The Ax by: Stacey Bell *Completed*

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Chapter 5

When I arrive at the apartment, the living room is splattered with blood. I walk in, and see Mrs. Edwards body lying on the living room floor, her body covered in blood. The stand beside her couch is broken. Mrs. Edwards’s body was cut ten times. The captain walks over to me, as I stare at her body in disbelief. ‘I’m sorry about this Sam,’ the captain says sympathetically, as he puts his hand on my shoulder.

‘Do they know anything about the scene?’ I ask. I was passed the sadness stage, and feeling angry. Who would do this to Mrs. Edward’s, she was the sweetest person ever, I think to myself.

‘The woman was murdered with an axe, but they didn’t find the weapon, and they didn’t find no finger prints, or anything to get us a subject,’ explains the captain. When he explains this to me, I remember the ring that had the killers blood and hair on it, lying in my apartment on the coffee table, so I run pass the captain, and Kelsey, who was standing by the door way texting, and run over to my apartment.

As I arrive at my apartment, I see that the door is propped open about a couple inches. I slowly push open the door, to see that my apartment had been ransacked. I rush over to the coffee table to see if the ring was still there, but it was gone. I kick the stand with anger, sitting beside my flipped over couch, and it lands on the floor.

Everything is everywhere; whoever it was, has knocken down my big flat screen television, which was broken and lying on the floor. I walk over and pick up a picture frame that was lying on the floor, and see that it was a picture of Chelsea, but the glass was broken. The bookcase I had was lying on the floor with books scattered everywhere. As I go to sit down on the floor, I notice a note lying on the flipped over coffee table. I walk over and pick the piece of paper up, the note was written in red ink.


How do you feel about all the people that you love being taken away from you, like I had me? I had to kill Mrs. Edwards, because she knew too much, and you will never see that ring again. Oh, and a big surprise is coming; you didn’t think I would forget about your wife’s anniversary this Friday.

P.s. If you loved Kelsey that much, you would stay away from her, unless you want her to die to!

I look to see if the killer has signed the note, but they didn’t. But how did they know about the ring? The only three people that new about the piece of evidence was, Mrs. Edward’s (who was now deceased), the captain, and Kelsey (who I just told at dinner tonight), I think to myself. ‘Sam, what happened?’ asks the captain as he walks in, and looks at my things scattered everywhere.

‘The killer was here!’ I say angrily, as I hand the captain the note I just read. The captain reads the note. Kelsey walks in as the captain is reading the note, and asks the same question.

‘The killer was here, and left Sam a note,’ says the captain before handing the note to Kelsey for her to read. ‘Sam, I’m going to put a police car out front of your apartment, and Kelsey’s house,’ he says as he went to dial a number on his phone, but I stop him.

‘No, I don’t want a police car out front. If they want to come, let them come, because I want to know who it is, but put a car out front of Kelsey’s house,’ I say to the captain.

‘Alright,’ says the captain as he went off to make the phone call, leaving Kelsey and I alone.

‘Sam, I think you should stay at my house. It’s not safe for everyone to be split up,’ suggests Kelsey.

‘I don’t know Kelsey, the killer knows your name, and they might come after you,’ I say caringly. I know I said before that I wasn’t going to fall in love again, but I think something is happening here. I really do care about this woman, as much as I did Chelsea, but I still love my wife. Kelsey touches my arm gently, her touch was warm and comfortable.

‘I don’t care, let them come,’ she smiles at me. I think for a moment, maybe it would be safer for us two to be together under one roof, I could always sleep on the couch.

‘Alright,’ I finally give in. ‘Just let me grab some clothes.’

‘Oh, grab some nice clothes for tomorrow, because Mr. O’Neil’s funereal is then,’ she says before I walk in my room to start packing.

A lot of things has happened in the last couple days. Yesterday, which was Monday June 4th, my partner was found murdered and now his funereal is tomorrow, and tonight, Tuesday June 5th, my neighbor was just murdered, I think to myself as I pack. When I finish packing, I sit on the bed, and just take in the quietness. I miss when it was quiet. After a few minutes of sitting there, I decide to get up, and grab my suitcase, and walk out where Kelsey was waiting on me to leave.


As we arrive at her house, I grab my things, get out of the car, and close the door. Kelsey had pulled into her driveway, and parked. When I look at Kelsey’s house, it was small enough for one person. The outside was brick, with a shingle roof.

When we walk in, the living room was small enough for a couple of people to sit in. ‘I know it’s small, but it’s only me here,’ says Kelsey as she takes off her shoes, before walking in. I do the same thing. ‘So the house isn’t every big, so I’m sure you won’t have any problem finding your way around,’ she smiles at me from the couch.

‘The house is fine,’ I says as I look around to take in my surroundings.

‘Ok, you can sleep on the couch, I have some cover for you in my room,’ says Kelsey, before going and getting them. I put my suitcase beside the couch, before sitting down. Kelsey walks out five minutes later, with a white sheet, and a flowered comforter. ‘Sorry about the flowers,’ she says as she hands me the linens and I take them and sit them beside me.

‘That’s fine,’ I say. Kelsey looks at the DVD player clock, and it reads eleven o’clock.

‘We should be getting to bed since we have to be at the funeral by ten,’ she explains.

‘Ok, thanks for letting me stay here,’ I say politely.

‘No problem,’ says Kelsey as she smiles at me. ‘Well, I’m off to bed,’ she says, when I tell her goodnight, and she walks to her bedroom, and closes the door. I get in my suitcase, get undressed, and find a pair of flannel pj pants that Chelsea got me for Christmas one year, puts them on, fixes my bed on the couch, and lie down.

I lay there for about half hour just thinking about everything that has happened, until I drift off to sleep. 

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