Adam and Eve

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The story takes place after humanity is whipped out thanks to a destructive leader and the only thing living on the earth is two lost immortals. A girl shinigami named Eve and a Demon named Adam. Adam and Eve go on a quest together to find any other immortal they could find, in the desprate hope that there not alone.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Adam and Eve

Submitted: June 09, 2013

Reads: 160

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Submitted: June 09, 2013



A Memory Of A Human World
It was a long time since humans breached the earth we live on. I was a little girl when the humans were at war. It was a replay of history it's self. I guessed they had never learned. My name Is Eve. I'm a full fledged shinigami. That's right a death god it's self, and I'm the only living witness on the fall of man kind along with the immortals. In the year 3000 The whole world had one leader they elected together. It was the first thing they did together as a world of peace. It was also the last thing they did together as a world of peace. This "leader" was named Debouls Brigand. It was all perfect. He gave them all a safe planet to live on. There were no pollution, no law breaking, and finally no more war. It was all peaceful and perfect. It was heaven, or what heaven was supposed to be, on earth. No one could have picked a better leader. Then every thing changed forever. He struck at midnight, using his army to take the innocent people of the world. Debouls was twisted with a tinge of phyco but he wasn't stupid. In fact he was one of the smartest people I knew. He just used his brain for the wrong things. Debouls took hold of the world with an iron grip and never let go. Humans, though, are tougher than you think. Millions of his people knelled down and prayed. Prayed not for him to stop or drop dead, but for their warriors of the sky. The humans prayed for Angels. The one's who didn't prayed for Shinigami or demon. If no one else would help, would save them their warriors would. It went years but they didn't show up until Debouls was a force to be reckon with, even for the immortal. It looked grim, enough so that the people stopped praying. They, we, showed up anyway. They had lost hope. When we showed up people begged us to go back. No one wanted their gods dying. The look of hopelessness in those people's eyes, No we wouldn't leave all of them to die or enslaved. They were our children that we watched over. Even the demons wouldn't go until they had won, but it didn't happen like that. The immortals fought against Debouls but in the end his power was to great and we fell out of power. Dropped numbers forced us to hide to give us a chance to make up the numbers later. We hid for days, months, years, decade, even eons we were there. Finely all noise in the world stopped. I came out of hiding to find no one. They were all gone, everything else burnt to a crisp. I couldn't believe I was all alone, for the second time.

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