My Little Amnesia End

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

the ending of MLA

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Little Amnesia End

Submitted: June 12, 2013

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Submitted: June 12, 2013



Chapter Eight: How it All Ends


Apple Jack sprints down the long hallway, her hooves impacting the floor hard making the sound echo. As she runs she calls out more,

“Twilight! Twilight were are ya’?” looking down every hall, every open door, seeing nothing. She runs past another hall and looks down the corridor; the large double door at the end has light leaking out from under it. She quickly runs down towards the door, panting and gasping for air, her lungs must be exhausted but she pushes on. When she reaches the door it seems that a heavy feeling falls upon her, the silence concerned her. She quickly pushes the doors open, the swing open with a loud thud as the hit the walls. Apple jack lights the lantern, knowing she’s going to use the last of the oil. It illuminates the very large hall, similar to the one she found Fluttershy in, but this one didn’t have a pristine stage, the one it has is collapsing and giving out, but standing at the end, looking back at her stood Twilight, alive and well.

“Twilight! Oh thank heavens your alright.” She says with a relieved sigh, as she begins walking over to her, Twilight begins to laugh loudly. The laughter chills Apple Jack down to her bones, she freezes where she stands.

“Hehehe, it’s a big surprise that you found me AJ.” She says with a disturbing low tone. “I was thinking my friends weren’t going to get you, disappointing that they didn’t.”  Apple Jacks eyes widen with fear and shock.

“Y-You’re the one that did it…you’re the one that killed our friends?” Twilight begins to laugh louder and more manically.

“It took you this long to figure it out? Hah, it’s no wonder why you’re the least intelligent of our group. Yes, I was the one that changed the others, only you and Rarity are the ones I couldn’t get into my trap. But she was killed by Fluttershy, the same fate was supposed to happen to you, but you killed my wonderful creations.” Apple jack is suddenly filled with sadness and rage.

“YOU’RE THE MONSTER! YOU KILLED OUR FRIENDS!” she yells at her, “all we did was try to come here and help you, you sent us all a letter to help you-“Twilight interrupts her,

“It was the only way to get you all to come, write a fake letter that caused you to all come here, to fall into my little game. A new experiment.” She steps down and looks at apple jack. “I’m so glad that it worked! Well almost, you’re the only thing left to finish in this experiment. If you just DIED like I wanted you to, this would be all over, and I can report my finding to the princess.” Apple Jack begins to charge at Twilight, but is immediately stopped, caught in her magic’s grasp.

“No, no. no need for that.” She throws Apple Jack, she crashes to the floor. She screams in agony and pain.

“Dohh...Sorry did that hurt?” she chuckles as Apple jack tries to stand. “Well, I guess if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” Twilight teleports behind her and kicks the back of her leg, right on one of her gashes, she screams in pain again. Twilight begins to laugh when she is kicked hard in the chest; she flies back into the wall behind her. She hits hard against the wall and coughs trying to catch her breath. She glances up to see Apple jack charging her again, this time she didn’t use her magic in time, Apple jack uses the speed and power from her charge to strike Twilight in the face with her front hooves, and this sends the back of twilights head into the wall, cracking her skull. She lets out a gasp of pain and then kicks apple jack off her with her hind legs. She crashes to the floor and is engulfed with pain.

“AHHHHH!” she screams as a loud audible crack is heard, she rolls over on her stomach and tries pulling herself up, then is pushed back down on her broken ribs.

“Oh-ho-ho you’re not going anywhere!” Twilight says as she presses down more with her hoof. The pressure of her hoof seems to be a ton to Apple Jack she cannot fight it. “I was going to make your death quick but now I want you to suffer!” she congers up a dull rusty knife, she slowly and with pressure cuts her cheek, making her blood slither down her cheek and drip off the end of her jaw, it splats to the floor.

“Heh, where should I start? Hmmm….”Apple Jack thrashes and tries to kick Twilight off of her, this angers Twilight. “I’ll start by taking out those pretty green eyes.” She says with a creepy smile. Apple Jack struggles and tries to move away from the blade as it gets closer to her, inching its way towards her eye.

 “NO!” she yells and then bites the knife and throws it back at Twilight, it flies through the air and stabs her in the shoulder. This causes her to get off of Apple jack and stumble back, before she could do anything she’s kicked dead straight in the chest and flies backward, tumbling to the floor. She stands back up, feeling the blood from her cut rolling slowly down her shoulder down to her hoof. She glances down towards the cut and sees that the knife went in deeper, cutting away at deep tissue. Her magical aura appears around the handle and the sound of tissue tearing is heard as she pulls the knife out of her arm. The farther the blade is pulled out, the more blood pours out onto the floor, Twilight slowly raises her head and looks at Apple Jack with her evil twisted grin, holding the knife with her magic.

