " I have his number. Ask him out!." She said while handing me the phone. " That is not funny!! You know I cant ask him out!!" I screamed. " WHAT HAPPENING DOWN THERE?!?!?" emilys parents yelled from upstairs. " NOTHING!" Emily and I yelled back. " So you gunna call and ask or should I?" She said while dialing the number. " DONT ASK!!" I screamed. " Hello is Nate there?" Emily asked. " oh my god." I wisberd. " Hi Nate. Whats new?" she said on the phone to Nate. " come on please no!!" I yelled/ wisberd to her. " Hmmmm you would like to ask Sam something?" Emily said while handing me to phone with a smile.

Me and Nates conversation:

Nate: Hey Me: Hey Nate: Listen.. I really really like you!! Will you be my girlfriend??

I sat there in shock.

Me: YES!! Nate: cool. I better get off the phone. Later babe.

" Emily you have no clue what just happend." I said while having the biggest smile ever. " WHAT!! DID HE ASK YOU OUT?!?!?" she asked in exitment. " YES!!!!!" I screamed.

We both jumped up and down acting like compleat idiots.

Submitted: August 30, 2008

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Cobra Midnight

oh wow!

Wed, January 28th, 2009 2:14am

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