Shadow Breakers

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I was an average boy until the age of 8 when everything started to go wrong or it seemed wrong i had died but came back before paramedics arrived after that things just began to get more strange

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shadow Breakers

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013



Chapter 1




It was a warm spring day the wind whistling through the grass and trees the sounds of teens playing basketball and the pollen from flowers was visible all around. I however was only watching the basketball game from a far I could sense something among the players that did not seem right as though something was there that should not be. It was something that's happened since I was eight when I should have died or had died but, came back on my own before paramedics arrived the doctors ran test to make sure I was okay but, they didn't find anything abnormal I was released the next day and was told to rest and it all kind of started that night. My room was dark and I couldn't sleep. I laid staring at my ceiling always getting this chill that jolted me from sleeping when I got close to my blissful dreamland it bothered me so I got up from my bed and shuffled sleepily to my door the chill getting stronger as though warning me not to go out. I shivered and slowly clutched my door knob slowly and turned pulling my door towards me the door groaned as I brought it from where it had laid to rest for the night and was not appreciated to be moved. I slowly snaked from my room slowly not to make a noise to wake my parents to the closet which we stored extra pillows and blankets for guests or incase we need a spare quickly retrieving what I had come for from the closet I turned to see a shadowy figure looking at me with glowing white eyes with a monicol on its right eye and a top hat it gave me a grin of teeth that looked as sharp as a swords tip it gave me a small cackle and opened its mouth to speak.

"So, it takes you to die to finally have those powers awaken huh boy?" The strange man said, I looked around noticing no one else and then pointed to myself and the man nodded, " yes you silly there isn't anyone else here now is there?" He cackled again and began to tug on the black gloves that covered his hands, "Now so now that your powers are awaken you will face new troubles in your life meet new people of this world that no one else knows about but, others like you we like to call people like you realm jumpers since you see and are in different planes of times you can see things others can't" he gave a soft sigh dipping his hand into an invisible pocket to my sight and pulled out a white watch and clicking it open and then closed slipping it back into the invisible pocket. "Now there is something I need to tell you it's that you can do more than the others, you can actually cross the thresholds of dimensions and planes and bring things to and fro from these places which means you're different you are like me a shadowbreaker but, there is a price for shadowbreakers they have to keep the balance fight the evil that tries to break the rules and jump dimensions without the use of our kind or threatens anything so in a since we are superheroes forcefully chosen to be what we are." Once he had finished speaking he handed me a letter and a golden watch and a small book that looked tarnished and old all that I could make out was sha-w b-r g I looked at the book in confusion and was about to ask him about it but, he was gone a mist of black was left where he was. After that I hurried back to my room shaking my head telling myself I must be dreaming this couldn't be real. Tossing the gifts aside and curling in bed cuddling in the blankets I was out like a light.

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