The Ax by: Stacey Bell *Completed*

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 11, 2012




Chapter 4

‘Hello?’ asks the captain on the other end.

‘Captain, I have new evidence for my wife’s case,’ I explain to him getting to the point.

‘What did you find?’ asks the captain sounding eager to know what the evidence is.

‘It’s my wife’s wedding ring. My neighbor had it all these years, and there seems to be traces of blood, and a piece of hair on the ring as well,’ I explain to the captain as I pick the Zip lock bag up from my lap and look at the ring.

‘Alright, bring the ring in first thing in the morning, that way we can get it processed and catch the killer,’ explains the captain.

‘Will do,’ I say and hang up the phone. When I sit up on the couch, I lay the bag down on my notebook, and look at the TV clock on my dvd player. The clock read seven thirty. ‘Oh no, I’m going to be late,’ I say before getting up from the couch and quickly get ready.


Thirty minutes later, right on eight o’clock, Kelsey knocks on my door. I do some last minute touches on my hair, and quickly walk out. I learned from dating Chelsea, that you never keep a girl waiting for too long. ‘Hey,’ smiles Kelsey when I open the door.

When I open the door and look at Kelsey, I see that she’s wearing a black sparkly dress that comes to her knees, with black high heels. She has her hair down straightened, in fact, she looks really pretty. ‘You look pretty,’ was all I can get out as I look her up and down. She took my breath away when I opened the door.

‘Thank you,’ she smiles before adding. ‘You don’t look too bad yourself,’ she finishes. Really? All I am wearing are a pair of tan pants with black dress shoes, and a nice dress shirt. I think to myself, but I be polite anyways.

‘Thank you,’ I say.

‘You ready? I have a reservation for eight thirty,’ she says as she checks her gold watch on her wrist.

‘Yeah, I’m ready,’ I say as I grab my apartment keys on the stand beside the door, locking the door, and walking out.


As we reach the restaurant, I see that it was very nice on the outside. Kelsey had to park her silver Volkswagen beetle on the curb, because the restaurant didn’t have any parking lots. When I get out of the car and close the door, I look up at the name and it reads Grameroy Tavern. I actually heard of this place, its suppose to have really good food. I was going to take Kelsey there when we moved here, but we never had the chance. ‘Come on Sam,’ Kelsey says as she waves me in by the doors.

When we walk in, I look around and see that it was a rustic yet elegant setting. The waiter walks over asks us how many there are, and grabs two menus, and shows us to our seats. To my surprise, the restaurant wasn’t that packed. There was maybe a few people sitting up front and apparently, there are no people sitting in the back. The waiter sits us down in a booth, and hands us our menus. ‘What would you like to drink?’ the waiter asks in a famine voice. I look up at him, as Kelsey says diet pepsi. As I look up at the young kid, who had to be at least nineteen, he has a boyish face with short brown hair, he was skinny to. ‘For you sir?’ the waiter asks me in that femine tone.

‘Oh um…I’ll have a bottle of Budlight,’ I say. The waiter writes the drinks down.

‘Ok, I’ll be right with your drinks,’ he says before walking away.

‘So, have you found anything new on your wife’s case?’ Kelsey asks as she looks through the menu. I look up from my menu with confuse eyes. How did she know I was looking in to my wife’s case? Kelsey looks up at me, because I haven’t answered her yet, and she notices the confuse look on my face. ‘I seen your name written on the evidence room sign up sheet for Monday, and I notice that your wife’s evidence box was missing,’ she explains and then goes back to looking at her menu. I already know what I want, so I lay the menu down to go and explain to her, but the waiter walks over with our drinks.

‘Do you know want you guys want?’ asks the waiter as he held the paper pad and pen ready to write. Kelsey and I both say yeah at the same time.

‘Kelsey, you can go first,’ I motion to her.

‘Ok,’ she smiles at me before turning toward the waiter and ordering. ‘I’ll have the chicken Alfredo with broccoli,’ she orders before closing the menu and lying it on top of mine. The waiter looks at me when he finishes writing.

‘You sir,’ the waiter says.

‘I’ll have the steak well done with a baked potato,’ I explain to the waiter.

‘Ok, that should take a couple of minutes,’ he says before grabbing the menus, then quickly walks away. I take a drink of my beer, before sitting it down on the table to explain to Kelsey what I have found.

‘So, I went to my neighbor today, Mrs. Edwards, and I asked her a few questions and she told me that the murderer was definitely a woman, and she had also handed me a ring, that was Chelsea’s that someone dropped on the floor. I examined it a little bit, and the ring had some blood with hair on it, so I’m taking the ring to the police station tomorrow, so they can process it,’ I finish explaining as I drank the rest of my beer.

‘That’s good, I hope you catch the killer,’ Kelsey says with a smile.

‘Me to,’ I say. ‘Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom,’ I say before getting up, and walking towards the bathrooms. At my age, drinking just that little bit, makes me have to pee.


Mrs. Edwards point of view:

I was sitting in my recliner, in my pink night gown, and pink slippers, with my hair in curlers and reading a book, in silence, when I hear someone knocking on my door. I look at my clock on the wall, and it read nine-thirty. ‘Who will be knocking at this time of night?’ I ask myself as I lay my book down on the stand next to my recliner and slowly get up to answer the door.

When I open the door, the person was dressed in all black and had a black hood covering their face, except for their eyes, and mouth. ‘What are you doing?’ I ask, my eyes wide with fear and my voice sounding scared. The person didn’t talk, but charges at me with the axe in their hands. I went to run before turning around, but I stumble into the stand beside the couch, knocking the lamp over and breaking it when the lamp hit the floor. I then fall on the floor, as I see the person leaning the axe against the wall, before rushing over and getting on top of me. I could not move, no matter how hard I try. I try to fight them off, but the person grabs my arms and I couldn’t get free.

‘WHERE IS THE RING?!’ the person yells at me. The person was definitely a girl, because her voice sounds like a girl.

‘I’m not telling you!’ I yell back at her. When she hears me yelling at her,  she let go of my ar long enough to slap me across the face, making my nose bleed and then grab my arm again.

‘TELL ME WHERE IT IS!’ she yells at me again. I could taste the blood running from my nose and into my mouth. Maybe if I tell her, she will let me go, I think to myself.

‘It’s at Sam’s apartment,’ I finally confess. There was silence for a few minutes, when the woman gets up, and walks slowly over to the axe, I couldn’t do anything, because I had to catch my breath from her sitting on me. I finally look up, to see the woman grab the axe, and walk over to me. ‘Please, no,’ I beg as I put one hand up in front of me to try and stop her.

‘I don’t care how much you are going to beg, you’re going to die, because you might’ve gave me away with that ring,’ says the woman, before lifting the axe up over her head as she grasps it with both hands, and slamming the axe into my stomach, killing me.


About an hour later, my phone rang. Kelsey and I are walking to her car as it rang. ‘Hello?’ I ask after pulling the phone from my pants pocket.

‘Sam, I don’t know if you know this woman or not, but she lives in your apartment,’ says the captain.

‘What’s her name?’ I ask.

‘Mrs. Edwards,’ replies the captain.

‘Yeah I know her…what happened?’ I ask sounding worried.

‘Sam, she has been murdered, and it’s pretty gruesome,’ replies the captain. I pause; I couldn’t talk because some had just killed the only woman that I could trust in my building.

‘Alright, we’ll be there right away,’ I finally manage to say, before hanging up the phone and telling Kelsey what was going on.


When we arrive at the apartment building suplex, I quickly get out of the beetle and run upstairs, thinking to myself…this can’t be happening. 

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