Copper Doves

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Isamu woke up in a pond, in the cherry orchard. With no memories of his past. According to his new friend Astrid, everyone who "Awakens" in this valley can't remember their past. He starts to fit in, and life is good for him. That is, until he meets a boy named Dexter who offers him the chance to try and go beyond the dangerous mountain range surrounding their valley. He wouldn't have gone with him if it weren't for the fact that going past the mountains might bring the promise of recalling who he was, and the copper doves.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Copper Doves

Submitted: March 03, 2015

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Submitted: March 03, 2015



Never in a million years did she ever expect, of all things, a boy to appear in the cherry orchard. She also didn’t expect him to be the kind of person he was, and she never, ever thought that what was going to happen would ever happen to her. She did, however, predict that the weather would be nice and that the cherry blossoms would be budding in a spectacular manner. She also anticipated to find her walk to be satisfactory.

Well to say the least, she was right about one thing.

His eyes were brown, and his face was flat. His skin was tan- she didn’t know of ethnicity, but to you and me this boy would be considered to be of Asian descent. His hair was black and spiky, and he wore loose, wet, white clothing.

His brown eyes opened slowly, and he sat up. Surrounding him was pink tufts of cherry blossoms flowing with the wind, and the only things breaking the sea of pink from his view were the ground, the dark brown tree trunks, and a girl.

This is the same girl that had a wide-brimmed sunhat with her hair bundled under it, with only a single white strand in her face. At least it looked white. She had a very loose, lime green dress and a white jacket covering her arms. She also wore sunglasses. In her hand was the handle of a hand-made picnic basket. She advanced closer to him, and he backed away in fear.

Her pretty voice managed to calm him down, but he still was uneasy around her. “Who are you? Where am I,” came his wavering voice.

She gave a lazy grin and replied, “Please calm down. You’re going to be okay. I’m glad I brought a blanket, you should have it. You’re soaked.” She handed him a quilt with gold and blue squares “Take it, sir.”

Although slightly discomforted by being called sir, he took the blanket anyways. “Who are you? Where am I?”
She slowly blinked and held out her hand. “You asked that before. I call myself Astrid. You’re in the cherry orchard. Who are you?”
After wrapping the towel around his shoulders he accepted her hand and took it. “I...I’m not sure.”
She smiled at him. “Trust me, that’s not uncommon. No one knows who they are when they first come here.”
“No, I’m serious. I can’t remember anything.”

Astrid giggled quietly. Once he was in a stable position on his feet, she let go of his hand. “I’m serious, too. Everyone here doesn’t know who they are at first. It’s the curse of the land.”
“You mean there are others?”
“Yeah, a whole city of ‘em. Come on, I’ll show you.”

He didn’t want to follow her, but something about her personality- about her smile...something made her a very trustable person. “You said everyone here forgets who they are- were. How do you know your name, then?”
“I gave myself this name. We all named ourselves, you can do the same too.”

He followed her to the edge of the orchard, and into his view came a magnificent city. The houses were humble and a few were in shambles; regardless, the thing that caught his attention was the big glass building at the top of the hill. Behind the hill was a mountain range, and beyond that was too far to be seen. They were entirely surrounded by a large mountain range, but everyone seemed to be just fine with it.

“I’ll take you to my house,” she offered. “You can get warmed up there.”
He nodded, and continued to follow her. With every step he took in her constantly changing direction, the stronger a strange sensation that had overcome him felt. It was tingly, mostly in the pit of his stomach.

She walked up a dirt path-way, up to a crooked door. “I’m not the best architect, I apologize,” she admitted.

He smiled at her, but not genuinely. “It’s fine,” he lied. For in fact, it looked terrible. The house was practically just pieces of wood held up together by rope and adhesives and a wood plank for a roof. Inside there was no carpet, just dirt. “It’s not bad.”

She shrugged and disappeared into another room for a moment. She came back with a black shirt that was almost long enough to be a dress. “You can replace this with your shirt for now. Don’t worry, I won’t look.” She ducked back into the other room while he changed his white shirt for a black one.

He kept his wet pants on to minimize awkwardness. She walked back in after he gave her a que.

Astrid made her way to the only floored part of the house, which was presumably the kitchen, and found a bucket of cherries. She handed it to him and told him, “eat. You’re probably hungry.”
He took no hesitation to do so. He was eating the berries to the extent that he almost choked on at least half of them.

“What should I call you?”
He briefly stopped to think, trying to remember any names he could. “Don’t judge me but...Isamu?”
She shrugged, followed by a neutral-sounding reply. “It’s your decision. I won’t judge you under any circumstances.”

He nodded, and as he continued to furiously swallow cherries the word “Isamu” played in his mind over and over again.

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