Doctor Who: Adventures Across Time and Space

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As The Doctor returns from his battle with the Daleks the TARDIS starts to malfunction and start taking him to all his greatest enemies home planets including the ones which had been destroyed. But as The Doctor starts to wonder what is going on the puzzle starts to become harder to complete. Who is behind all this? And why does he want The Doctor dead? Read on to find out!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Doctor Who: Adventures Across Time and Space

Submitted: October 09, 2009

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Submitted: October 09, 2009



Chapter 1
As the TARDIS flew across time and space The Doctor was busy repairing the TARDIS after its attack from the Daleks. She is not meant for battle thought The Doctor. Suddenly the TARDIS started to shake. “What?” The Doctor cried out. With a big bang the TARDIS smashed into the ground. The Doctor opened the TARDIS door and walked out. Looking around him he saw barren wastelands and skeletons. The Doctor sniffed the air. There was a lot of Radioactivity around. “I’ve been here before” The Doctor said to himself aloud. BOOM! A bomb went off behind him causing a rockslide. The Doctor ran as fast as he could down the rocky hill, the giant rocks falling after him. As The Doctor reached the bottom of the hill he turned around. “NO!” he yelled. The TARDIS had been trapped under the rocks. “Halt!” said a mechanical voice. The Doctor turned around. He saw a robot with a gun pointing at him. “Hands in the air!” the robot said with his mechanical voice. The Doctor slowly raised his arms into the air. “Move!” the robot said. The Doctor slowly started to move. “May I ask one question?” asked The Doctor hoping for an answer. “Speak!” the robot said. “Thankyou, now what planet are we on?” The Doctor asked. “We are on Skaro.” the robot said. The Doctor’s face filled with dread. “But Skaro was destroyed!” The Doctor said. “The Time War destroyed both Gallifrey and Skaro!” “That is correct.” the robot said. “But our Master brought us back in time and unlocked the ancient code which sealed the Time War.” the robot said. The Doctor continued walking. It was all for nothing thought The Doctor. “We have arrived.” the robot said. In front of them was a giant factory. The robot walked up to the door and entered a code. The door opened and the robot shoved the Doctor inside. As he entered the building it felt a lot colder than before. The Doctor walked on with the robot still pointing his gun at him. As they reached another door the robot punched in another code. When the door opened the doctor heard talking. He heard someone or something coming. The Doctor tried to back up but the robot wouldn’t let him. The Doctor looked back at the door. Coming from the darkness in the room was a blue circle. The thing came out into the light. “Exterminate!” it yelled. The Doctor only knew one thing which said that. Dalek.

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