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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Arcade Antics

Submitted: September 09, 2015

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Submitted: September 09, 2015



"You can do this Alaura, just turn the key" Alaura is giving herself a pep talk before driving. Usually Alaura is great at pretty much everything. Driving ? Not so much

The engine rev's and Alaura heavily breathes "Now drive"


"Sun coast" Bree leans her head out the window and takes a deep breath "Smells like the ocean" Bree smiles to herself

Holly rolls her eyes "Smells like dead fish and sweaty tourists"

Derrek is looking out the window when suddenly his eyes go wide and he taps Holly on the shoulder "This is kinda random, but can you drop me off please ? Right here, now please"

"Do you seriously want to go to the beach that badly ?" Holly grunts

"Holly please just stop the car"

Holly pulls over to the side of the road and lets Derrek out "Fine then, be all weird"

Derrek gets out and Izzy watches him cross the street

Holly begins to drive away when she hears her door open "Izzy what the hell ?"

"I'm going to follow Derrek, don't tell him"

Before Holly and Bree gets a chance to say anything

Holly shakes her head "Good thing our group has trust"

"Yeah.... Trust" Bree awkwardly looks out the window as she directs Holly straight into Hunter's trap


Derrek looks both ways before crossing the street. Izzy gets out of Holly's car and begins to follow him from a distance. Derrek cuts through an alley and Izzy does her best to trail him. Derrek starts picking up the pace and Izzy jogs behind him. After some sharp cuts Izzy loses Derrek and looks left to right to find him "Shit"


Derrek gets out of Holly's car and closes the door "It can't be them, there's no way they're here in Sun Coast" Derrek thinks to himself. Derrek looks both ways before crossing the street, following the shadow into the alley. After he's half way into the alley, he starts hearing footprints behind "I walked into a trap" Derrek thinks to himself but tries to stay calm. Derrek picks up the speed he's walking in hopes to lose whoever is trailing behind him. The alley systems in this town are very intertwined. Derrek starts running faster, taking random turns and going down random alleys to get away. After a while Derrek looks back and realizes he's in the clear, but he also lost whoever he was following


Izzy takes out her phone and calls Bree

"Hello ?" Bree picks up the phone

"Put her on speaker !" Izzy hears Holly yell from the drivers seat

"I lost Derrek, he went into some alleys and I'm lost now. I'll try to find my way to a main street and call a cab to the arcade, just text me the address"

"Are you sure" Holly yells "I can come back for you"

"No I'm sure, I want to check out Sun Coast a bit too. I don't know when I'll get to come back here"

"If you go to the beach you are dead to me" Holly jokes

Izzy chuckles "Bye Holly" And hangs up


"I can't believe she hung up on me"

Bree laughs and puts her phone away again "Just a left turn up here and it's halfway down the main street"

Holly turns onto Main St. and continues to drive until they are outside of the "Gorilla Game Arcade"

Holly looks up to see a Gorilla very similar to Donkey Kong raising a barrel up and down "That's a copyright lawsuit waiting to happen"

"You're just a ray of sunshine today huh ?" Bree nudges her

"The moment I'm out of Sun Coast will be the happiest moment of my life" Holly opens the arcade door


"Left, another left, a right" Izzy thinks to herself "Let's try one more left"

Izzy turns left again and sees a way out of the alley "Finally !" Izzy runs towards the exit of the alley

Once Izzy emerges from the alley she runs right into a woman, knocking her over

Izzy helps the woman to her feet "Oh my god I'm so sorry"

The woman looks at Izzy and blinks, speechless "Uh..." The woman shakes her head "Sorry I lost my train of thought. That's okay sweetie, I'm not injured" The woman continues walking before looking back and giving Izzy one last strange look, scanning her from head to toe

"Weird" izzy thought to herself


"Hello ?" Holly opens the door slowly to the arcade, it's not nearly as full as it was when Tamara and Bree took her

"Hey !" A nerdy looking guy comes rushing out from the back room with a roll of tickets in his hands. The roll was coming undone and was spilling onto the floor

"Are you guys opened ?" While Holly talks, the guy tries to pick up the long strand of tickets from off the floor

"Yes we are...." His voice trails off as he starts re wrapping the ticket roll "We haven't been very busy lately since Quantum Palace opened up right across the street" The guy grunts "What kind of arcade company opens up right next door to another one ? No respect if you ask me"

"Totally...." Holly pretends to know what he's talking about "Anyways I have this old game card and I think I might have some points on it or something, can I redeem them ?"

