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Chapter 14 (v.1)

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Chapter 13

‘And what do you think you’re going to do?’ Rachelle asks as she points the gun at me.

‘I’m going to give you want you deserve,’ I say angrily.

‘And what’s that?’ Rachelle asks.

‘Well, I have notified the police and they should be here any moment to arrest you, and put you in jail, where you deserve to be, as you sit your whole life thinking about all the people that you killed, while we go and live our lives!’ I say to her. After I spoke, Rachelle begins to laugh her evil laugh again, that echoes the entire basement.

‘If you did call the cops, where are they?’ she asks me.

‘Oh believe me, they will be here momentarily,’ I say to her.

‘Well then, maybe I should kill myself,’ Rachelle begins as I see her put her glock that she is holding in her hand, to the side of her head. ‘Then that way you won’t get your justice that you have been looking for,’ she says, as I hear her cock her gun, and then I charge at her just in time to knock Rachelle on the floor, and grab the gun off of her. I sit on top of her, as I empty the shells out of the gun. ‘Go ahead, you can arrest me, and put me in jail, but I will find a way out to revenge my father,’ she says to me as I sit on top of her to hold her down.

‘Why revenge your father? He was a cop killer, and he killed my father…I should be getting revenge on you,’ I say as I look at her eyes. I am still holding my phone in my hand, that has a flash light, so I can see Rachelle.

‘You did get your revenge. My father died in prison, because he shot your father, and because of that, I didn’t really get to know my dad, and after they arrested my father, and branded him the cop killer, they fired my from my job, and my mom didn’t work, and she couldn’t go out, because everyone knew who she was, and for Kelsey, she was always my father’s favorite…I don’t know why I didn’t kill her to begin with,’ explains Rachelle.

‘Because, she is your sister, and you still care about your family and I’m sorry that you gotten fired from your job, and your mom couldn’t go anywhere,’ I say sympathetically.

‘Sorry please…you don’t feel sorry for me, like everyone else doesn’t feel sorry for me. I am a cop killer’s daughter, and no one’s going to feel sorry for me, because of what my father had done,’ explains Rachelle.

‘But what about Kelsey? Kelsey is his daughter to, and she has a job, and is making a better life for herself,’ I say to Rachelle, still sitting on top of her.

‘I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but she isn’t really my sister….my parents adopted her before they had me, because they thought that they couldn’t get pregnant, but then I came along,’ explains Rachelle.

‘What? That’s not true,’ cries Kelsey from the darkness.

‘It is true…your mom was sixteen whenever she had gotten pregnant, and your father was only seventeen at the time. Your real mother’s parents didn’t want your mother to keep you, because she was too young to have a child and raise it, so they gave you to my mom and dad,’ says Rachelle. I begin to think to myself: I am actually relieved that Kelsey wasn’t related to Rachelle, now she isn’t the cop killer’s daughter.

‘Why didn’t they tell me?’ cries Kelsey from the darkness, as I look over and look at the captain dead lying on the floor, with the axe still stuck on his head, and he is lying in his own blood, which I can start to smell now.

‘Because, they loved you, and they where afraid if they would of told you that you were adopted, then you would leave them for your real mom and dad,’ explains Rachelle. I hear Kelsey sobbing from the darkness, and I want to run over and just hug her and hold her, but I can’t move and leave Rachelle go.

Just then, we hear the basement door opening, and a couple of police officer’s walk in with flash lights, and guns. ‘Hello? We’re police officers!’ they yell as they walk into the basement.

‘Hands up!’ yells one of the police officers as he points the gun at me. I then look down and notice that Rachelle is wearing her police uniform, but I am in a pair of jeans and a white tank top. So, I slowly stand up, over Rachelle as I have my hands raised.

‘I’m Sam Huntington, one of your police officers, and I was the one who made the call. Rachelle is the killer, and I have the evidence to prove it, and Kelsey is over there,’ I begin as I point in her direction, ‘and she needs help to get unchained,’ I explain to them. The officer stares at me, as he still points his gun, when the second police officer walks up behind him, and recognizes me.

‘It’s ok,’ says the police officer. ‘He’s one of ours.’ The first police officer lowers his gun as the second police officer walks up to me. ‘What happened?’ he asks me. I explain to him everything that has happened. ‘Alright, Mr. Blue, you arrest Rachelle, and I will go and get the bold cutters from my car, and get the coroner, so they can get the captain out of here and the CSI team, so they can get all of the evidence,’ orders the second officer. Mr. Blue arrests Rachelle and reads her her rights as he walks her to his police car. I hurry over to Kelsey, to wait for the other officer.

‘I can’t believe I’m adopted,’ cries Kelsey. I kneel down in front of her.

‘Well just think, your not related to Rachelle, and once we get you out of here, we can find your real parents,’ I say to her reassuringly.

Kelsey didn’t have time to talk, because the officer along with everyone else, rushes in. The officer runs over to Kelsey and cuts her free. As soon as Kelsey got lose, I grab her and hug her; I didn’t want to let her go. ‘Come on, let’s get you home,’ I say as I help her up, and put my arms around her to walk her out.

As we walk outside, our eyes had to adjust from being in the dark. I look over on the porch, and see Mrs. Stevens standing there just looking at everyone. Kelsey then, let me go and walks over to her mother. ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ Kelsey asks with tears rolling down her cheeks.

‘Tell you what?’ her mother asks.

‘That I am adopted,’ replies Kelsey. They both stood their for a few minutes in silence.

‘Who told you?’ asks Kelsey mother.

‘Rachelle,’ replies Kelsey. Kelsey’s mother sighs before telling Kelsey.

‘I’m sorry, but I didn’t want you to leave me,’ says Mrs. Stevens.

‘You didn’t know if I would of left you or not, but now I am. Have a good life, and I hope you have a good time visiting your daughter in prison, and as for me…don’t worry, because I have Sam now to protect me, and I don’t need your anymore, so don’t bother to come and look for me…goodbye Mrs. Stevens,’ says Kelsey before storming off and climbing into the cop car. I look over at Mrs. Stevens who is standing on the porch in tears, before climbing in the cop car, beside Kelsey, closing the door, putting my arms around her as she cries, and then the police officer drives off as the others finish the job. 

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