The Ax by: Stacey Bell *Completed*

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Chapter 9

As I wait for the taxi to pull into the police station; I get the picture out of Chelsea and the captain and also the back ground information on Chelsea, that shows that the captain is in fact Chelsea’s father.

When the taxi pulls into the parking lot, and parks in front of the building, I pay the driver, and rush to get out. As the taxi spins off, I run up the stairs and into the building to the captain’s office. As I enter his office, the captain is sitting in his chair reading the newspaper, (not knowing about Kelsey missing yet.) As I approach the captain’s desk, I fling the papers on the desk, so he could see the picture of him and Chelsea. ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ I ask angrily as I lean on the desk. The captain throws the unfolded paper down on the floor, and looks at the picture with a stun look on his face.

‘What are you talking about?’ the captain asks as he looks up at me, before picking up the picture and looking at it.

‘Don’t play that game! You knew that Chelsea was your daughter, but you never told me, why?!’ I ask yelling at the top of my lungs now.

‘Sam, please calm down and I’ll tell you,’ says the captain calmly. He lays the picture down, as I sit down in the chair in front of his desk.

‘Ok, I’m calm, so tell me,’ I say patiently.

‘Alright, me and Chelsea’s mother had gotten a divorce when she was five. Her mother thought that it would be too hard on Chelsea to be torn between the two of us, so we made a deal that I would move away and pay child support, until Chelsea was old enough to fend for herself. When she graduated high school, somehow she had managed to find out what university I graduated from, and she went to school there, where she found you. As she was dating you, she was asking around campus to the teachers who knew me, and they finally told her where I moved to. I never fall out of touch with my teachers. Anyways, she found out where I was living and working, and we started to get to know each other again. And when she found out that you and her where moving here, she was all excited to get know me better, and we could hang out more,’ explains the captain to me.

‘Why didn’t she tell me about you?’ I ask sadly.

‘Because, she wanted me and her to get to know you to me, before introducing you to me, she was going to tell you, that’s what we where discussing here,’ he begins as he points to the picture of them having coffee, ‘but she died before she could,’ he finishes sadly.

‘Did you have anything to do with her murder?’ I ask him looking up at him.

‘No of course not! She was my daughter, and I loved her with all my heart! I could never do anything to hurt her!’ says the captain angrily, because I asked him that question.

‘Anyways, how’d you get all of this?’ asks the captain as he dumps the rest of the contents out onto his desk. He is reading the note the killer had written to me, that I have read earlier.

The killer sent me this stuff in Kelsey’s mailbox last night. I only have till midnight tomorrow night to find out who murdered my wife,’ I explain.

‘Well, I can help you to look through this, that way it won’t take you that long,’ says the captain as he found the picture of my dad’s killer.

‘Whose this?’ he asks as he holds the picture up of the old man.

‘That’s my dad’s killer…I don’t know yet why the killer would send me the picture of him,’ I say confusedly.

‘Well, what was your father’s name, and I can pull up his case file,’ explains the captain. ‘You should know how to do this, since you’re a cop to.’

‘I know, but with everything going on, my mind has been racing,’ I explain. The captain turns to his computer to get ready to type what I say.

‘Ok, well I can help you; what was your father’s name?’ he asks again.

‘Oh, it was Kevin Huntington,’ I reply. The captain punches in my dad’s name on the computer and his file came up. He found the man’s name that killed my father, grabs a pen from beside the computer, and wrote down his name, Jeremy Stevens. When the captain finishes writing down the man’s name, he punches it into the computer and brings up his file.


As Kelsey woke up, because the killer had put a rag over her mouth with something on it to make her fall asleep, she notices that she is chained to the wall in a building with no windows, but one door that leads in and out. The woman killer walks in and it’s just dark enough so that Kelsey can not see her face. Kelsey also seen that the killer is dragging a red ax, kind of like lthe floor.

Kelsey is crying as she is trying to break free of the chains, but they won’t budge. Kelsey is sitting on the floor as the killer kneels down to her level. ‘Please, let me go!’ cries Kelsey.

‘No! You know who I am, and you didn’t follow proceeder, so you have to pay. How is he suppose to get revenge if you don’t stick to the plan!’ says the woman angrily in Kelsey’s ear. The woman is close enough to Kelsey’s ear, that she can feel the woman’s breath.

‘I’m sorry,’ cries Kelsey.

‘Sorry doesn’t cut it! Because of you, he might not get revenge,’ says the woman angrily. ‘I am saving you until midnight tomorrow…..that way everything that Sam loves is gone in front of his eyes,’ says the woman before dragging the bloody ad as she walks out, leaving Kelsey in the dark crying.


As the captain punches in the man’s name, his file comes up. He looks at it before he reads the information to me. ‘It says here that he died this year, and he was survived by two daughters,’ the captain explains to me.

‘Two daughters….does the file have the names of the daughters?’ I ask him curiously. The captain looks before answering.

‘Nope, their names and locations are unkown, but I have a hunch. If you find out their names, then that might help you find the killer,’ says the captain as he turns back to the file.

‘I guess we’re back to ground zero then,’ I say sadly.

‘Not necessarily, we just have to find out who his daughters are and we can bring them in for questioning,’ says the captain as he looks through Chelsea’s file.

Just then, an officer rushes in. ‘Captain, we have a problem!’ the young police officer says. 

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