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Chapter 6 (v.1) - One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Submitted: August 25, 2015

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Submitted: August 25, 2015



"Izzy wake up" Izzy wakes up to the smell of pancakes in the air. When she opens her door Holly is standing infront of her with a tray of food

Izzy wipes some fluff out of her eyes and yawns "Wow is it my birthday ? How long was I asleep ?"

Holly laughs and comes into her room, dropping the tray on heer nightstand and sitting on her bed "No silly, it's the weekend. I'm always up early, so I thought we could hang out and have breakfast in bed"

Izzy sits on the bed next to Holly and smiles, while grabbing a piece of bacon "Sounds fun"

Holly grabs some food from the tray and there's a moment of silence while the girls eat

"So" Holly talks with a mouthful of food before swallowing "At that shack me and Derrek found a bunch of clues on the wall and he grabbed some in his backpack before it was destroyed. Feel like taking a feildtrip to the Lancaster house ?"

Izzy is still eating but she nods "Is it nice ?" She tries talking with her mouthful

"Well you think my house is nice and I think his house is nice so.... Yeah" Holly giggles

"Wow" Izzy looks up just thinking of what his house could look like

"Anyways" Holly pats Izzy's knee "We have got to get going"

"What ? We haven't eaten yet" Izzy seems saddened by the news "Is Derrek even up yet ?"

"Okay we can have time to eat. And not to Derrek's yet, we are going shopping. My favourite store always has an early bird special between 8am and 9am on the first of every month, why do you think I got up so early" Holly chuckles before grabbing another piece of toast


"Alaura are you finished in the bathroom already, I need to do my hair. Since when do you even care about looking good ? Get out" Bree bangs on the bathroom

"I'm almost finished GOD" Alaura yells from the otherside

Bree waits impaitently outside before she hears "Hey honey"

Bree turns around to see her dad standing beside her "Hey dad, what are you doing up here ?"

Her dad rubs the back of his head "My bathrooms out of order again and I had to take a pee. Hoping to make it quick so I don't have to run into your mother"

"Well I was hoping to make it fast too but godzilla in there is taking a HUGE DUMP" Bree yells at Alaura and the door swings open

"I'll have you know I wasn't taking a dump !" When Alaura opens the door Bree sees that she has makeup all over her face, and a poorly done job at that

Bree starts laughing "That's what you were doing ?? Make up ??? For who ?!?" Bree continues laughing and Alaura punches her in the arm

"Stop laughing ! I never put this garbage on, I don't know how to. I'd like to see you use a calculator, then we'll see who's laughing" Bree is still laughing too hard to be insulted. Bree laughs so hard that she snorts

"Nice true colours Mrs. Piggy" That insult finally got to Bree and she stops laughing and begins fighting with Alaura

The girls yell back and forth while their dad awkwardly tries to squeeze past them into the washroom

"What is going on here girls, why are you figh-" Bree and Alaura's mom stops talking when she sees her ex-husband. Bree and Alaura stop too and the room is silent

"Oh.... Hello Nigel. Come out of the basement I see ?" Her tone is stiff

"Hello Susan, cheated on me recently ?" His tone matches

"The fact that we are divorced means that I can no longer cheat on you, but for your information, no I haven't been with anyone recently" She turns her head away from him

"That must have been really hard to keep your legs closed huh ?" Susan turns back around to face Nigel and before they can get in a full on argument Susan notices Alaura's face

"Honey what happened to you ? Did Bree attack you with the lipstick again ?" 

Alaura goes bright red with embarassment "No... I tried to look pretty"

Susan grabs her daughters face "You always are pretty honey, but if you still want to wear makeup I'll help you. I have some makeup in my bathroom" She takes Alaura's hand and leads her away

"Must be nice to have your own bathroom !" Nigel snaps at Susan bitterly, but she doesn't respond

Before Nigel can finally go into the bathroom, Bree sneaks in and slams the door

"Oh for christ....." Nigel slinks down agaisnt the wall, defeated, and waits for his turn


"Dad I'm having friends over" Derrek calls up to his dad, but no response "I'll take that as a yes" He mutters to himself before opening his door

When Derrek opens his room he sees his little brother laying half off his bed, playing a racing game on his phone "Sean get out !"

