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Chapter 2

As I flip through my wife’s file; I notice that Rachelle’s name appeared on one of the witnesses’ names list. But why would her name appear on the witness list, if she was the C.S.I. assigned the case? I would have to ask her about this, I thought to myself as I flip the page and found the evidence list. At the bottom of the list in red ink was written: The murder weapon was never found, but an axe was definitely the weapon that killed the victim. Also on the page were list of the neighbors that were in the building and their fingerprints. So they could match up with the murderer if they ever found them. Beside that was a statement of what they saw or didn’t see. As I scanned through the list of names, I noticed that one of our neighbors had seen something that night.

It was Mrs. Edwards, awe yes, I remember Mrs. Edwards, she was the sweetest little old lady that you could ever meet. She was the first person who greeted us with a plateful of her delicious peanut butter cookies. On the paper it wrote: I seen a person dressed in all black leave the building. I could not see their faces, but I’m pretty sure that it was a woman, because she wasn’t very tall, and they walked like a woman. She was also carrying a bloody axe. ‘I need to talk to her as soon as possible. Maybe she remembers something else from that night.’ I say to myself, before the captain walks in. Man, he should learn how to knock, I think to myself before closing the file and putting it away before he sees.

‘Hey Sam, how are you today?’ asks the captain as he sits down on the chair in front of my desk.

‘I’m fine…why?’ I ask. Ever since my wife’s murder, the captain has been worrying about me and checking in on me to make sure I was alright.

‘I just know what Friday is…and just wanted to see how you were doing,’ he says as he looks at the file box sitting on my desk. Oh man, I’ve been caught; I might as well confess what I was doing with Chelsea’s box, I think to myself before talking.

‘I’m fine, I’m just looking through Chelsea’s case file, that’s all,’ I confess. The captain looked to the box and the file folder lying on my desk.

‘Sam, we went through everything, and we couldn’t find anything about the murderer or the murder weapon,’ explains the captain trying to get me to forget the whole thing.

‘I know, but I need to talk to Mrs. Edwards again, I think maybe she has more on the subject,’ I explain to him.

 The captain sighs before scratching his bald head, and removing his glasses. ‘Sam look, I know that Chelsea was your wife and it’s going to be thirteen years this Friday, but take it from me, please let it go before you go crazy,’ pleaded the captain. I put my elbows on my desk, and learned my chin on my thumbs before speaking.

‘I have to find my wife’s killer. I can’t sleep knowing that their still out there,’ I say. The captain then stood up, and put his glasses back on, and his arms to the side.

‘Alright, but please do this on your own time,’ the captain says before Kelsey busted through the door, scarring them. ‘Jesus! What is it?’ asks the captain after he jumped.

‘It’s Mr. O’Neil, one of the other police officer’s found his body in the trunk of their cop car,’ Kelsey says quickly. There was dead silence after she had said this; you could hear a pen drop. The captain stood there with his mouth opened, and I lay my arms down on my desk, with my mouth open. Mr. O’Neil was dead?’ I thought to myself.

‘Alright, I’m on the way! Tell them not to touch anything until I get there!’ orders the captain quickly. Before Kelsey left she tells the captain ‘yes sir,’ and quickly went back to the crime scene. I quickly stand up to go with the captain, but he stops me half way to the door.

‘What? He was my partner, and I need to see what happened!’ I say quickly.

‘Yes, I know that he was your partner, and that’s the reason why you can’t go. Sam, I need you to take a week off, with all of this happening, and the anniversary coming up, you need a little break,’ orders the captain.

‘But I don’t want to take time off! I-

‘No buts! You’re taking time off, and that’s that! Don’t worry, you will still get paid for the week!’ orders the captain before rushing off to go to the scene. I was left alone in my office. I turn and look at Chelsea’s box.

‘A week off…..what am I suppose to do?’ I ask myself, before walking over, and cleaning up my things before leaving.


I was a woken from a peaceful dream. I was with Chelsea, and it was just like old times. I was a woken by my phone ringing. I slowly reach over to pick up the hand held, and answer the call. I was lying face up with my eyes closed. ‘Hello?’ I say in a groggy voice.

‘Sam, this is Rachelle. Can I come over…this is urgent!’ Rachelle says quickly. Before answering, I look at my alarm clock, and it read six a.m. She wants to come over now?

‘Can it wait till later?’ I ask tiredly. I was up all night looking at my wife’s file.

‘No Sam! It’s important!’ yells Rachelle into the phone. I had to hold the hand set away from my ear.

‘Alright, I guess you leave me no choice,’ I say as I sit up in bed.

‘Ok, I’ll be over in a few,’ says Rachelle before hanging up the phone. I hand up the phone when I hear the tone. I tiredly get up out of bed, and get showered, and dressed. When I walk into the bedroom, wearing my jeans and just a blue t-shirt, and in my bare feet, I seen all the evidence sprawled out on Chelsea’s side of the bed, along with her file. I quickly gather all the things up, and slide the box underneath my bed, before Rachelle rings the doorbell. Ugh! She always comes at a bad time. So, I quickly answer the door to get this over with. ‘Oh Sam! The scene was horrible last night!’ says Rachelle sadly as she walks in without being asked. I close the door with an annoyed look on my face.

‘What scene?’ I ask when I turn to look at her in her uniform.

‘The Mr. O’Neil scene; Oh Sam, it looked just like Chelsea’s scene, and the captain says that Mr. O’Neil was killed with an axe, just like Chelsea was,’ Rachelle says quickly and panicky. She sat down on the couch before she I spoke.

‘Did they find the weapon?’ I ask.

‘No,’ replies Rachelle. I start to think to myself. The two cases have to be related, because they both where murdered by an axe, and the axe was never found.

‘Don’t you think?’ Rachelle asks. She must’ve been talking when I was thinking, because that’s all I heard. Man, I do hate this woman.

‘What? Sorry, I was thinking,’ I say still standing.

‘I asked if you thought that the murderer is back, since it is Chelsea’s anniversary on Friday,’ says Rachelle.

‘Mhmm…never thought of that,’ I say as I cross my arms and tap my mouth with my pointer finger as I thought.

‘Well, I better get going. I’m going to be late for my shift,’ says Rachelle as she looks at her phone. When Rachelle stood up, I remember that her name was on the witness list in Chelsea’s file.

‘Before you go…I have to ask you a question,’ I say before Rachelle reaches the door. She stops to turn toward me.

‘Yes,’ she says as she crosses her arms.

‘I was looking through Chelsea’s files yesterday, and your name was on the witness list. I was just wondering, why it was on there?’ I ask. Rachelle looks at me as if she was searching for an answer to the question.

‘Oh yeah, I used to live in this building, and on this floor. I thought I seen someone that I didn’t recognize that night, but I was mistaken,’ she explains to me.

‘You used to live here?’ I ask. I didn’t remember seeing her on this floor when we moved in.

‘Yeah, I used to live beside Mrs. Edwards; she’s a sweet old woman, and I talked to your wife a couple times, she seemed nice,’ Rachelle explains.

‘Ok, that’s all I needed to know,’ I say, before Rachelle walks out, and I lock the door behind her.

I had a feeling that Rachelle was hiding something. If she had talked to Chelsea, then why did I not run in to her? And why would she ask if that was Chelsea in the wedding photo, if she had seen her before? And she used to live next to Mrs. Edwards, ‘I’m going to have to talk to her today,’ I say to myself as I walk into the kitchen to make some coffee. 

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