Chapter 6:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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After school me and Emily were walking down the street when we saw Samantha and my brother again infront of Samanthas house. Me and Emily hid behind a boosh and wachted. I sat there behind that boosh with Emily and watched my gross pathetic brother KISS! the person I hated most.

I wanted to go over and slap Samantha and yell at my brother but I couldnt. I looked over at Emily and she looked really pissed off. She looked like she was about to get up and slap the two of them. I realized how foolish my brother was being by dating a 9th grader and hes in gade 12. Sure shes popular but shes younger. Plus grade 9s and grade 12s do not date.

My brother walked into SAMANTHAS HOUSE! Once the door was shut me and Emily booked it into my house. We went to my room and peeked out the window. We could see inside Samanthas bedroom perfectly. I guess we are that close together. Anyway I could see that they were in her room. They started smiling and Samantha went over and shut the door. Than she closed the blinds. " OH MY GOSH!" Emily screamed. " LIKE OH MY GOD!" She added. " I KNOW!" I yelled with fear.

We ran down stairs looking for my parents. " MOM! DAD!" I screamed only to notice that no one was home.

We waited till my parents got home and when we did we told them what we thought was going on. They started to freak and ran next door.

We ran with them and they knoked on the door.

10 minits later they opend it and Kyles hair was a mess and so was Samanthas.

Kyle had hickies on his neck to. " KYLE!" my mom screamed with rage and she pulled him into the house by his hair.

Emily and Ifolled close behind and we hid behind a wall while my mother yelled at him.

"Sweet, sweet revange" I thought to myself while Emily had to leave.

Kyle got grounded and I sat there and laughed as he sat in his room with nothing to do because my dad took all his stuff away.

I slept good that night because I know that things were going to go better now that I have a grounded brother and a secret admirer.

The next day I walked outside and Samantha was standing there asking for money that I owed her. " You cant have the money because we deserve to run freely around the streets." I told her with a mean aditude. " Excuse me! My daddy.." " I DONT CARE!" I interuped her.

I ran down the street not caring what she thought and got on my bus for school. I sat in the back and saw Kyle and her walking holding hands again. GOD I WISH THIS WASNT HAPPENING! Maybe.. Hopfully I will find my secret admirer today. Emily got on the bus and sat next to me. " I hope I find my secret admierer today." I said as she put her backpack on her lap. " I KNOW! I NEED TO KNOW!" Emily said with exitement. " Hopfully he will give us another note!" " I know. I really need to know who it is because this is sooo interesting." " I want to know to." " Someone likes you?" A girl infront of us asked. " Um.. ya." I said with a weird face expression. " Thats cool. No one ever likes me." She said with a frown. " Aww I`m sorry. Somebody likes you. Everyone has a somebody." Emily said trying to make her feel better. " I hope so." She said turning back into her steet.

When we got to school, I rushed to my locker and opend it and there was another note! It read:

Dear Sam,

I heard you were looking for me. I dont want you to know who I am. The reason why is because I half to keep my popularity. You are verry beautiful. I cant resit you. But, Ok.. I`ll give you hints. Hint number 1: I`m in grade 10. Heres another one. Hint number 2: I have brown longish hair. That is all for your hints... For now anyway.

Lots of love,

Your secret admirer.

Submitted: September 14, 2008

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