The guy takes the card from Holly "This is our old card design, you haven't been here in a while huh ?"

Holly shakes her head "I never come to Sun Coast, but my cousins birthday is coming up and I was in the area, thought I could use my tickets to buy her a bear or anything really" Holly lies

"Sounds good, swipe your card in the machine and put in your password you picked" Holly does as instructed and her points balance comes up

"You have.... 327 points, that's quite alot actually" The guy looks on the screen

"What a weird number" Bree whispers to Holly

"Is there any prizes I can buy for that exact number ?" Holly asks the guy and he gives her a weird look "I want to use up all the points, that's all" Holly lies again and smiles

"Lemme see here" The worker scans the prize wall "Closest thing I can say is this bear for 300 and a wind up frog for 25 ?"

"Was there ever a prize for exactly 327 points ? I know that's a random question and I know you don't have it in stock, but I just want to know" Holly flashes a smile to the guy and he thinks for a second

"Actually there was. The adress of this arcade is 327 Main St. so for our 10th anniversary we had limited edition Gorilla Game Arcade Gorilla. It was pretty cool, I wish I won it. Of course by then our buisness wasn't so good so it stayed on the shelf for a while, but eventually it was bought by someone"

"Can you tell me who maybe ? Surely you have records somewhere here ?" Holly twirls her hair and the guy adjusts his collar

"I could get in alot of trouble, I'm sorry. Confidentiality is very important" He fiddles with his thumbs

"We don't want you to get fired now, right ? I apologize, Holly here was just really upset about the gorilla and wanted to track it down to buy it off someone. See her cousin loves this arcade and such a limited edition gift would really make her birthday. Holly had all the points ready to buy it, but just kept forgetting to come back. Guess she's just mad about missing her chance is all" Bree trails off "But I mean if there's nothing you can do. Are you sure there isn't any extra toys in the backroom ? Surely you must have another gorilla ? Any gorilla really is all she needs, doesn't have to be a special one"

"Uh" The guy thinks for a second "We might, but the backroom is so big and there are so many boxes"

Bree walks up to the store clerk and grabs his tie "I'll help you" She says before leading him away. As Bree is leaving she turns around to Holly and mouths the words "Hurry up"

The moment Bree and the guy are out of site, Holly jumps over the counter and starts typing on the computer


"And..... Park" Alaura smiles to herself as she parks her car in the back alley of the Gorilla Game Arcade, all the parking in the front was full "That wasn't so hard" Before Alaura has time to get out of the car she sees another car coming, so she leans her seat all the way down

Beside her a fully black car parks beside her. Alaura pokes her head up quickly to see a person in a camo bodysuit and a paintball helmet get out of the car. They go over to the backseat and pull out a sleeping bag with something inside of it. Something body shaped. They drop it onto the ground and reach in the back seat again, pulling out a pair of plyers. Shortly after figure walks over to the arcade breaker panel, snapping it open and cutting a bunch of wires. Alaura watches as the person then throws the plyers back into the car and pulls our a crowbar. Finally she watches as the figure yanks open the backdoor with the crowbar and drags the sleeping bag inside of the store

Alaura sits in the car for a second, just processing what she just saw. Whoever this person was, they knew what the hell they were doing. Before they come back, Alaura quickly runs to the back of the car and starts writting down the license plate number. Once she's done, Alaura runs around to the game arcade front entrance


"Almost got it" Holly whispers to herself. Holly clicks on the tabs one by one until she finds what she's looking for. Records. Purchase History. Prizes. Limited Edition. 327 Game Arcade Gorilla. Holly zooms in closer. Purchaser Information. Holly reads the name outloud "Denise Selminuk"

Right as soon as she finds the name the power goes out "What the hell ?"


