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Chapter 15 (v.1)

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Chapter 14

As we arrive in the city; the two police officers take Rachelle in for finger printing and booking. The news of her killing the captain has gotten out already, and whenever the two officers bring Rachelle in, all the police officers lined up by the door, clapping, as she walks in. Kelsey and I are right behind them. At one point, I hear an officer say to Rachelle, ‘You are a cop killer just like your father and I hope you die in jail, just like your father did.’ If looks can kill, Rachelle, would have made the officer drop dead right there on the floor. Mr. Blue pushes Rachelle so she would start walking again.


A couple months later…

I am dressed in my cop uniform, and Kelsey is standing beside me, wearing black long pants, and a black shirt. She is recovering from her wounds, because of what Rachelle had done to her, so she didn’t want to wear pants, and show her beat up legs. We are at the captain’s funeral, and they are getting ready for the twenty-one gun salute, as I begin to think of the things that happened to me over the years. I think to myself, ‘I have lost a lot, but gained so much more. I have lost a wife and best friend, who I have loved dearly, but also gained another best friend, who could possibly be my lifelong companion. I have lost a neighbor, a partner, and a captain, but I am still standing tall. I have finally found and caught my wife’s killer, who is sitting in jail, awaiting her trial. I can now finally move on, with my life, knowing that Chelsea’s killer is going away for a really long time.’

As I end my thought, I look up from the captain’s casket, as the officers begin their twenty-one gun salute, and smile up at the sky, knowing now, that my wife is with her father, and they can rest peacefully, until I meet her again.


It took them a couple of months before they took Rachelle to court for the murders. They finally have gotten all of the evidence that they needed to legally convict her. They have gotten all of the evidence from the axe which included: Rachelle’s fingerprints, along with my wifes blood, my neighbors blood, my partners blood, and the captain’s blood. They also had gotten a search warrant for Rachelle’s mother’s house, and found the ring that Mrs. Edwards had given to me about four months ago. I am sitting in the back of the court room, with Kelsey by my side, as she holds my hand, because she knew that I have been waiting patiently for this day to happen.

Kelsey has cleared up pretty well, and is back to her old self. We have been going steady ever since the captain’s funeral, and we love each other very much. As I look over to the right of me, on Rachelle’s side, I notice that her mother is sitting in her purple dress and has her greasy hair up in a ponytail; she is sitting silent, waiting for the trial to begin. When the judge walks in, everyone stands as one police officer announces his arrival. ‘Will you please rise, for the honorable judge, Matt Day,’ says the chubby, bald officers as he stands with his hands to his sides.

‘You all can be seated,’ says Mr. Day, as he motions us to sit down. We all sit down as he sits down. As I look at the judge, I notice that he is in his late fifties, has grey hair, and has to have glasses to read. He skims through the file before he talks. ‘Ok Rachelle, we have substantial amount of evidence here to convict you of four murders, and possibly life in prison, how do you plead?’ asks the judge as he looks at Rachelle through his glasses, and leaning on his desk. We stare as Rachelle slowly rises as she’s wearing an orange jump suit with numbers on the back. You can hear a pin drop in the court room, as everyone is waiting for her to plead.

‘I plead….guilty,’ says Rachelle. As soon as she says this, the whole court room gasps and begins talking to each other, as I sit there smiling, knowing that I wouldn’t have to sit through the whole trial. The judge bangs loudly with his gavel to calm everyone down.

‘Order in the court!’ yells the judge as the court room falls silent again, and the judge turns back to Rachelle. ‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes but your honor, can I say a few things before you sentence me?’ asks Rachelle.

‘I guess,’ replies the judge.

‘I just want everyone to know that I am sorry for what I did, and know what I did is wrong, and now have to pay the consequences,’ she begins as she turns the crowd behind her, as everyone watches her with eager eyes. Rachelle turns to Kelsey and I first. ‘Sam, I am sorry for what I have put you through. I know that I’m probably not going to see the light of day again, but believe me when I say that I am a changed woman, and had a lot of time to think about what I did. I have killed your wife, for revenge on my father, but I found what I was really looking for was love. I was looking for love, because I have never gotten that from my family. So, Sam, I am sorry for what I have done, and asking you for forgiveness, because now, I know that I have found love in God, which is all what I really need, but I want your forgiveness, because then I know that you are moving on with your life, and not dwelling on the past,’ finishes Rachelle. I didn’t say a word as I squeeze Kelsey’s hand harder, before I smile at Rachelle and nod my head in agreement. Rachelle then, turns to her mom. ‘Mom, I am sorry that I am a bad daughter. I don’t want you to worry anymore about me, and I will understand if you don’t ever want to see or talk to me again,’ says Rachelle as she turns back to the judge, and sits back down. Before Rachelle turns and sits, I could swear that I see a tear or so running down her cheeks. I look over, at Rachelle’s mother, and see tears rolling down her cheeks, because she knows that she will never see her daughter outside of jail again.

‘Are you finished?’ asks the judge.

‘Yes I am,’ says Rachelle.

‘Ok, for the murders of Mrs. Huntington, Mr. Brown, Mr. O’Neil, and Mrs. Edwards, I give you life in prison without parole,’ says the judge. ‘Bailiff, you may take her away, and the court is adjourned,’ says the judge as he bangs his gavel down, dismissing the court room, and walking into his chambers. The police officers handcuff Rachelle and take her away.


As Kelsey and I are standing outside talking, Mrs. Stevens walks up to us. ‘What do you want?’ asks Kelsey.

‘I just came to say that I am sorry for not telling you that you are adopted, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be out of my life for good. I did raise you, and I was your mother at one point,’ explains Mrs. Stevens. I stand there quietly, waiting for Kelsey to speak.

‘I know that you have raised me, and I thank you for that, but you should have still told me; I’m not going to be out of your life forever, but I do need some time, before I can talk to you again, and all of this stuff with Rachelle blows over,’ says Kelsey.

Mrs. Stevens smiles at the fact that Kelsey has told her that they can reconcile their differences. ‘Ok,’ says Mrs. Stevens. She smiles at the both of us, before slowly walking away to get into a taxi.

‘That was nice of you,’ I say to Kelsey as I turn to her, after Mrs. Edwards leaves.

‘Yeah, she did raise me from a baby, and I can’t be mad at her forever; it’s not healthy,’ Kelsey says to me as she puts her arms around me. ‘So, what do you want to do now, knowing that your wives killer is behind bars, and you can move on?’ she asks me. I smile down at her before talking.

‘Live my life with you,’ I say before kissing Kelsey and taking her by the hand to start our new lives together.

The End

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