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This is a novel i'm working on.This is ment to make people think about my hidden themes and motifs.Try reading this novel on a deeper level. hint: greek

Chapter 1 (v.1) - prologe

Submitted: May 19, 2014

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Submitted: May 19, 2014



Ages ago in a dimension much similar to ours, war and conflict were prevalent. The atmosphere above the sky always felt darker than the darkest of the nights. No man or women could imagine a world without conflict until two brothers fought in what would be known as The Golden War.

These two brothers always worked in complete unison as if they were the same being. They grew up together to be excellent worriers and we're even consider the best in history. The two brothers were named Skotadi and Fos.

Skotadi was a worrier whose fighting style was very brutal and wielded the magical powers of fire. Fos on the other hand was very picky. His fighting style was only brutal during certain fights when his excitement was high and wielded the power of lightning.

One day the two brothers suddenly started to argue with one another. Skotadi wanted to place the world under infinite flames and set off to find an army to aid in his cause. Fos disagreed with Skotadi and said, "The people, the world, and the worriers must be placed under infinite lightning. It is what is needed and what is wanted!" He then set off to find his own army.

A few months later the two armies collided. It was a battle far larger than any war ever seen or heard of. The two armies fought for years and nearly wiped each other out. During the last fight of the war Fos killed Skotadi. In his last breath Skotadi proclaimed, "I win, Isos has been slain!"

After that all wars and conflict ended. Everyone lived in peace and harmony.

However, Fos was very troubled till his last breath forty years later. He knew he succeeded in placing the world under infinite lightning but Skotadi's last words bothered him till he died.

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