"So these are the toy boxes.... Gorillas will be over in plushies....." The guy speaks to himself as he looks at the boxes in the back room. Bree looks back and forth between the doorway and the guy, finding ways to keep him away from Holly and the computer

"What's this box over here" Bree points to a random box

"The box that says "Slinkies" you mean ?" The guy gives Bree a weird look

"Yeah" Bree plays dumb

"..... They're Slinkies......" The guy seems confused

"Oh..... Wow" Bree smiles and laughs

"Anyways, so gorillas would be further down" The clerk continues his search

Before either of them gets to speak another word the lights go out

"Shoot not again" The guy grunts "I told my boss to pay the damn power bill"

Bree opens her mouth to speak, but is interupted by the sound of metal being pryed open

"I think this might be a break in" The guy reaches for his flashlight "Grab your friend and get out of here now, call the police if you have to" He points the light into the distance and leaves Bree in the storage room


"Holly ? Bree ? Izzy ? Derrek ?" Alaura opens the front door and reaches her way through the darkness. Shortly after Alaura hears someone call back

"Who is that ? Alaura is that you ?" Holly calls to her

"Yes it is. Holly is that you ?"

"Yeah it's me" Holly follows Alaura's voice until she grabs her arm

"We have to go Holly, I think Hunter is here"

"Hunter ?! Oh no Bree is still in here somewhere" Holly seems panicked

"Just Bree ?" Alaura asks " Where did Izzy and Derrek go ?"

"They didn't come" Holly gives Alaura the short version

Alaura goes to say something else, but feels a figure push between herself and Holly, knocking them both to the floor

"NO STOP !" Alaura hears Holly fighting with someone

"Holly where are you ?" Alaura takes out her phone for a light source and shines it on Holly to see her and Hunter fighting over something in Holly's hand. When the light hits Holly's eyes she uses one hand to cover them and loses her grip on whatever she was holding. Hunter grabs it and starts to run for the back door "Holly I'm sorry !" Alaura tries to explain, but Holly just picks herself up

"It's fine, I'm going after Hunter. Just find Bree" Holly takes out her phone for light and chases Hunter

Alaura goes in the opposite direction and looks for Bree


Bree reaches her way through the darkness "What a great time it would be to have a flashlight right now" Bree continues to walk blind before tripping over something on the floor

Bree falls onto her face and grunts "Ow !" Bree looks up to see Alaura standing above her

"Bree I found you" She helps her sister off the ground

"I couldn't see anything and I didn't have a light" Bree frowns

"Why didn't you use your phone ?" Alaura sounds confused

"Oh.... I didn't think to" Bree feels stupid "That would have helped though, I probably wouldn't have tripped if I did that" Bree looks onto the ground to see what she tripped on and Alaura gasps

"Hunter brought that bag into the store..... I think that sleeping bag has a body in it"

"Help me carry it out of the store !" Bree grabs one side of the sleeping bag and Alaura takes the other one


"STOP !" Holly chases Hunter down a hall until she's out in the back alley. She's just in time to see Hunter pull away in their black car. He gives her a cocky wave before leaving her in the dust. Holly coughs as she gets some dirt in her mouth. Feeling defeated Holly goes back into the store to meet Alaura and Bree


Bree and Alaura drag the bodybag out of the store and onto the street. Passing pedestrians look briefly while passing. Some stop and stare or even watch. Within minutes the store worker and Holly join Bree and Alaura outside

"What the heck is that !?" The worker points at the sleeping bag in fear and confusion

'We aren't sure yet" Alaura takes a deep breath before opening the bag slowly to see Kenny's face "Oh my god Kenny !" Alaura shrieks before fully un-zipping the bag and leaning close to hear him breathing "He's alive ! Bree call an ambulance"

Bree takes out her phone and starts dialing

"What the hell is going on ?!" Holly sounds just as confused as the arcade worker

"I'll explain later. What did Hunter take from you ?" Alaura leans down to Kenny, but looks up at Holly

"He took my key card"

"Did you say he took your key card ? Is that what this was about ?!" The store worker seems angry

"Sort of" Holly clears her throat

"Well leave me your name and number, I'll send you a new card once our computers start working again. The whole power is down for I don't know how long" The worker grunts and Holly exchanges information with him

In all the confusion and panic Alaura looks up to see everyone on the street watching the debacle. Maybe they should have gone into the back alley and not in the middle of Main St. *Dingle Dingle*

Alaura checks her phone

Told you i'd return Kenny to you once I got what you wanted
The products condition isn't the best, but it's useable
Feel free to use my services anytime again
I even deliver for no extra charge
- Hunter

© Copyright 2018 Dmpwb45. All rights reserved.


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