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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Sometimes You Have To Choose

Submitted: September 07, 2015

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Submitted: September 07, 2015



"What are you going to do with Kenny ?

Alaura texts Hunter

I won't hurt him. Yet. I've already got what I needed from the safe
But that doesn't mean he doesn't serve a purpose for me
Holly is waiting for Bree to reveal the location of a certain game arcade
I want that information first
Find a way to get me what I want or I give Kenny back piece by piece
- Hunter

Alaura shows Bree the message and Bree looks out the window and then back at Alaura

"Bree you have to give me an answer please" Alaura pleads

Bree keeps her hands on the while, but tightens her grip "I just.... I just don't know if I can"

"Bree ! This is a human's life we are talking about"

"So what ? Kenny's life for Tamara's ? Every piece of the puzzle we give away is another stepping stone we give for Hunter to find Tamara. Sometimes you have to choose between lives" Bree's tone gets very serious

"I can't believe we are even having this discussion right now !" Alaura can't believe what she's hearing

Bree doesn't look at Alaura

"He didn't even want to be in this mess, I made him crack the safe that night"

Bree still doesn't look at Alaura

"Tell Hunter the location of the game arcade now Bree" Alaura gets equally as serious

Bree keeps her vision straight ahead on the road

"Or I tell Hunter about Hazel"

Bree stops the car "Alaura you can't. Telling the group would be one thing, but Hunter with that information ? He'd kill Hazel"

Alaura looks at Bree with ice cold eyes "Sometimes you have to choose between lives"


Derrek is laying awake in his bed throwing a ball up in the air and catching it, repeating this process rather tediously

Derrek drops his ball off the bed and it rolls over by the door. Derrek goes over to pick it up when he hears some whispering from downstairs

"Shh stop" Derrek hears come chuckling, so he moves closer

"Are you afraid i'll wake up the children ?" Derrek peaks over the balcony to see his dad kissing a young womans neck

The woman giggles "Alan stop"

Derrek thinks about going back to his room and pretending he didn't see anything, but something deep within himself made him feel like he wanted this confrontation

Derrek begins to walk down the stairs and his dad immediatly stops what he's doing

"What is going on here ?!" Derrek demands an answer

"Derrek, this is Tiffany. The woman I told you i've been seeing recently" Alan adjusts his tie

"You never mentioned any of this to me. Not that I'm suprsied, your kids are always the last ones to know of anything happening in your personal life"

Alan clears his throat "Maybe because it's called a PERSONAL life

Tiffany eyes up the door, sensing the awkwardness "Maybe I should go, it's pretty late anyways"

"No please stay, I'll go get the whiskey. We all could use a drink to cool down" Alan begins to leave for the kitchen

"But daddy I'm too young to drink" Derrek mocks his father

"Tell that to the rug you puked on because you had "the flu" the night after Wes' party" Alan shakes his head and goes into the next room

The moment Alan is out of sight Derrek eyes down Tiffany. Tiffany tries her best to look away

"So what's the deal here ? You're a hot 21-"

"25" Tiffany corrects Derrek

"Fine. "25" year old dating my dad ? Gold digger ? Daddy issues ? Help me out here" Derrek crosses his arms

Tiffany is shocked by Derrek's comments "I... I don't know what to say. Your father is nice to me and makes me feel good"

"And how good did you have to make him feel for you to get those earings ?" Derrek's eyes narrow onto Tiffany's

Alan comes back with a bottle of whiskey "Found the good kind" Alan smiles at Tiffany, but she doesn't return a smile back

"I really have to get going, I have to be up early and... Yeah. I'm sorry" Tiffany grabs her purse and leaves for the door "It was nice getting to meet you Derrek"

"Was it ?" Derrek gives Tiffany a fake smile

Tiffany closes the door behind her, leaving Alan and Derrek alone

"What did you do ?!" Alan puts the bottle on the table

"What ? All I said was I wanted a drink with my old man ? Don't I get bonding time too ? Or do I not put out enough for that ?"

"What is wrong with you ?!" Alan looks at Derrek in complete shock

"Everything" Derrek grabs the bottle of whiskey and starts taking it to his room

"Just because your mother passed away doesn't mean you can act out and do whatever you hell you want !" Alan yells at Derrek who is now halfway up the staircase, drinking the whiskey straight from the botte

"Didn't stop you now, did it ? Like father like son I guess" Derrek closes the door to his bedroom and Alan sits on the couch with his face in his palm


Alaura texts Hunter the location of the game arcade

Good girls. You'll get Kenny once I get what I need
The last thing I'll ask of you is to continue everything as normal
If Holly asks to be taken to the game arcade, take her
This conversation never happened

That wasn't part of the deal, if we take Holly we could be leading her into your trap. I don't want to put her life at risk

Is that what you think of me ? I'm hurt
If I wanted to hurt you girls I would have by now
What I need isn't possible unless Holly is at the arcade
I just needed the location ahead of time so I could "prepare"
Now Kenny either can wake up tomorrow in his bed
Or he can wake up 10 feet below ground
The choice is yours
- Hunter


Alaura shows the text to Bree and she just grunts

The rest of the car trip is extremely silent and awkward

"Bree I just want to say-"

"No" Bree interupts Alaura

Alaura has never seen her sister this serious or mad "What ?"

