The Ax by: Stacey Bell *Completed*

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012




Chapter 12

Captain’s point of view:

‘You will never be able to get out of here alive,’ I say to them as they pointed the gun to me.

‘That’s true, but that’s why you are going to walk yourself out,’ she says.

‘What, no I’m not,’ I say. ‘I am the captain and I say that you are fired and you are going to jail for the murders of Sam’s wife Chelsea, Mrs. Edwards, and Mr. O’Neil,’ I say angrily, as I stand up from my chair.

‘You have no proof that I have killed all any of those people, so I say again, you are walking yourself out of here, with me, or the next funeral will be yours,’ orders the killer as she walks over to me, pulls me by the arm, and walks me out.


Sam’s point of view:

As I stand there on the porch thinking about who I have seen in the family picture, and I grew angrily. I get my cell phone out, and go to tell the captain what I have seen. I let it ring and no one answers, so I decide to leave a message. ‘Captain, you will never believe who I seen in the family album that I seen of my father’s killer’s family…I think I know who the killer is,’ I explain before hanging up. As I hang up the phone, I notice that I had walked over to the side of the house, and notice the doors that lead to the basement. Before opening up the doors, I get my cell phone, and dial the police and tell them to be here as soon as they can. The dispatcher that is currently taking Kelsey’s place told me that they would be there in an hour, and I hung up the phone, before opening up the basement door, and looking down into the dark basement. Before I walk into the basement, I take out my cell phone, and turn on my flashlight so I can see, and then I begin to walk down the old, rigidly, broken, steps into the basement. I close the basement door, so no one will notice that I am in here. When I reach the bottom of the steps, I look into the basement. I shine my flashlight over to the left of me, and notice something leaning up against the old dirty covered brick wall. So, I quickly walk over to see what it is, and see that it is the axe. I run my flashlight down to the bottom, and kneel down to see that there is in fact, blood on the axe. ‘This is it! This myst be the murder weapon that killed my wife, my neighbor, and my partner!’ I whisper to myself. It is dark and quiet, when I hear someone sobbing in the background. ‘Whose there?’ I say loudly across the wall behind me.

‘Sam,’ I hear Kelsey as she cries. My flashlight finally finder her chained to the wall, and sitting helpless on the floor. ‘Kelsey?’ I ask as I slowly walk over to her, not knowing who she really is at first.

‘Sam, please help me…she has gone crazy!’ cries Kelsey as I notice the cuts and bruises all over her body. She also has a black and blue eye, and a bloody lip. I go and try to help her to get unchained, but then I realize…

It was her along with Rachelle that I seen in the family portrait hanging on the wall. I stop helping her, as she looks at me with a confused look on her face. What if she is helping Rachelle? What if she is one of the killers that helped kill my wife? I think to myself.

Sam please….help me,’ cries Kelsey, with the look of helplessness in her eyes.

‘I will, but I have to ask you a few questions first,’ I say as I kneel down in front of her, still holding the flashlight on her, so I can see her face.

‘Can this wait?’ Kelsey asks, as she cries.

‘No, I need to know a few things. While I was in your mother’s house, I seen a portrait of you, Rachelle, and the rest of the family. Kelsey, I just need to know…did you help kill my wife?’ I ask.

Kelsey is quiet for a few moments, before answering. ‘Sam, I was helping Rachelle to find you and to get to you, because she told me if I didn’t help her, then she would kill me, but I didn’t do any of the killings….that was all Rachelle. She killed your wife, because you and your family sent our father away to die in prison, but I didn’t have nothing to do with the killings, Sam, you have to believe me,’ cries Kelsey.

I stare into her eyes, and know somehow, that she has been telling the truth. ‘Kelsey, for some reason I believe you….maybe it’s because I’m in love with you, but why didn’t you tell me who your family was?’ I ask.

‘Because, you never asked, and that would have been Rachelle away, the she would have killed me,’ explains Kelsey as tears run down her cheeks. I feel so sorry for her, because of what Rachelle has done to her….her own sister. I lean in, put my hand behind her head, and kiss her gently and passionately. Besides Chelsea, I really do love this woman, and know that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. ‘What was that for?’ she asks me.

‘Because, I love you,’ I say as I smile at her and she smiles back at me. ‘Now…let’s try and get you out of these chains,’ I say as I get up, and go over to grab the axe that was leaning up against the wall. When I reach the place where the axe was leaning, I go to reach for it, but nothing is there. ‘What the hell!’ I say as I frankly search the wall for the axe, but don’t find it.

‘What’s the matter?’ I hear Kelsey asking.

‘There was an axe here, but now it’s missing,’ I say, before I hear an evil woman laughing from the darkness. I jump as I shine my flashlight towards the area where Rachelle is laughing, as she has the bloody axe around the captain’s neck.

‘Now that we’re all here…the fun can begin,’ says Rachelle evilly.


‘Please, let everyone else go, they didn’t have nothing to do with your father going to jail, it was me, so please, leave them go,’ I try to plea with Rachelle.

‘No! Everyone that you love has to die….including you! That way the plan will be done and my father’s death will be revenged,’ says Rachelle angrily.

‘Rachelle, father wouldn’t want you to kill everyone. He would want you to go on and live your life,’ says Kelsey trying to reason with her.

‘YOU SHUT UP! You have betrayed me, and you don’t deserve to talk to me about my father!’ yells Rachelle.

‘Rachelle please, just let everyone go,’ I try to plea with her.

‘No, I’m going to kill everyone in here, starting with the captain!’ yells Rachelle, before pushing the captain out in front of her, so she can kill him with her axe. She plunged the axe into the captain’s head, making him fall to the floor, with the axe stuck in his head, and blood going everywhere.

‘YOU BITCH!’ I yell as I go to lunge after her, but she pulls a gun on me, and I immediately stop. 

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