Children of Ashnimbus; Rise of the Sartos CHAP 3

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Chap 3 of my first Novel.
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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Children of Ashnimbus; Rise of the Sartos CHAP 3

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011




Chapter 3

Urgent News

Belle ran towards home, it was such a terrible day at school, Lucy was sick, and not only Nathan, but the popular girls like Jasmine and Rita were teasing her too, calling her names. Belle hated it when she felt scared around those people, why can’t she do anything?

Belle heard a laugh behind her and realized Nathan was behind her, she quickly turned invisible. That was the only thing she could do now.

As Belle opened the gate, something light and very fragile hit her hair. She turned and saw a crumbled note, she unfolded it, to her astonishment, little block writing piled on top of each other, the word Belle was everywhere. How could this paper fly directly to her, unless…Eddie.

Belle looked at the writing, it wasn’t Eddie’s writing, it looked more like Jason’s writing. What was this about? Belle rolled her eyes and entered home.


Jason sat in the living room of the Orphan House, the room smelt like dust and old flowers. Blue curtains hang around the windows, a purple cloth lay on the table, with candles next to it. On the walls were pictures of random things, like a pot or a cup, or a tree with a rabbit next to it. Eddie lives here, thought Jason, looks like a granny’s house.

A frustrated lady came out, “So you punched Eddie?” she demanded.

“It was the football; it banged on his face and…” Jason trailed off, giving an awkward smile.

“Thankfully, Eddie is well, his bruise only needs a little rest. But, hurting somebody, especially your friend, is not tolerated in Aunt May’s Orphan House, do I make myself clear, young man?” the lady said, her wrinkles dancing on her face.

“Yes, miss.” Jason replied.

Jason looked through one of the walls, there lay Eddie, with his face in bandages. Jason winced.

“What are you looking at?” demanded the lady.

“Nothing.” Jason replied.


Jason sat at his desk, his eyes staring blankly into the distance. In England, a little boy just received a cookie from his dad, at India, a mother and her husband were embracing their new baby, at America, The president was talking to his closest advisor, along the coast of Australia, Jason saw a mother crying at the death of her six year old son. He zoomed in a little, and caught sight of Belle, she was looking at something on her bed, a…piece of scribbled paper. Jason’s heart stopped, Belle’s face was blurry, but Jason thought he saw a smile, but couldn’t be too sure. He pulled back his eyesight, staring at his neighbor’s clothing line.

Someone pulled open Jason’s door.

“Dad wants you.”

Jason saw the face of Nathan’s, he didn’t have to turn his head, he could see everything.

“He’s not my dad, Nathan.” Jason said, getting up from his chair and stretching.

“His my dad, and your mum isn’t my mum.” Nathan replied, shrugging.

“Not that she wants a stupid son like you.” Jason answered, walking out the door.

“You think I want that cow as a mum?” Nathan laughed.

Jason felt that rush of anger; he clenched his fist, wanting so badly to punch Nathan’s eyes out. Instead, he breathed slowly and walked down the stairs.

He caught sight of his stepfather eating Nachos while his mother was ironing his shirt.

“You…needed me?” Jason asked.

“I—what? Need you? No, I don’t need you, you stinking bigot, I’ll do fine by myself. I called you.” Jake remarked, looking at Jason with a disgusted expression. Nathan chuckled.

Jason rolled his eyes, “What do you want?” he asked.

“I heard you punched an orphan.” Jake said, speaking with his mouth full of Nachos.

“It was a physical reaction, I didn’t mean to punch that hard.” Jason answered back, trying to sound innocent but instead sounded like an idiot.

“None of that, pal. The Orphan House rang me, telling me to look after my son and all that. I told them you’re not my son, and they yelled at me again for being an irresponsible father. Now, kid, just don’t do any trouble, ‘cause I don’t want calls from teachers or parents telling me I’m an idiot father, ok? Got it?” Jake asked, eyeing Jason with a lazy look.

Jason clenched his fist, but saw his mother’s face and tried to calm down.

“Got it.” he mumbled, kicking the carpet.

“You should look at your stepbrother; Nathan is a great brother to learn from.” Jake said, chewing another Nacho.

Jason looked at Nathan, and nearly laughed. Nathan had about two phone calls from school on average each day.

“Um…ok.” Jason shrugged, rolling his eyes.

Jake grabbed a hand full of Nachos and stuffed them into his mouth. Jason, not saying a word, hurried into his room before his arrogant stepfather could say another word of utter nonsense.


Belle opened her locker after English, she had nearly fell asleep of listening to the teacher drool on and on about the life of Charles Dickens. As she put her books in, a piece of white paper fell into her hands unexpectedly. The writing was curving and written in green pen:

Belle; please come to my office at floor 2 at Lunch,

I have urgent news.

Mr. Alex Dawn

Belle frowned, urgent news? Was this about her studies or about Freenions?

Belle checked her watch, it was lunch now, she shut her locker and ran towards Mr. Dawn’s office floor. Belle spotted his door, and knocked gently, “Come on in.”

Belle opened the door and saw a simple room with yellow wallpaper, Mr. Dawn’s desk wasmessy and his floor was filled with scrunched up paper. Belle smiled at Mr. Dawn, but she could see concern in his eyes.

“Good afternoon, Belle.” Mr. Dawn greeted Belle.

“Afternoon, Mr. Dawn.” Belle answered, staring at a small china pot with pictures of stars on it.

“Call me Alex from now on, dear. Except in class.” Mr. Dawn said quickly, clearing some papers up on his desk.

