The Children of Ashnimbus; Rise of the Sartos Chap 2

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Chapter 2 of my first novel.
To catch up, see Chap 1 of Children of Ashnimbus; Rise of the Sartos.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Children of Ashnimbus; Rise of the Sartos Chap 2

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Submitted: December 13, 2011




Chapter 2

Family trouble

“Mr. Dawn? What--? How? W-What?” stuttered Belle.

“Belle, you’ll be thrilled to know that Alex Dawn here is a Freenion.” Dr. R said, pointing at Mr. Dawn and patting him on the back.

Belle was stunned for a second. “Wow. That’s…awesome.” She said, bursting into laugher as she gave Mr. Dawn a big hug.

“Thank-you Belle, when I heard you were a Freenion I was stunned, but look at you, such a bright young girl.” Mr. Dawn said, clapping his hands together.

“What can you do, Mr. Dawn?” asked Belle.

“Me? Not much, my whole body is rock hard, no bullet or bomb, no pin or sword could ever hurt me, I’m a shield.” Mr. Dawn said, tapping his face with the shape edge of the pencil.

“Wow, that’s perfection! Have you heard of my powers?” Belle asked excitedly.

“Oh yes, very rare and very useful. I knew you weren’t normal the time I saw you, my dear!” cried Mr. Dawn, “By the way, call me Alex please, Mr. Dawn sounds old.” He added. The three laughed.


As Alex (Mr. Dawn) was introduced to the whole Freenion group, the day started to get dark. “Go home now guys, it’s all late. Remember to never spill your identity, or you might like to sit in jail for fifty years.” Dr. R said, as he always did.

Belle crawled from the underground HQ, when she felt a tap on her shoulders. She turned to find Nancy smiling at her.

“Hey Belle, how was school?” Nancy asked, her brown eyes twinkling.

“Not much, just…boring.” Belle replied, sighing heavily, then an idea popped into her head. “Hey, Nancy, could you like…you know….um…tell me will it get any better?” Belle asked.  

Nancy’s eyes shifted, “Okay, I think I can.” She closed her eyes and breathed gently, then after thirty seconds, she opened them.

“So?” Belle asked impatiently.

Nancy smiled, “It was only a glimpse, but, you were smiling and there were lots of people around you. I guess it’s a yes, your life will get better.” Nancy said.

“Yes!” Belle screamed in joy, hugging Nancy tightly.

It was nice to have a friend that could tell the future, Nancy’s power was to see the future, but they were often glimpses, and they were not always right, as the future can change in a million ways with just one move.

Belle tapped Ria on the back, Ria was one year younger than Belle, she had the most charming blue eyes, like the colour of the ocean, and her hair was straight and golden. Her face and skin was beautiful, and it glowed liked the day’s light. Every move of Ria’s was graceful, she was a delicate young girl with a face that could charm anyone. Ria had the power of hypnotizing, with her beauty, her eyes can put one to sleep or simply let one listen to her command.

“Hi Ria, how’s home?” Belle asked.

“Good, heard you have trouble at school.” said Ria, putting a comforting hand on Belle’s shoulder.

“Yeah…” Belle said, shifting her foot uncomfortably. “Do you ever have trouble at school?” she asked.

“Well, I always manage to have a good day at school.” Ria replied.

Of course, thought Belle, she was so beautiful probably every boy in the school liked her, and she was school captain too.

“That’s great.” Belle said, smiling, but she felt the sadness inside.

“It’ll get better. I mean, you’re happy with us, right?” asked Ria, giving Belle a hug.

“Yeah.” Belle said, managing a smile.

But Belle wanted more than to be happy around Freenions, she wanted herself to be happy around humans. Belle looked at the moon in the distance, a beautiful white plate, the autumn night fragrance danced through the tree, Belle slowly walked to the sparkling lake. She placed a finger inside the cool water, immediately; the water formed a large ring around her finger, she sighed and dipped her whole hand in the water, the felling was so pleasant and beautiful, the water felt like velvet between her fingers. When she lifted her hand up, her hand came out dry.

“I’ve always been impressed by that.”

Belle turned in worry but smiled when she saw Jason.

“Hello.” Belle said.

Jason took a step forward to Belle and sat next to her. He looked at Belle and smiled.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you look beautiful under the moonlight?” Jason asked with a chuckle.

Belle laughed back, “Shut up, Jason. I do not look beautiful.” she said, as she lay down on the grass.

“Yes, you do. You are amazing.” Jason said, as he lay down beside him, ripping a leaf into bits.

“Thanks, Jason.” Belle replied.

Jason chuckled, “Friends never thank each other.” he replied.

Belle looked at Jason’s beautiful brown eyes, they were shining like the moon. Belle realized how Jason had been such a good friend all these years, such a funny, caring friend.

“I’m lucky to have you as a friend, Jason.” Belle said.

Jason laughed, but he felt uneasy inside, a friend? So Belle only thought he was a friend? A friend like Ria, Nancy and Melinda? Why can’t he be something more than a friend? Jason shuddered, no, he thought, don’t think about it. Belle’s too good for you.

But Jason already realized he was in love with Belle. 


Jason stomped his way home. He didn’t want to be in love, being in love was stupid, and it was a crush, he had a crush on Belle like a little Grade 2. Jason looked at his house in the distance, he looked closer, through the bushes, through the door, through the wall, he saw his stepfather. He was reading the newspaper with that grumpy expression on his face. Jason’s mum was cooking, it looked like steak, or was it tomatoes? Jason blinked, and once again, he saw his normal house. He walked home quickly and opened the front door. His stomach had a gurgling feeling as he was going to confront his stepfather. Jason’s stepfather was a grumpy 49 year old that hated Jason, Jason hated him too, and called him by his name, Jake. Jason closed the door his heart dropped when he heard Jake’s voice, “Kid, home at last? Thought you got run over by a truck, where were you?” snapped Jake.

