The Ocarist

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A tale fabricated around the journey of Maeve, the daughter of the Devil, as she tries to balance two worlds: Hell and Earth.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Ocarist

Submitted: June 19, 2013

Reads: 134

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Submitted: June 19, 2013



The little girl sat still in her small chair. She glanced around the room and noticed the small glass vase she had smashed earlier. Almost automatically, she bent her pink-ribbon headband in half and threw it across the room. It had made a big welt in the wall. Maeve began pondering the problem while twirling a small red curl around her finger. After all this time, she still never understood how a five-year-old could do such things. Like her mother had always said, she was very special.


The girl watched silently as the thing squirmed and rolled around, making gut-wrenching shrieks. Suddenly, it's eyes became glazed over, and it went stiff. She coughed onced and then quietly exited the small room.


Ever since she had been doing this, she really hated this part of her "job". Disguised as a regular person, she entered the big Church. Various childrens' grades were settled in small pews with boring looks plastered on their faces. For the most part, she really hated middle-school and grade schools.

She sat down next to the closest girl. The girl had bleach-blond hair pinned together in a frilly ponytail. She was also wearing diamond-studded earrings and tennis-bracelets.

The Barbie-lke girl seemed to notice her.

"Hey, my name is Ashleigh. What's yours?"

Before she could say anything, Ashleigh said," Omigod, I love your awesome necklace."

Automatically, she grabbed her black and red vince necklace. Her mother had given it to her right before she died.

"Um,'s, um, my sister's.....," Sister? What am I talking about?

"It's super cute!" Replied Ashleigh in a peppy voice.


Ashleigh opened her wide lip-glossed mouth to say something, but then the organist started playing the same old Church hyme. God, don't they ever change it?

Before no time, the priest was saying the prayer of the Eucharist. Soon, her cue was coming. The priest was finished, and they were all about to pledge their undying love for God when she stood up and strode to the center aisle.

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