Copper Doves

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 03, 2015



Isamu, with Astrid’s help of course, proceeded to make his own house in the cherry orchard- to make it sentimental.

Every day Astrid would walk up to the construction site with what supplies she could carry in a makeshift sack hauled over her shoulder. She would assist Isamu by nailing in floorboards, putting in windows, digging out a dirt path leading to the same pond she found Isamu laying in, and painting the walls.

Not more than seven months passed and Isamu’s house was the talk of the town. Rumors went saying that he had a house bigger than the castle, or that it was built on the pond. Other such outlandish tales continued until Astrid walked by and corrected any false information.

While it was a magnificent sight, Isamu’s house was nothing more than a simple wood block with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a dining room. Arrangements had been made to extend it with a bathroom, but at the time neither Astrid nor Isamu had enough money to afford that kind of decency. Instead he had a modest outhouse right next to the pond.

It was sort of lonely. As the house drew to completion, he started seeing Astrid’s mystic face less and less. It came to his mind often that he should go down to visit her, but he always ignored these thoughts and went about his day-to-day life.

Isamu had picked up on a cherry-picking business and a painting business. In the morning till lunch he picked cherries, then the rest of the day till sunset he painted the forest and pond. Once a week he went down to the city with his paintings and cherries to trade them for money and other supplies or services. It pained him so he refused to admit it, but he seldom even thought about Astrid and visited her even less. As the pile of cash he sat on got bigger and bigger, his house got bigger and better and his clothes got grander and he got plumbing and electrical services. He started teaching painting classes and hired people to pick cherries for him. At this point his wealth might have just rivaled the wealth of the people in the castle.

As time passed on- approximately a year, Isamu’s wealth, fame, and grandeur increased by a lot. Cherry-picking season came and went, but he continued to make a reasonable sum of money from his painting and spent from his savings.

One cold, rainy afternoon while Isamu was in his art room he heard the sound of hollow brass hitting a flat piece of wood repeatedly. He promptly shuffled up to the front door with his grey smock still on and opened it to see a person.

This person had a very normal look. He had brown hair and brown eyes, with pale skin, a blue jacket, and looked about a year older than Isamu-around 17. “Hello,” he said calmly while shivering in the rain. “Can I come in, please? It’s wet and cold outside and I’m very far from my destination.”
Isamu reluctantly opened the wood door painted white wider and allowed the person to enter. “Could you tell me your name?”
As the stranger slowly gaited into the house he gave a big grin and replied,”My name’s Dexter...yes, Dexter. You are…” the boy gave another look at his curious host as he closed the door and added, “You’re Isamu, aren’t you? The cherry-picker and the painter?”

Isamu nodded uncomfortably. “Yes, that’s me.” His already narrow eyes narrowed further. “You’re not here to rob me...are you?”
The person called Dexter Corduroy spread his arms out like they were wings. “You can check me for weapons if you want. I’m not threat. I don’t think I am. It would be nice if I could rest here till the rain passes. Maybe send me off with some food if you’re sparing.”
Isamu shrugged, for a moment unsure of what to say to this person. He headed into the kitchen and started pulling random things out of cupboards. “Take a shower and you can find a spare change of clothes in my bedroom. After you've changed feel free to take some food and relax until the rain passes. Then you will have to leave my house.”
Dexter smiled and nodded his head. “I’ll be sure to do that, sir.” With that Dexter found his way in the same slow manner to the bathroom, then into Isamu’s bedroom.

The guest reappeared in the living room with a pair of blue pants and a black shirt- the same shirt Astrid gave to Isamu a year ago.

Without invitation Dexter sat himself on the couch and boldly asked for something to drink.

He wanted very much to kick this “Dexter” person out. Instead, he knew that would be rude, and he asked while pouring water, “How did you know who I was?”
Dexter shrugged and accepted the water. Between large gulps he replied, “I met a girl downtown who suggested I meet you in person. She said you’d be a big help with my quest. At first I didn’t think it was you until I noticed you’re a painter and in the same location she claimed you lived in.”

As Isamu took the now empty glass and rinsed it out, he pushed out more questions. “Who was it? I can only think of one person who is female that would ever be found downtown and that’s Rose, an old student of mine. But I haven’t seen Rose in months- no one has.”
“She probably faded.”
“What do you mean?”
“No one can figure out why, but people are disappearing at random. They don’t just go missing- they fade in and out of reality in front of your very eyes. I’m surprised that someone as prestigious as you never found out.”
“You still never answered my question. Who recommended me, and why? What’s your quest?”
Dexter calmly looked out the window and saw that the rain had stopped. He then collected what little he had and answered flatly over his shoulder as he headed out, “If you want your questions answered meet me at tomorrow’s Festival.

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