Jason thought for a moment, his stepfather didn’t know he was a Freenion. And he couldn’t say he was down at the lake with a girl called Belle Taroo.

“I was…jogging.” Jason said.

Jake didn’t reply, so Jason went to his room upstairs. He heard his stepbrother playing his video game, suddenly, the thought of his stepbrother made Jason outraged. He burst opened his brother’s door.

“What do you want, loser?” Jason’s brother asked, not looking at Jason.

“Tell me, do you pick on a girl called Belle Taroo at school?” Jason asked, he looked at his one year younger stepbrother angrily.

“Why do you care?” the stepbrother asked.

“Because, I…” Jason stopped in his tracks, not knowing what to say. He swore and slammed the door shut.

Jason looked at his stepbrother through the wall of his room, he hated him as much as he hated his stepdad. Nathan Rattio, he thought, I hate you.


Belle arrived at school early that day, so she wouldn’t have to be humiliated by Nathan and his friends. Lucy often got to school quite late, and there were only a few Grade 7 girls giggling in the school grounds.

Belle sat on the benches, alone and tired after a restless night of sleep. She kept having dreams about herself all left alone without any friends, Nathan laughed at her and called her a freak. I’ll never fit in with normal people, thought Belle, looking at the trees.


Jason sat in Study class, scribbling on his piece of paper, Belle, he scribbled, Belle Belle Belle…his paper was full of the word, Belle. That face, those eyes, like shining stars, so charming, so delicate…

“Hey, Jason! What’s that you’re writing? Belle? Who’s that, your girlfriend?”

Jason turned around, annoyed to see Peter, laughing at him.

“I know Belle, is that Belle Taroo? You know, the one that goes to that Stanfield High.” Delia said, she was Peter’s girlfriend, and the school’s biggest and meanest girl.

“Shut up, Delia.” Jason said, giving her a bad look.

“Go kill yourself, loser. Don’t you use that attitude against me.” Delia snapped back, screwing her ugly face up.

“I will go kill myself when I see more of that ugly face.” Jason replied, smirking.

“You little bug, and that Belle of yours is a freak, I say. Rumor says she’s a total physco.” Delia snapped, laughing until her eyes screwed up so they looked she looked like a pig.

Jason was outraged, he grabbed Delia by the hair and was about to toss her back with all his strength when a strange wind started blowing around the classroom. Papers flew everywhere, pens rolled on floors, book’s pages ripped, after thirty seconds everything was fine again. Except for a scream, Jason turned, and saw Delia’s hair, it was a bird’s nest, and on her face were the words, I’m a freak. The bell rang; Jason grinned and walked out the door confidently.

“Nice move there, bro.” Jason punched Eddie on the shoulder, grinning widely. Eddie laughed, “That was nothing, I hate immature bullies.”

Jason smirked.

“Don’t lose your cool next time, if you tossed her like that, she’ll be brains and bones. And that’ll be jail for your whole life.” Eddie said, kicking a football to Jason, as it rebounded on Jason’s fist, it flew through the air.

“Yeah…your power is so cool. I mean, mine sucks. All I could do is stare into the distance.” Jason said, picking the football up.

Eddie grinned, “You think controlling the wind and super speed is cool?” he asked.

“Better than mine, I guess.” Jason said, shrugging.

“Hey, why did your parents put you in this school, I mean, this is a shit school. I heard they put your brother at Stanfield High, at least that one’s better.” Eddie asked.

“Long story.” Jason replied.

“I’ll keep up, bro. C’mon.” Eddie encouraged, grabbing the football off Jason’s hands.

“Well, my dad died two years ago. My mum, married this man called Jake Rattio, he’s a jerk, and he’s stinking son, Nathan Rattio is no good either. And, of course, Jake thought I was bad influence and all that. So, I went to this school, while that stupid stepbrother of mine went to Stanfield High.” Jason said, catching the ball Eddie threw him.

Eddie sighed, “Is Jake…a jerk?” he asked, though it sounded like a statement.

“A real one, he treats my mum like she’s a dog and tells me to do stuff for Nathan.” Jason replied, sighing and kicking the grass.

“Then tell your mum to get a divorce.” Eddie suggested.

“Ed, her job is a cleaner and she gets low pay. Jake is a second-car shop manager, at least he earns about a few hundred every week.”

Eddie patted Jason on the back.

“Why didn’t you go to Stanfield High?” Jason asked Eddie.

“You forgot? I’m from the orphan, they’re not going to sent me to the best school in town.” Eddie said, chuckling.

“Yeah, most Freenions either don’t go to school or come here.” Jason replied, pointing at Ria and

Eddie pulled something out of his pocket, “Dude, I found this.”

Jason looked at the piece of scrap and recognized it immediately, it was the piece of paper where he had scribbled Belle all over it.

“Give that back!” Jason tried to make a lung for it, but Eddie was too fast, he grinned at Jason.

“So, in love?” Eddie asked, chuckling.

“Give it back!”


“You little—!”

Eddie laughed and tossed the paper at Jason, but instead, he tossed his hand and the paper went in the opposite direction.

“Give it back!” Jason yelled.

“Can’t be bothered, the wind would probably carry it straight to Belle’s house.” Eddie added with smirk.

Jason clenched his fist and lunged for Eddie. 

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