Sky Above Me

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter One

Submitted: January 27, 2018

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Submitted: January 27, 2018



I could feel it, surging in the distance like an emerging storm.  I felt the thunder in my blood, the lightening in my heart.  I could smell them coming, the tang of metal and gunpowder mixed with the bite of magic and blood.  I curled into Jaime’s warmth, listening to the rise and fall of his breathing.  He slept solidly, a rare occurrence for which I was grateful.  I was glad that he was asleep because if what I felt was any indication, the whole house would be awake soon.

I laid there for a long as I could, until the rush of their closeness roaring in my mind.  I could feel their pressure pushing me to let them in.  Their excitement chipped away at my growing unease, but I could feel their fear and worry, the hurt of their betrayed hearts.  I felt bad.  They never deserved to be lied to.

I tried to ease out of the twin bed as gently as I could, but as heavy as he’d been sleeping, Jaime still woke with the slightest shift.  His arms wound around me, drawing me close and tucking my back against his chest.  I wanted to stay there, but I knew they wouldn’t wait outside for long.  They were giving me some time.  A change to explain.

“Jaime.”  I pushed back against him, rocking him awake.  “I need to get up.”

“Mmhm.”  I could hear his sleepy smile, the teasing reluctance as he let me go.  The chill of the air-conditioned bedroom caused goosebumps to rise on my legs and arms.  I longed to return to the comfort of bed but fumbled in the gloom for my clothes.  I could find them perfectly well in the dark, if I wanted, but made as much grumbled noise as I could. 

“What’re you looking for?  It’s,” Jaime yawned as he reached for his phone, “It’s two o’clock in the morning.”

“Clothes.”  I wasn’t ready to give a more significant explanation.  Not yet.  I couldn’t even begin to form the words.  He wouldn’t understand.  None of them would.  Not yet.  I just had to get up and shoo the crew away.  Then, maybe, the questions would wait until mid-morning.

The lamp turned on the same time the banging began.  The dogs went wild, barking up chaos as I snatched up a flash of red.

“Damn them.  Those idiots couldn’t wait a few more minutes.  Impatient fuckers.”  I ripped on my bra, snapping the front clasp closed as Jaime pulled on a pair of sweatpants.  I ignored his inquiries as I tugged one leg through a pair of black shorts.  “Can you hand me my glasses, love.”

Blurry vision gave way to clear in time for me to hear Richard, Jaime’s dad, answer the door.  I recognized the deep baritone, even though it had been almost six years to the day since I last heard it.  There was a hushed conversation as I snipped open the door.  I was winding my hair up into a messy knot when I turned the corner and saw my old team.

“Nice to see you’re not dead, Seraph.”

I stopped and stared.  They were all here.  Nine pairs of eyes watched me various positions around the room.  Only four of those sets were wholly human.  The other five glowed, with power and buried emotions.  It was Morgayne’s deep teal irises that closed first before a tear could leak out the corner.  She quickly composed herself, shaking back her mane of thick ebony waves.  She stepped forward, around Jaime’s mother.  Tammy stepped back as if burned, rubbing her reddening arm.  I could smell feel the iciness coming off her in waves, heightening the icy blast from the vent directly above me.  When she clasped her hand around my upper forearm, it felt like holding hands with a glacier.  Not many could withstand the coldness of a water dragon, but then, I wasn’t your average woman.

“It’s good to see you.  We missed you.”  Her eyes glittered, turquoise shimmering deep beneath heavy eyelashes.  She smiled, the temperature rocketing down a few more degrees.  I nodded, scanning the other faces.

“Danika.”  Jaime put his hands on my shoulders, his thumbs rubbing anxious circles on the skin beneath my tank top.  “Who’s your friends?”

“And why are they here so late?”  Gregory, Jaime’s younger brother by a year, hovered behind his brother, hidden in the shadows of the hallway. 

I sighed.  None of this would be easy.  I looked at my guests, gauging whether we had time for introductions.  Their anxiety and worry leaked into my thoughts, enough that I knew something was up.  They weren’t supposed to have found me at all, but the fact that they did, and came after me, would mean trouble.

“How bad is it,” I asked, directing my question at Rian.  His eyes bore into mine, deep thunderclouds that rolled one upon another.  I could see the lightning in those depths, the danger that hid in them.  He kept his distance from the others, concealed in layers of clothes from his neck down.  His gloved hands remained crossed over his chest as he leaned against the front door, a subtle threat to anyone who tried to throw them out.

“You don’t get to ask the questions, Dani.”  The tension that stretched between the entryway, living and dining room thickened.  I didn’t move but could feel Jaime behind me as he tensed.  Before I could counter, Rian continued.  “All you get to do is get in the fucking truck.  We don’t have time for a reunion.”

In the silence that followed, I counted.  Thirty seconds was all it took before hell erupted.  Jaime shoved me behind him, moving towards Rian with serious intent.  Tammy began shouting, her harsh, screeching voice competing with Gregory’s baritone threats.  Morgayne perched herself on the back of the couch, content to watch the show, while in the corner, Fallon and Lorcan made bets on who’d win.  Keana argued with Richard, while outside, the dogs barked, no doubt waking up the neighbors. 

“Stop,” I shouted.  The disorder rose and rose until windows shook and the house creaked.  I was the only one that noticed.  My anger spilled through my veins.  Anger that they had found me, that they had come and started this mess.  Anger at Jaime, who could have stayed in bed while I sorted it out.  Anger at a whole society, for not protecting their own, casting me aside instead.  Which was what got us into this disaster in the first place.

“I said stop!” 

They all froze.  The mental band I had stretched around the room wrapped around each of them.  They couldn’t move, but I felt the flurry of their minds as they comprehended what was happening.  I stepped deeper into the room, into the beautiful chaos.  The dogs still barked outside, but a simple wave of my hand had them calming down, quietening into sleep.  I stepped in front of Rian, who’s smug thoughts sifted down the mental channel between us.

“Shut up.”  I tapped his forehead a little too aggressively, leaving a pink dot.  He looked stupid as it grew, and I felt a little better.  Especially as he rubbed it and it worsened.  “You could have just asked nicely.  But no.  You have to go and cause a fight.”

“But fighting with you is always fun.”  He joked, taking his previous stance against the door.  He eyed Jaime, who’s fluttering thoughts brushed down the link.  He and his whole family smelled of panicking fear.  I felt terrible but wasn’t sorry.  I did it for their safety. 

“Shut up, Rian.”  I turned.  “As for the rest of you, you should know better.  Picking fights with humans is low.  Even for you, Fallon.  Now, I’m going to let you go.  One word out of any of you that isn’t cordial, and I swear I’ll lock you back up again.  Is that understood?”

My chest heaved and my blood boiled.  When Rian’s deep chuckle rumbled, I turned, ready to slap the smirk off his face.  “What?”

“Little sister,” he laughed.  “They can’t answer you if they’re already locked up.  Let them go.  We seriously don’t have time to waste.  The Guild is on their way.  Roan Gallagher requests an audience.”

It took me a minute, but when his word comprehended, I felt a shiver. “Shit.”



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