Butler for hire?

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Of course, any would love to have a butler? but a girl as a butler? just read i suck at summaries

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Butler for hire?

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012



Dear lovely child of ours,

We are planning to go on a vacation to Las Vegas! When we come back, we will finally be living the rich life with big bucks left and right! :)

We are sure of it and the plan is simple.

Winning A LOT!! kekeke

Isn't it ingenious??


Your loving parents ^^


Happy birthday and there are some nice people coming to drop you off to a " VERY NICE" place later.


"GET HER!" their leader shouted to the rest of the gang.

Daiz was running hard and as fast as she can to elude the "nice people" who tried to forcibly grab her out of their home. As it turned out, her parents made her into a collateral for the $50 million debt her parents had accumulated over time and used to get to Las Vegas.

Panting while looking behind, she then stopped at the park bench, sat and tried to rest.

Nice people huh? AHHHH! If it weren't for them, my life would have been normal!

"AISHHH!!" she ruffled up her already messy hair.

Why do things have to be like this?? WHY??

Normal life?



Those simple words seem foreign to me ever since the routine work, school, house, work and house again had begun.


Straightening her crooked glasses, she stared up to the vast sky above.

Her one hand trying to reach out and clasp any star.

Yeah. Any star would do.
All I wanted is one wish - "a BETTER life".

Spreading her arms across the bench, she tried to relax. She steadily drifted off into one of those dreams again.

A nightmare one child could never forget. No matter how hard one would try.


I heard a female voice shout from behind.

I was scared. I don't know why.

I closed my eyes and tried harder to do what she said while wiping the tears in my eyes.

Until I tripped.


My body slammed against the mud pool. I tried getting up but I felt my body becoming heavier and my eyes, slowly closing in on me.

Then I felt a pair of hands carrying me.

This person ran.

Catching a last glimpse of him, I was able to say "Donghae---h-hyung--"

Then everything went pitch black.


She was awakened by a loud voice.

"Yah! You stupid, good for nothing-- thing! Why can't you give me my freaking drink?!"

"What the - " fixing her glasses, Daiz tried to focus her eyes to the one shouting.

She saw a girl continuously shouting at a vending machine.

Getting up she then approached the girl hoping to be of help.

"Got any problems miss?"

"Go away! I don't need your help!"

"You should know by now that it's a machine. There's no way it can ever bow down to your orders no matter how much yelling you do."

She looked at her from head to foot, awed at the figure before her dressed up like some princess character out of a fairytale. The girl sparkled as she was dressed up in her party gown.

Daiz was snapped out of her thoughts -
"Yah! Then why don't you do it then?!"

"This stupid thing doesn't even know what a golden VIP credit card is. Is that my fault??" The girl muttered under her breath.

"Pfffft! With that attitude? No way! You haven't even said please."

Geez! She's not princess-like at all with those manners, Amber thought to herself.

A tug on her shirt stopped Daiz from walking away.

"Hey! P-Please, h- help me get that drink."

Darn! How can I resist that tone and pouting face? Too cute!

"*Sigh* - Right away your highness." Daiz said while bowing down to master.

"Ouch! It's ho-hot! Here you-" her supposed to be sarcastic remark was stopped at what she saw.

The sitting princess's smile made herself glow amidst the dimly lit park. Her features were - perfect.


"Uh - Here!" shoving the can to her hands.

She then noticed that the girl was rubbing her arms.

"You're getting cold." without second thoughts, Daiz took off her jacket and put it on the shivering person beside her. Almost kissing her.

"U-Uhm - Thanks. - - " she smiled, blushing at the "almost kiss" awhile ago.


She saw her smile. Beaming at the can like a kid who had just received candy for the first time.

It made Daiz stun into a daze where words are not coming out of her mouth.




"Hmmm - Yes? Is there anything stuck on my face?"

"Y-you're face is fine. Haha!" Just perfectly fine.

"Weirdo - " she chuckled at the goofy looking kid with glasses. After awhile, both of them fell into silence.


"Uh - I guess that's it then, got to go now. "

Daiz stood up and bent over to Brittany's ear to whisper -
"Bye pretty princess."

Brittany blushed in bright pink.

Daiz waved goodbye with smiling eyes and lips.

Brittany had never been caught off guard by any guy before but the goofy kid's smile was something she could never forget.

She stared at the kind stranger's figure as it slowly disappeared into the distant bustling city.

"Ehem! Sorry to interrupt your daydream a-ga-ssi (young lady/miss) but we need to go back to the party. " A black-suited man made Brittany sit upright out of shock and fear as she slowly turn around.

He quickly grabbed hold of Brittany's mouth before she could shout. Until -

"Uhh - Excuse me but what are you trying to do to her?" Daiz got hold of the man's one arm as Brittany was struggling to break free.

"That's none of your concern."

Darn kid! His grip is strong.

The next thing happened too fast but it's enough to anger Daiz.

The man using his free hand held the girl's neck and after a popping sound, Brittany was lifeless but unconscious.

"YAH! What did you do?!" Daiz tried to let him release his hostage beleiving it was some sort of kidnapping.

"As I've said, it's none of your concern!"

"Put her down!"

The man put Brittany on his back but Daiz was able to land a punch straight to his face, breaking his nose.

"That was a nice punch kid, however, we are on a tight schedule here."

Another man spoke appearing mysteriously at her back. Daiz quickly turned around only to be knocked out.

I am having too much bad luck in a day, Daiz thought to herself as she saw the girl being carried away into a limousine.



"STOP!" Daiz woke up from the dream of events last night.

Thinking of it as nothing but a dream. She sleepily got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom.

Everything was a blur. She looked for her glasses, grabbed it and was stretching while yawning.

Her body still in PJ's frozed with her mouth wide open at the situation she is in.



Her brain just now realized she was standing outside on a grand balcony. There was a spacious and extravagant garden right before her eyes.

Gardeners where busy working at the place.

Everybody stopped as they noticed Amber being still.

Daiz hurriedly stepped inside and looked at herself.

Who changed my clothes?!

I better hurry and get of here!

Panicking, Daiz grabbed her clothes that was fresh and neatly folded nearby.

She jumped out of the window and stealthily went into the forest.

After going over the gate, she felt free.



"A-ga-ssi! Please don't do that! Allow us to do it instead."

"No way! After what you dumb fools did to me last night and to that poor kind stranger you think I will give in?!"

"B-but a-agassi - "

"Move." The famous icy stare appeared, cold and unwavering.

The maid quickly gave way for the sake of her life and went outside but was surprised at who appeared.

'Tsk, tsk, you should have known better than mess with my little sister. Isn't she cute? So aegyo! It's the first time in her life that she actually cared about another human being besides close friends and family."

"Miss Leyla Jung!"

"Haha! That's right, the one and only." She flashed a smile and laughed out loud after leaving the maid dumbfounded.

Inside the room -

What a cutie - aishhh! What am i thinking?

The sleeping Daiz felt an ominous aura that it made her crawl into fetal position.

I guess I better finish dressing him up. Kekeke.

An evil mischievous grin appeared on Brittany's face.

Brittany started to take off the shirt.

She saw the guy's abs.

Well-formed and tone.

Too caught up to take it off all the way, her hand then had a mind of its own that it trailed the lines.

One by one.


Blood spurted out of her nose.

Too much.

The sexiness is too much.

She ran outside, tissues jam packed into both nostrils.

Brittany called a maid to finish the changing for her.

"A-agassi, excuse me but do you want me to take care of your bleeding nose?"

"No, I can handle it."

But she cannot as her body fainted moments later.

"Stupid abs - " she whispered before her body gave in.



"What the - Where's the kid?"

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