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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 22, 2012




Chapter 10

‘What is it?’ the captain asks as he sounds worried.

‘Kelsey is missing; she was here this morning, but now no one has seen her since then,’ says the young police man quickly.

‘What? She’s missing?’ I ask being surprised and shocked. I can’t lose Kelsey like I lost Chelsea, I think to myself.

‘Put a pba out on her right now! Let all of the officer’s know, and I’ll send out information to all of the police stations around here,’ says the captain before getting on the computer and notifying all of the police stations immediately about Kelsey.

‘What can I do to help?’ I ask quickly as I stand up from sitting in the chair.

‘Sam, you can look through the files and the things that the killer sent you. By looking through the files and the other things, you’ll be able to find the killer so they can be caught, and we can find Kelsey,’ says the captain as he cleans up the contents from the envelope, and putting them back in, before handing the envelope to me. I take the envelope before speaking.

‘What are you going to do?’ I ask curiously.

‘I’m going to do what I can. I will look over your father’s file and your father’s killer’s file again; maybe we missed something, and I’m going to see where they are on your cell phone,’ says the captain quickly. ‘The best thing for you to do now, is to go home, and look through the things; I will call you if anything more develops.’

‘Alright,’ I say before telling the captain bye and quickly walking out.


As I arrive at Kelsey’s house, I got out of the taxi, paid the driver, and walk into Kelsey’s house. When the door closes behind me, the house felt empty. It feels empty, since Kelsey is not there with me. I take off my shoes, and notice that there is a message on the answering machine. I walk over to the stand beside the door, and push the message button so I can listen. ‘Sam, by mow you probably have noticed that I have kidnapped your lovely girlfriend. The only way that you will see her alive is that you find out whom I am by midnight tomorrow night. I assume that you get a move on it, because you have less then twenty-four hours to find her. If you figure out who I am before midnight tomorrow night, then I let your girlfriend lose and turn myself in, and I am a woman of my word,’ says the killer. The message then ended with a beep. I could tell that it is a woman, but don’t know who, because her voice is muffled. I quickly rush to the kitchen, get everything out of the file, and begin looking for something that I have missed.

As I notice the time on the rooster clock, I see that I have missed the insurance guy at my apartment, but I shrug it off, because Kelsey’s life and finding my wife’s murderer is more important. The first thing I grab is my wife’s background information; maybe there is something else in there.

I didn’t find anything else on the sheet of paper, so I move on to the other sheet of paper. It is my father’s killer background information. I search through the information, and see his name on top, and see that he in fact died this year.

Maybe that has something to do with the killer coming out now? So, I scroll down and see the information about him being survived by two daughters, and a wife. There is an address underneath the wife’s name, so I decide to pack up the contents again, grab Kelsey’s notepad and pen by the door, put my shoes on, and rush out to catch a cab. Maybe the address will get me closer to my wife’s killer.


Captain’s point of view

I rush to the lab, to see if they are done with Sam’s phone, after I have notified everyone about Kelsey. As I reach the lab, I walk in and see Lori working at her desk. ‘Have you done the phone records on Sam Huntington’s cell phone,’ I ask the blonde haired skinny woman, with a white lab coat on over her black dress pants, yellow tank top, and yellow high heels. She also has her hair in a ponytail.

‘Sorry, I’m still working on this other case first, but I should have them in by ten p.m. tomorrow night,’ explains Lori.

‘Ten p.m.,’ I say angrily.

‘Yes, I’m sorry but you see we are short staffed, and I’m the only one working, so yeah not till ten p.m. tomorrow night,’ says Lori as she looks up at me from sitting in her chair.

‘Ok, well just let me know when you get the phone records,’ I say before walking out, and entering my office at the end of the hall. When I sit down at my desk, I take a deep breath and just sit there for a few minutes. ‘I can’t believe at what has happened today. Sam figured out that I am Chelsea’s father, and now Kelsey is kidnapped….after all of this is over, I am glad that I’m retiring,’ I think to myself.

I turn to the computer to begin looking at Sam’s dad’s file and his killer’s file to see if I spot anything else. As I look at Jeremy Steven’s file, I realize that his last name sounds so familiar, but why? So, I sit there pondering on why I thought his last name sounds familiar.

N/A: Sorry about the short chapter, but I wanted to end there and not give too much away towards the ending!!!!

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