Chapter 7:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I walked down the hall way of my high school and I looked at all the popular guys in their circle. I noticed that Jamie was staring at me. I walked over to them and said hi. Jamie looked at me and said " hey, whats up?" the rest of the guys just walked away and Jamie stayed. " Nothing really. do they not like me? Or did I just ruen things with my normalness?" " Haha no. They just find you weird sence your only in g9. I think one of them likes you. I`m not sure." Jamie said while he opend his locker and took his books out. " Ok. By the way Jamie... Your hair looks great today." I said with a smile. " Thanks. Yours looked wonderfully.... straight!" he said not sure what to say as he closed his locker door. " Thanks." I laughed and started to walk away. " Hey, Sam, I was wondering.. Are you seeing a new guy, cous there was a rumer that you were." Jamie said worriedly. " Oh. I have a secret admierer thats all." I smiled and kept walking. " Well I better get off to class, later!" He said and rushed off.

Emily walked up to me and said " What was that about? IS JAMIE THE GUY!?!" Emily asked/ yelled. " Well. I was just having a chat with him and I`m not sure if its him. I think it might be." I said as we walked into history class.

In history class I thought deep and hard about it. Why was Jamie the only one who talked to me? Jamie has brown hair and its long two! Jamie is also popular! I wonder if its him. I hope its him. Jamie is verry cute!

The bell rang and everyone walked out of the class room. I got up and walked out slowly thinking things through. I opend my locker and found another note inside. Another one? In the same day? I opend the note and it read:

Dear Sam,

I cant help it anymore! I`ll just tell you! Its Jamie. We talked already today and boy I loved it. You are sobeautiful. Would you go out with me? its just a thought. Tell me in person. Infront of all my friends so they can hear it cous half the time they dont belive a word I say. Anyway, Tell me A.S.A.P.



I rushed over to Emily and showed her. She almost fainted. I walked calmly and slowly over to Jamie, Than I said "Jamie, I would love to go out with you." I smiled, " Awsome" Jamie smiled and took my hand. " Yes it is." I said and all his friends stared at me in shock. " Well, Jamie, will you walk me home?" I asked politely. " Yes I will." He let go of my hand and put his arm around me.

On my way home, I saw my brother again. " Hide in the bush!" I wisberd. " What? Why?" Jamie asked. " Just come on." Ok than." " Jamie look. Its Samantha and Kyle, my brother. They are dating and Kyle sopose to be grounded and not sopose to see Samantha again." I pointed at Kyle and Samantha. " Oh I see." He said while getting up. " No. If they see you they will hurt you. Like they hurt Emily!" I said while we watched them walk apart from each other. " ok we are safe now." " why would they hurt us?" Jamie asked puzzled. " Well they dont want anyone to know. Mostly me!" " Oh wow. So lets go into your house." " ok."

We went into my house and Kyle was being dumb and drinking out of the milk container. " KYLE!" I screamed "Hey Jamie, whats up dude?" Kyle asked Jamie. " Oh my gosh!" I said doughtfully. " Nothing much dude." Jamie answerd. " Why you here?" Kyle asked. " Oh I was just.." " Its time for you to go." I interupted Jamie. " Bye Jamie." I said while I pushed him out the door. " Later dude. Love ya Sam." Jamie said as he shut the door behind him. " you two." I wisberd. " Whats going on?" Kyle asked with a smile. " Oh nothing me and Jamie are friends thats all." " Than how come he said, love you sam?" " Cous we are close friends." " no its cous you two are dating. I KNOW IT!" Kyle yelled with a big smile and my mom came in the room. " Whats this about Sam and Jamie?" my mother asked and my dad came down stairs. " NOTHING!" I screamed. " Jamie and Sam are dating!" Kyle laughed. " Oh really?" My father asked. " maybe." I said while I punched Kyle in the arm. " Oh come on, its ok, you can let your mother know." my mom said. " FINE! JAMIE AND I ARE A COUPLE! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed as I ran upstairs. " I knew it! I knew it!" Kyle screamed as he put the milk away. " Dude thats not cool!" Kyle yelled when I got to the top of the stairs.

I picked up my phone and called Emily. " Hey Emily. Can I come over?" I asked. " Sure." Emily answerd. " ok I`ll be there in a sec, we need to disgus, when we are going to get all the kids on the block." I said sadly. " Ok. see you soon." Emily said while she hung up.

I walked down stairs and opend the door. I started walking down the street when I ran into..

Submitted: September 16, 2008

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aww man, you fucking did it again! I want to know who the heck she walked into....Your eveiiilll!!

Wed, September 17th, 2008 7:38pm

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