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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Safe Cracker

Submitted: September 02, 2015

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Submitted: September 02, 2015



A school bell rings

"Bree you weren't kidding, we got here fast. I mean I feared for my life the whole way, but we made it" Alaura steps out of the car and looks at ForestBrook High

"Says the one with no license... And ForestBrook High ? Really ? No originality alert" Bree locks the car doors behind them

Alaura and Bree open the front doors to the school and push past all the students tryinng desperatly to get out of the school

Finally they reach the room they were looking for. Room 212. Mrs. Hapopapolys

"I'm sorry but if you are here about your test marks, I cannot give anymore redo's" Mrs. Hapopapolys doesn't look up from her desk while she's organizing papers

Alaura and Bree can't think of anything to say and after a long silenced pause, Mrs. Hapopapolys looks up from her desk

"Oh. You aren't one of my students. Can I help you with something ?" She adjusts her glasses

"Yeah.... We just have a few questions that may seem a bit random" Bree reaches in her pocket for her phone "Do you know this girl ?" Bree shows Mrs. Hapopapolys a picture of Tamara

Mrs. Hapopapolys' eyes can't seem to hide the fact that she knows something, but she lies anyways "That's one of my old students, Issabelle. She didn't return for this year, I heard she went elsewhere" Mrs. Hapopapolys grabs a few sheets of papers and pretends to look busy so she doesn't have to make eye contact

"What if I told you this girl goes by a differnt name.... A name by Tamara ?" Bree clears her throat

Mrs. Hapopapolys stops shuffling her papers and looks up at Bree and Alaura with a very serious look "Then I'd tell you it wasn't safe to talk here. Meet me around back in 30, I have papers to grade"


Izzy is sitting in the living room reading a magazine she picked from the table

"Good book ?" Holly plops down beside her

"Hardly" Izzy chuckles and puts the magazine down "Do you need something ?"

"Nah, just wanted to come talk to you that's all. Any leads yet ?" Holly fiddles with the magazine pile

"Besides the key card ? Nope. Bree has a key chain that might be a clue, but still no one's got ahold of her. Do you think she's still mad ?"

"I hope not. She can be a baby sometimes, but I'm sure she'll smarten up" Holly leans back on the couch

"I'm sure she will, I mean how long can she be mad for ? Anyways did she hear about-"

"SHH !" Holly holds her finger up in the air and gets really serious

"What's wrong ?" Izzy leans in

"I think someone is watching us from outside"

Izzy looks out the window and scans the backyard

"Don't be so obvious !" Holly whisper yells

"What are we going to do ? What if it's Hunter !" Izzy moves closer to Holly

Holly stands up and slowly approaches the door handle

"Holly what are you doing

Holly ignores Izzy and grabs the sliding door handle

"Holly !"

Holly swings the door open and right when she does, a hooded figure jumps out of a bush with a camera and jumps over her fence

"Come on we have to catch them !" Before Izzy can stop Holly, she had already hopped the fence and was gone


"Would you two care for any tea ?" Mrs. Hapopapolys sits down on the couch across from Bree and Alaura with a cup of tea

"No thank you I think we're good, but I do have a question for you. How did you know Tamara ?" Alaura jumps straight to the point

"I'm not going to lie to you girls, the story is very long and hard for me to tell, but if it helps find Tamara in any way, I'll be happy to oblige. Before I start though I have one request. It is the only thing I need in return for me to tell my story. You don't repeat any of this to anyone else. Okay ?"

Bree and Alaura take a minute to think about it and finally they nod "Okay Mrs. Hapopap-"

"Please call me Hazel" Hazel smiles, but with a sad smile. The girls can tell she had been through alot