Derrek slams the door, closing them inside

"Kinda hard for me to do that with a closed door" Sean doesn't look up from his game. He still lays on his back holding his phone up to the ceiling and letting his head rest off the bed

"You have your feet on my pillow where I SLEEP ! Why are you even in here ?!" Derrek grunts

Sean talks, but still doesn't look up "You have the wifi modem in your room. I get 4 bars in your room and only 3 in mine"

Derrek grabs Seans phone and he squeals "You won't have any bars if I toss it out the window now get out !" Derrek opens the door and throws Sean's phone into the hallway

Sean gives Derrek a dirty look before exiting the room "You're lucky I have a protective case"

Derrek slams the door behind Sean and starts to clean his room


"So this shop up ahead is totally cute is called "Love Shack" and it seels like the best clothes" Izzy listens to Holly speak, but zones in and out. She likes shopping for cute outfits too, it's just that she's never been able to afford them, plus she's sort of a tomboy, so she didn't get the hype

"And here it is !" Holly spreads open her arms to show Izzy the store

Izzy she fakes a smile "Wow.... Cute..." 

Holly frowns "You hate it, don't you"

"No no no not at all. I'm just not much of a shopper. It looks grat though and if it's important to you, it's important to me" Izzy smiles and Holly smiles back

"Thanks Izzy. Okay let's go, before the day is up I'm going to make you love shopping" Holly skips into the shop and Izzy stops

"Oh my god...." Izzy looks over to a girl looking at the sunglasses rack

"Izzy ? What's wrong ?" Holly looks over at the girl "Who is that ?"

"It's Stacy... My best friend" Izzy goes pale once Stacy sees her

Stacy runs over with a bag full of clothes and gives Izzy a hug 

"Izzy ! Girl I haven't seen you in so long !" Stacy pats Izzy on the back and she awkwardly pats back

"It's only been a week and a bit... What, what are you doing here !?" Izzy seems very confused

Stacy picks up on the confusion and frowns "Are you not happy to see me ?"

"No I am ! I'm just confused" Izzy looks back and forth between Stacy and Holly

"Well I was thinking about you alot right ? School started and my bestie wasn't there to rule our gradding year with me, and SO MUCH happened. Don't even get me STARTED on Brad and Jenna. ANYWAYS so I was planning to come see you and trying to find the time when I got this random email about a super crazy sale at this cute store called Love Shack, so I thought to myself "Kill two birds with one stone" right ? I mean then I'd have to wait a month for the sale again and wait a month to see you so I got on the first bus and came here"

Izzy tries to process this whole thing. Random email ? S.S. "But wait you got on a bus ? ForestBrook is 7 hours away and it's 8am, the busses don't run at 1am"

Stacy laughs "I know silly, I took the bus last night and stayed in a hotel, that's why I'm going home tonight. WAY too expensive. But this is perfect ! I was going to go to the sale and then suprise call you, but now we can go shopping TOGETHER" Stacy hugs Izzy

"Yeah.. Perfect" Izzy looks over at Holly

"Also I brought some soup. I know your old foster mother is dying, and I don't know if this will help but everyone likes soup right ?" Stacy shows Izzy and puts it back in her bag "I can't wait to meet her, you hated all your other foster parents so this woman is basically the closest thing I have to meeting your real mom"

Izzy goes silent

"What's wrong ?" Stacy looks upset

"Uh... Nothing ! Thanks for the soup. I'm sure she'll love to meet you too. Anyways" Izzy changes the subject "Holly this is Stacy. Stacy, Holly" 

Holly goes to shake her hand but Stacy hugs her "It's great to meet you"


After the girls go shopping Holly gets a text from Derrek

"Izzy, Derrek says he's ready" Holly shows Izzy the text

"Ready for what ?" Stacy takes a drink out of her water bottle

"We were going to hang out with our friend" Holly makes up an excuse

"You already made friends ? Can I come ? Is he cute ?" Stacy nudges Izzy

"Well.... We could but it's just Derrek, he's kinda boring" Izzy lies "Why don't we go see my old foster mom and Holly can go see Derrek and tell him I had to take a rain check ?"