“That wasn’t very nice AJ.” She begins to charge after Apple Jack, she quickly looks around and runs to a wooden crate and kicks it as hard as she can towards Twilight, but she teleports to dodge it. Apple Jack gasps as the blade of the knife slices across her side, causing her blood to roll down her side and to her stomach. Twilight tries to stab her but misses and the knife gets lodged into another wooden crate, Apple Jack bucks the handle of the knife, separating it from its blade. Apple jack tackles her and slams her hoof into her face, throwing her head to the side and hits the floor. She does it again, Twilight looks up at her, her bleeding teeth bared in anger staring at Apple jack then her magic aura glows around her horn.

“Oh no you don’t!” she slams her head down against the floor, knocking the wind out of Twilight. She gasps for air when Apple jack turns her over onto her face, grabbing the sides of her head and then slams her down, shattering her horn on the ground. The blood of her horn splatter and pours onto the floor, she screams in pain. Apple Jack looks around and finds a large rock; she sprints over to it and uses all her energy, lifting it up onto her back. She walks over to Twilight slowly, carrying the large rock. Twilight still balled up in agony, she doesn’t see what Apple jack has. She sees her hooves stop right in front of her. She glances up, starring at her beaten friend covered in dried blood, cuts, and the burden of the horrors she’s seen, and the large rock she had.

“NO!” is the thing Twilight yells before the large rock crashes down on her head, smashing her skull, killing her instantly. Apple Jack stands above the corpse of her last friend, she begins to walk away from it slowly, towards the large door that was behind Twilight, opening it and follows it halls. She walks slowly and painfully through the hall, looking out the windows to the outside world, the sun now shining into the empty halls. She stares at the large doors she slowly walking to, seeing the light from the outside world shining in from the cracks. She pushes the large doors with her fading strength, and stands there feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays on her beaten face. She continues walking, through the ever free forest, farther and farther from the nightmare of the castle. After all that she’s been through, she was actually happy to be inside the ever free forest. Seeing it from inside the living hell hole of that castle made her miss it. She feels safer anywhere other than that place. She continues and then emerges out from the ever free back onto the farm she stares at her home and smiles. Big Mac glances over to her and gasps.

“AJ!” he runs to her as she collapses on the ground and blacks out. She wakes up a few hours later on the couch of her living room, looking at her sister Apple Bloom, her Brother Big Macintosh, and her grandmother Granny Smith. They all waited for her to wake from her slumber.

“Apple Jack, you’re ok!” Apple Bloom yells as she hugs her tears running down her cheeks,

“Why, of course I am, why wouldn’t I be?” she asked to her sister, who is now crying into her chest.

“We thought we lost you.” Granny Smith began, “you’ve been missing for weeks!”  The amount of time that her grandmother told filled her with shock.

Weeks? How could have I been gone for weeks!? I never saw the passage of night and day, I never had a drink of water or an ounce of food.

“W-w-weeks?” she stuttered, “I was gone for weeks?”  Granny Smith and Big Mac nod,

“Eeypu.” Big Mac adds.

“Where were you, anyway youngin’?” Granny asks her. 

“That doesn’t matter Granny, I’m here and safe now.” She says with a smile, “can I go into my room? It’s getting late and I would love to sleep in my own bed again.” Later that night she tosses and turns in bed, her dreams filled with the horrors of the castle. Making her re-watch the deaths of her friends, the twisted laughter or screams of agony. She gasps in horror as she wakes up from her dream, panting and sweating. Her hooves rise to her face as she begins to weep, her tears rolling down her cheeks.  She glances over to a framed picture next to her bed, showing her and her dear friends smiling and being together, she stares at it and smiles to the memory of that day, then it fades as more tears roll out, she’s now knowing that her friends are gone.  She grabs and hugs the picture tight, crying loudly holding it against her chest. Her cries and sobs were too loud for her to hear the door creak open. She holds the picture close as she glances up to her door opening her tears blur her vision, all she sees is somepony standing at the door frame.

Who is that? Too short to be Big Mac, to tall to be Apple Bloom, and he or she doesn’t look like Granny Smith. She can’t make out who it is; she wipes the tears from her eyes and then her heart races.

“No, not you! Y-y-you’re supposed to be-“ her scream  echoes through the house, Apple bloom jumps out of her bed to the sound, waking her from her dream.

“AJ?” she asks as she rubs her eyes. She gets up and walks over to her door, bumps into it in her half dazed state. She opens her door and walks down the hall towards her sister’s room, she notices her door was partially open, she pushed on the door. It creaks and squeaks as it opens,

“Apple Jack?” The door fully opens and gently hits the wall, Apple Bloom is frozen where she stands as she stares in her sisters room, for there, hanging from one of the beams was Apple jack. Her neck in a noose. Her eyes fill with tears and then they lock onto the dark figure standing in front of her dead hanging sister, it slowly turns it head. She then realizes that the body isn’t a shadow, but was burnt. Fluttershy turns and looks at her,

“Shhhh….she’s sleeping”




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