"You don't get to help, you don't get to SPEAK. Once we get home I'll follow through with this stupid trap that we know we are walking into, but you aren't coming and you AREN'T helping. Once you get Kenny back you guys can continue your stupid chase by yourselves, I can't stop you, but we are no longer a team. We keep the Hazel secret to ourselves and we can do whatever we want with it, but I'm no longer working with you or talking to you" Bree doesn't take her eyes off the road that entire speech

"I'm... I'm sorry" Alaura slumps in her seat and Bree doesn't give Alaura a response


Holly walks past Marley's room to go to the bathroom and sees her frantically riffling through her stuff

"What are you doing ?" Holly peaks her head in

"Did you see anyone enter my room ?" Holly is shocked to see Marley like this. She's usually so confident and put together, confident even, but to see her sister like this was unsettling

"No I don't think so, me and Izzy were watching movies downstairs. Why ? What's wrong ?" Holly raises an eyebrow

"When I returned from my nightly jog I had found out I was robbed" Marley looks under the bed

"What did they take ?"

Marley stops for a second before continuing to search "It doesn't matter"

Holly realizes that Marley isn't going to tell her, but something weird was going on and she was going to get to the bottom of it


"Have any of you guys seen Kenny ?" Izzy looks at Alaura sitting alone in the lunch room

Bree pokes at her salad not saying anything

"He might be sick or something" Holly eats a bite of her food

"Man I hope not, him and I have project due in a week" Izzy frowns

"We should invite your sister over here to sit with us. It's sad seeing her alone" Derrek looks around the table and Holly and Izzy nod

"I'm really mad at her right now, it's probably just best if she stays over there" Bree looks over at Alaura and then back at her salad

"Well what happened ?" Holly leans in and Derrek and Izzy copy

"Just dumb sister stuff, I don't want to talk about it" Bree avoids the question

"Fair enough, let's get down to the important stuff then" Holly digs in her purse and pulls out the game card "Wanna go check out the arcade after school ?"

"Maybe we shouldn't" Bree pokes her food

"What do you mean we shouldn't ?" Holly gets offended "We need to"

"It just might not be a good idea" Bree mumbles

"Bree is there something you want to tell us ?" 

Bree looks over to Alaura who is shaking her head

"Nope, just overthinking everything again. Classic Bree, right ?" Bree fakes a laugh and the group exchanges glances

"Okay.... ? Meet after school by the parking lot" Holly grabs her bag and starts to leave "Oh wait ! I forgot to ask, Bree did you find out what that keychain means ?"

Bree shakes her head "I've never seen it before, I don't know why Tamara wanted me to have it. I put it on my lanyard just incase though, I don't feel safe leaving anything important lying around"

"Sounds good, see you guys after school" 


"Holly not here yet ?" Derrek comes running up to Izzy holding his backpack straps

"Late as usual" Izzy chuckles and pats the empty spot on the bench

Derrek takes the hint and sits between her and Bree

Minutes later Holly drives up to the curb "Sorry I'm late, get in"

After the group piles into the car, Bree gets in the front seat and directs Holly

"So how far is it ?" Holly pulls away from the school

"About an hour or two, it's in Sun Coast" 

"Ew Sun Coast ? Seriously ? No wonder you guys had to blindfold me" Holly gags

"Wait Sun Coast ? Isn't that the town that's connected to the beaches ? Supposed to be the 'Sunniest Town Around' or something" Izzy talks from the backseat

"That's the one, although they should call it the gaggiest town around" Holly shakes her head

"What's wrong with Sun Coast ? I go there every summer with my bros, that place is all beaches and babes" Derrek smiles just thinking about it

"That place is a poison, all they do there is surf and drink and tan and... Uck"

"I'm not really understanding, it sounds great. I always wanted to go, but it was so far away" Holly pretends not to hear Izzy say that

"Holly went there in grade 9 with Tamara and I and she fell asleep on the beach and got a really bad sun burn" Bree explains to Derrek and Izzy

"Not just that ! I'm a deep sleeper, so all the drunk college idiots drew penises all over my face. Plus when I went swimming I got attacked by a family of crabs. I hate the beach. All those people getting enjoyment out of being out in the sun and dying of heat, I'll never understand it. My idea of fun is air conditioning and TV on my comfy couch" Everyone is trying hard not to laugh at Holly

"So no beach then ?" Izzy quietly speaks and Holly turns back to look at her

"No beach"


"Mom, Dad, I'm home" Alaura returns from school and throws her bag in the corner of the room

"WHAT WAS THAT ALAURA I CAN'T HEAR YOU ?" Susan yells from upstairs

"WHAT WAS THAT SWEETIE" Nigel yells from the basement

"I just said I was home" Alaura puts her hair in a bun

"WHAT ?" 

"WHAT ?"

"Nevermind, it's nothing" Alaura scoffs



"IT'S NOTHING, GOD !" Alaura yells as loud as she can




"Love you too" Alaura speaks to herself and shakes her head

Alaura sits on the couch and goes to grab the remote, but sees her moms keys on the table

Alaura looks over to the staircase and then back over to the keys

Grabbing the keys as fast as she can and slipping them into her pocket, Alaura throws on her shoes and is out the door

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