“Uh…ok. A-Alex, you said there was urgent news, and that is…?” Belle wasn’t used to the fact of calling Mr. Dawn ‘Alex’.

“Oh yes, that.” Alex bit his lip, and sighed.

“Tell me please.”

Alex stared into Belle’s eyes, “There might be an invasion on earth.” His voice came out so soft and dry and crackled, Belle asked him again, even though she heard perfectly clear.


“Do you know the planet Sarnato?” he asked.

Belle remembered the name instantly, “The sister planet of Ashnimbus, it supplies powers too.” she answered, remembering the name from one of Dr. R’s classes.

“And do you know that there are people that have the power of Sarnato on this very planet?”

“I—don’t.” Belle answered, though she wasn’t very surprised.

Alex closed his eyes, then said, “Belle, the people of Sarnato are called Sartos. They are like Freenions, with powers. But, one difference is, their planet fed them with the dust of Ashnimbus, the bad part. And so, as they grow, their powers will get stronger, and they also have a more cunning personality than us.” 

Belle still didn’t get the point, “What do you mean by cunning?” she asked.

“More evil, as far as I know, they are—“ Alex shivered, “planning to destroy mankind and take Earth as their….binding.”

Belle gasped, she jumped so quickly one of Alex’s folders fell to the ground with a loud thump. “You mean, Sartos are trying to destroy humans?” Belle asked, unable to believe her ears.


Belle didn’t know what to think, her mind was blurry. Hitler was already evil enough to destroy a whole race of Jews, but what person destroys mankind?

“Belle, it is time we protect this planet, and its people.” Alex said quietly.

Belle’s heart stopped, “Protect mankind?” she whispered.

“Yes. There are not much Freenions in this world, but with an army, we will succeed.” Alex replied.

“How do you know all this?” Belle asked, her voice was still a whisper.

“Dr. R told me the news, he also said that the Sartos are raising an powerful, unstoppable army.” Alex answered, his face was so serious it looked scary.

“Who is the leader of the Sartos?” Belle asked.

“I don’t know, but somebody powerful.”

Belle closed her eyes, and pictured a big man with a cloak stomping through the cities.

“But Dr. R is somebody powerful, and he, no, we, will raise an army defeat these enemies.” Alex said, his voice was determined.

“Are you in?” he asked.

Belle looked at Alex’s hazel green eyes, and felt that surge of power.

“Of course I am.”


Belle didn’t talk much after Lunch, not even to Lucy. Her mind was all about Sarnato and Sartos and evil, she didn’t even pay attention to the teacher. Dr. R told her this information was top secret, but Belle felt like screaming it to the whole world. Mankind was at risk, and everybody was laughing and chatting and playing football without the least notice.

As Belle carried her books to Study, somebody bumped on, her books fell to the ground, papers spilling everywhere. Belle growled.


Belle looked up and saw a familiar face, he had blue eyes and dark blonde hair.

Belle wasn’t in the mood, she glared at him for a moment and then bent down to pick her books up. The boy bent down too to help too, picking up Belle’s paper and handing it to her, Belle looked at his eyes and recognized his eyes instantly, it was Hamish, Nathan’s best buddy.

“It’s you!” Belle said, she glared at him and groaned.

Hamish’s backed away, “Easy there, I mean you no harm.”

Belle realized Hamish never picked on her, it was always him that told Nathan to stop the harassing.

“You have Study now?” he asked.


“At Room 14?”


“Me too.”

Belle glared at Hamish for a moment then broke into a quick smile, “Thanks for picking up my paper. See you in Study.” She quickly disappeared through the doors.

Somehow, Hamish smiled.


Belle wrote down the last word for her English assignment, when Hamish appeared next to her. “Hey, Belle.” he chucked Belle a toffee.

Belle looked at the toffee and chucked it back. “I hate toffee.” she mumbled. Not that she wanted to make friends with Nathan’s buddy.
Hamish sighed, “Look, I’m sorry about Nathan, he can be a jerk sometimes, but I’ve convinced him not to pick on girls ‘cause that’s just low.” Hamish explained, tapping his pencil.

Belle looked at Hamish, she felt that surge of rage through her body, Hamish’s words sounded likes Belle was some kind of defenseless weakling.

“Shut up.” Belle replied, not wanting to talk more of this. She looked at Hamish and the rest of the class. I’ll be saving mankind, people, saving you, Belle thought.


Jason sat in his bed after dinner, still thinking about what he had heard from Mr. R earlier in the evening. He couldn’t believe it, some creatures are going to destroy earth and he was going to be saving it, along with Eddie and Belle and all these other Freenions. Finally, he gets to show his powers, he almost felt like he needed to thank the Sartos. Mr. R had also said something important, that the Sartos first targeted destination would be Australia, and here they are, at Australia. Great timing, thought Jason, he looked at the sky, and let him eyes zoom out. He tried to find something that described Sartos, but he could only find a great number of humans and some Freenions. Then, suddenly, his eyes caught attention to somewhere in New Zealand, he looked closely, but it was all blurry. Jason could make out a something big and red and loud, it was…explosions? He couldn’t be too sure, he zoomed in more, and saw a small figure, in human form standing next to the explosions, his hands were moving in mid-air, as though he was controlling it. Around the explosions, Jason could make out tiny people running and screaming. Then a gigantic explosion erupted and Jason’s eyes blinked with shock. Jason’s breath was heavy, his heart thumped so quickly and sweat was pouring down his forehead.

The invasion had started, the Sartos were on their move.


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