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After jumping up and down for about 10 minits we walked out side. "I belive you owe me 5 bucks." We heard Samantha from the end of the drive way.

Me and Emily booked it running through peoples yards. Finnaly we reached the park and Samantha was far behind trying to run in her high heals. Me and Emily stopped running and hit under the slide. " Wow." Emily said while trying to catch her breath. " I know. We are in alot of trouble." I said with my face turning beat red." Oh shes right there." I heard a voice yell from the top of the slide.

I looked up to see Nate standing there. " NATE!!" I screamed. " GET DOWN HERE WITH US!!" I added." Um..Whats going on?" He asked. " We will tell you. Just get down here with us." I answerd.

Nate got down from the top of the slide and sat down next to me. " So.. Whats going on?" He questiond. " Well Samantha wants me and Emily to give her money and I dont plan on paying her cous she has to get it through her tiny lil shopping head that everyone can play on the street." I said while staring at Nates hotness. " Really? How come I didnt hear about this?" He asked. " Nate.. She just started it today." Emily tried to explain. " OH MY GOD THERE SHE IS!!" I said while I got up and started running.

We ran as fast as we could and stopped at Nates house and we ran inside.

We sat down on the couch in the living room and Nate sat next to me and put his arm around me. " So.. What now?" Nate asked. " Well..." " I know." Emily interuped me. " EMILY!!" I screamed. " SPILL!!" I added. " Well I think we should get the kids on strike!! Every kid in the nabour hood." Emily said with a smile. " Wait.. That means we half to walk alot more?" Nate said trying to catch his breath again. " Dont be lazy." I said laughing. " Well I`m ok if we run because running is ok. But when I walk to much it hurts me feet..." " SHUT UP!!" Emily screamed and I giggled. " So are we gunna do this?" Emily asked. " Sure..." I said while looking at Nate. It was silence.." NATE!!" Me and Emily screamed. " Oh oh oh ya.. sure. what ever my girl wants." He said while looking at me with a smile. " So its settled. How about we meet each other at the park tomorrow?" Emily suggested. " Sure.." Me and Nate said at the same time and we all started to laugh.

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