The Ax by: Stacey Bell *Completed*

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Chapter 6

Before I know it, Kelsey is shaking me awake. ‘Come on Sam, it’s nine o’clock, you have an hour to get ready,’ she tells me as she quits shaking me, because she sees me open my eye’s slowly. As I slowly open my eyes and see her standing in front of me. She is already dressed in a long black dress to about her knees, and black high heels with her hair in curls and a ponytail.

‘Ok, I’m up,’ I say tiredly as I whip the flower cover off of me, and slowly sit up.

‘I’ll go start the coffee as you get ready,’ Kelsey says as she walks off to the kitchen as her high heels make a click-clock noise as she walks. I get up tiredly and root through my suitcase for my nice pair of black dress pants, a black buttoned up dress shirt, and some nice black dress shoes. I walk to the bathroom, with my clothes in my hands, and gets dressed.

Kelsey has the coffee already poured and already to go when I enter the kitchen. The kitchen is small like the living room and is decorated in roosters. I sit down at the table, and start to drink my coffee out of my mug. Kelsey is standing as she drinks hers. ‘We only have a few extra minutes to spare, because we have to leave,’ she says when she sits her mug down on the counter and checks her phone for the time. It was almost nine-thirty.

‘Alright; I’m almost done,’ I say as I finish all of my coffee, get up, and put the mug in the sink. ‘Ready?’ I ask.

‘Yep, just waiting on you,’ Kelsey smiles.


When we arrive at the funeral, there are a lot of people here. His wife and two children (the boy, who is about thirteen, and the daughter, who is about eleven); I walk up to Mr. O’Neil’s wife to pay my respects. She is standing beside the wooden casket with each child standing on the sides of her holding their hands. Mrs. O’Neil is wearing a black skirt to her knees, a black dress shirt with black high heels. She is wearing a black hat with a vail over her face, and she is crying, along with the children. The boy is wearing a black suit, with black dress shoes, and the daughter is wearing a black dress with black high heels. ‘Mrs. O’Neil, I’m so sorry for your loss. He was a very good man and partner,’ I say sadly.

‘Thank you,’ Mrs. O’Neil cries. The captain walks over to us. He is wearing his police uniform with white gloves.

‘I’m sorry for your loss,’ says the captain sadly to the wife. ‘Sam, I need to speak with you,’ the captain whispers to me.

‘Ok,’ I say before we walk outside away from everyone.

‘So, I see that you and Kelsey are getting closer,’ says the captain as he gets into his pants pocket and pulls out a Marlboro Red pack with a blue lighter and lights up a cigarette. I put my hands in my pockets before speaking.

‘Yeah, but I’m still in love with Chelsea. How can I date someone else if I’m still in love?’ I ask as I see the captain take a hit of his cigarette and blows smoke out of his mouth.

‘Don’t worry, that will all eventually pass,’ the captain says to me.

‘But how do you know for sure?’ I ask him. I look over and see Kelsey talking to one of her friends. She looks beautiful in the sun light as it bounces off of her hair.

‘Because you will know when the time is right to move on,’ says the captain before finishing his cigarette and stomping it out on the ground. ‘Now come on, I think the funeral is starting,’ says the captain as he puts his hand on my shoulder and we walk into the funeral home.


After the funeral is over, Kelsey and I pile into her Beetle, and drive off to her house. (The insurance man won’t be to my house till tomorrow morning.) ‘The funeral was nice,’ says Kelsey as we walk in to her house.

‘Yeah, it was,’ I say as I sit down on the couch and she sits down beside me. Mr. O’Neil’s funeral brings back the memory of my wife’s funeral, and I just lose it. I can’t hold in the tears anymore.

‘What’s the matter?’ asks Kelsey with a worried look on her face, and sadness in her voice.

‘All these murders, and the funeral today, it just brings back the day when I buried my wife,’ I cry as I look at Kelsey with tears rushing down my face, and she puts her hand on my back for comfort.

‘I’m sorry Sam, I really am, I don’t know what to say,’ Kelsey says as she looks at me with sad eyes. It’s quiet for a few minutes before I lean in and kiss her passionately. When we stop kissing, we pull away from each other, before leaning in and kissing again.

When I kiss Kelsey, it reminds me of the first time I kissed my wife. The kiss was like heaven, I could kiss Kelsey all day. ‘I think we should take this to the bedroom before it goes any further,’ says Kelsey in between kissing.

‘Alright,’ I say as I kiss her neck, stand up, take her by the hand, and walk her to the bedroom.


As I lay there staring at Kelsey as she slept, all I can see was Chelsea. I knew now that I definitely love Kelsey, but I just need to find out who killed my wife. Maybe if I find my wife’s killer, then I can move on.

Just then, my cell phone goes off, so I hurry to reach it from the night stand beside Kelsey’s bed, and see that it is a text message from an unknown number. So I click on the message so I can see the message.


I warned you to stay away from Kelsey, now you gotten in too far.

-the killer

I am furious when I finish reading the text message. How did the murderer get my number and who is it? So, I text them back.


Who is this? And you better stay away from Kelsey.!

-The Killer


You don’t tell me what to do and you should be getting your surprise in the mail tonight, and since you’re staying at Kelsey’s house, it will be in her mailbox.

-The killer

I wrote them back after reading the message.

-The killer,

How do you know where Kelsey is and her address? I want to meet up to find out who you are and why you killed my wife.


-The killer,

Believe me Sam, you will know soon enough. This conversation is over.


I didn’t write them back. Instead, I close my phone, get up from the bed gently, being careful not to wake Kelsey, and get dressed. Maybe if the killer texted my phone, I could get them to pinpoint where it was from.

After getting dressed, I leave Kelsey a note telling her everything about the text messages and explaining what I am going to do, grab her car keys, and drive to the police station. 

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