"We are ready" Bree takes out a pen and notepad

"Tamara and Isabelle.... Are my daughters. It started when the girls were born. Me and my husband Carl thought we were ready to have children but we weren't. In the divorce we decided to split the girls equally, we had a plan to switch off the girls every week or so. That didn't happen. As soon as the papers were signed Carl took Isabelle out of the state. I tried to gain rights to see her, but Carl tricked me. The papers I signed disentitled me of any rights to Isabelle as my daughter. A year or so later Carl commited suicide, putting Isabelle into the foster system. I tried to see her again, but before Carl died he legally changed her name so I wouldn't be able to. When Tamara and Isabelle first came out of me, their names were Tamara and Juliet. I didn't understand why this was happening to me. Why he hated me SO much, why he caused me so much pain. At this point Tamara was only a year and a half old, so I lied to her and told her she was an only child. Eventually after alot of legal action and time I found Isabelle. By that time I knew coming back into her life might have been traumatizing for her, especially at age 8. I wanted her to WANT me back, so I asked the foster system she was with if I could have a trial month with her. She hated me. When I looked into her eyes I saw the hatred that being bounced around in the foster system did to her. She didn't even wait the month, after two weeks she begged to be taken back to the home. I knew at that point, I lost the chance to be her mother. As time went on Tamara and I had a falling out, just typical teenage rebelion. When she moved out and left the state, it felt like losing a daughter all over again, but it got worse. When I heard on the news that Tamara had gone missing I felt a piece of myself die. I knew I couldn't be alone anymore, so I tracked down Isabelle from when I found her at age 8 to where she was now at 18. When I found out Isabelle was only 7 hours away from where Tamara went missing I knew it was a sign. I quit my teaching job and immediatly applies to ForestBrook High. From that point on I searched everwhere for clues or signs of Tamara, ultimately coming up with nothing" Hazel wipes a tear away from her eye and takes a sip of her tea

"Looks like I need more tea" Hazel does a sad fake laugh and sniffles "I'll be right back"

The moment she's gone Bree turns to Alaura "What the HELL ! How are we supposed to hide a major secret like this from the group. Especially Izzy ?!"

"Calm down. Hazel said she hasn't found any leads on Tamara right ? That means holding this information from the group would affect nothing. Don't worry about it" Alaura pats Bree's back and Bree takes a deep beath

"So do you have any other questions you need answered ? I realize you must have alot, but do any seem of importance ?" Hazel puts down her cup

"I just have one" Alaura takes the notepad from Bree "Did at any point Izzy seem like she knew you ? At all ?"

"Sadly no. When I looked into her eyes all I saw was hollow. I saw my daughter all grown up infront of me and all she saw was a teacher that she had to put up with for 2 hours a day. But getting the chance to be that close to one of my daughters was enough for me. I had originally thought that maybe she would recognize me from when she was 8, but it was such a brief period. She never did"

Alaura puts her notepad in her purse and stands up "Thank you so much Hazel for shareing that with us. I know that couldn't have been easy, but your secret is safe and sound. Right Bree ?" Alaura looks at Bree with a stern look

Bree clears her throat "Of course" Bree's voice cracks


"Thanks for helping me jerk" Holly comes huffing and puffing to the backyard again

"I tried to tell you not to go, it coulda been dangerous"

"It coulda also been helpful to see who S.S. or Hunter was. All I wanna know is some answers or a name or a face for atleast ONE of those creeps" Holly lays down on the couch

"I knew you weren't gonna catch them, did you see the way they flew over that fence ?" Izzy sits beside Holly

Holly grunts "Yeah you're right, waste of time I guess"

"On the plus side, Bree texted me. Her and Alaura had to go out of town to visit their aunt or something, but shes coming home tonight and tomorrow we can figure out where the arcade is and go. Maybe even find out what that keychain means ? See, there are your answers" Izzy grabs Holly's face and tries to force her to smile

Holly smacks Izzy's hands away "You're really annoying do you know that ?"

Izzy laughs "Yeah I do"


"I can't believe Alaura is making me do this crap" Kenny is sitting outside of a bush near the Clifton house

Shortly after Kenny sees Marley leaving the house for her nightly jog

Kenny puts on a cheap halloween mask "Guess it's time"

Kenny sneaks over to Marley's window, but she sleeps on the second floor, so he has to climb a tree

After some climbing and a little bit of a leap, Kenny slips into her window and is in her room

Scaning the walls, he finds the poster Alaura was talking about and lifts it up

Kenny reaches in his bag and takes out what looks like a small metal frisbee disk. When it gets close enough to the safe, little arms pop out of it, and latch onto the lock

Seconds feel like minutes while Kenny waits for the safe to crack, checking the door every 2 seconds

*Click* And the door swings wide opened


"So when we get to WhiteHaven we don't say anything, okay ?" Alaura is still reassuring Bree that they can pull this off

"You're right" Bree keeps focused on the road

*Dingle dingle*

Bree can't help but laugh "Is that your text tone ?"

"Shut up it's cute" Alaura pulls out her phone and reads the text "Oh my god"

"What ? What is it ?" Alaura holds up the phone for Bree to see

He might be good at cracking safes
But I'm good at cracking skulls
(Image Attached)
- Hunter

Alaura opens up the image to see a picture of Kenny knocked out on the ground floor of what looks like a basement, his head is bloody

"This isn't good"

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