Holly nods "Sure thing Izzy, have fun with.... Um your foster mom"

"I will...." Izzy gets really sweaty wondering how shes going to pull this off

Holly leaves and Izzy sends her a text

Holly I need you to text Vivan and ask her to pretend to be my dying mom please. I won't be able to explain fast enough over text. I'm going to your house right now, please call her !

Okay ? I'll try

Izzy puts her phone in her pocket "Let's go see mom"

Stacy smiles and follows Izzy, who is walking as slow as possible 


Holly comes into Derrek's room. Bree is already sitting on the bed and Derrek is in a computer chair

"Where's Izzy ?" Bree asks Holly and she explains what happened with Stacy

"That's pretty intense" 

"Yeah tell me about it" Holly takes out her phone "Which reminds me I have to make a quick call, continue without me"

Holly closes the door behind her and Derrek pulls out his backpack, spreading all the clues onto the floor

"This is what I found. A picture of a woman. I grabbed a few pictures that Hunter took of us and the last thing I grabbed was this small bear. It used to be Tamara's, she had it ontop of her dresser. I know it wasn't very useful, but it was something to remind me of her" 

Derrek throws his empty backpack aside and Bree comes and sits on the floor

"These pictures were taken in great quality, not hidden behind a bush or something, meaning that they took this photo without being hidden. This person has been stalking us in the middle of the day and we didn't recognize them"

"Or we did recognize them and didn't think anything of it" Derrek hold up a photo "This photo right here is me at Wes' party. Someone was at Wes' party and decided to take this picture of me. Hunter was at Wes' party"

"Or maybe Hunter is Wes" Bree looks at Derrek

"Wes is one of my best friends, I don't want to believe that"

"Well let's look at all the people standing around you and cross them out of the suspect list. If they were in the picture with you, they couldn't have been taking the photo"

Derrek starts writting down the names of everyone that is clearly visible in the photo

"I don't see Wes in that photo" Bree puts her two cents in and Derrek snaps

"Yeah well I don't see you in the photo either, does that mean it was you"

Bree gets defensive "Considering Wes didn't invite me to the party, no it couldn't be me"

"That's what this is about, you're mad at Wes" Derrek crosses his arms

"That's besides the point" Bree avoids the question

"Why are you mad ? Cause he's more popular than you ? Cause he had a party and the great Bree Alderson wasn't invited ? Was it because-"

"BECAUSE HE CAUSED MY PARENTS DIVORCE !" Bree cuts off Derrek and Derrek doesn't speak "That video S.S. sent my dad of my mom fooling around with that hockey player, it was Wes. The face wasn't shown, but I knew his jersey number. He did it for revenge because I said no to him for Winter Formal. He's pure evil" 

Bree turns away from Derrek and wipes away a tear, then gets up and goes to the washroom

After Bree leaves the room Derrek gets a text

Hockey guys are notorious for swapping girls
But sometimes after too many drinks they put on the wrong jerseys too
Burn the evidence or I spill
- S.S.

Why do you care if we expose Hunter ? Are you working together ?

That's none of your buisness. If Hunter is exposed then Tamara is safe
And she can come home. I don't want that bitch back in WhiteHaven
Now burn the damn pictures ! Last warning

Derrek looks at the pictures and then at his computer desk. He grabs a lighter from the top drawer and sets the stack of photos on fire. He drops the photo stack on the bear and it all starts to burn. Derrek picks up the photo of the woman in the fancy frame and throws it in the fire too

"Okay. Love you mom. Bye" Holly is heard from the other side of the door before opening it

She gasps when she sees Derrek sitting on the floor next to the pile of burning evidence "Derrek... What did you do ?"

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