Pietro: My Love

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Chapter 19 (v.1)

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



Someone picked me up and quickly carried me in their bulky arms. The sobs blew around me like the winds of a hurricane. I couldn't breathe, and I clawed madly at the person cradling me. I could hear humming, and then I fell on my back and passed out.

When I woke, I heard murmuring outside the door of Pietro's room. Clyde's strong voice nearly covered Pietro's chilled comments. I quickly retreated under the covers when I head the doorknob click. I waited for Pietro to speak.

"How are you feeling?" A tired voice asked.

"Like someone shot me in the stomach," I retorted.

He came closer, and I felt the covers slowly pull away. I gaped at Clyde's face.

"Pietro? Where?" I croaked.

Clyde frowned.

"He left. He told me to ask if you're stable enough for dancing tonight," Clyde said in a disappointed voice.

I started to cry. Clyde hurried to me. He held me, but I couldn't push him away. I didn't want to. Instead, I clutched him tighter and bawled into his shirt.

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