The Ax by: Stacey Bell *Completed*

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Chapter 7

When I arrive at the police station, I put my cell phone into my pocket, and rush up to the captain. The captain is in his office sitting in his chair, looking at a case as I bust through the door. ‘Captain!’ I yell as I pant out of breath, because I was running up to the captain’s office.

The captain drops his file folder on to his desk, removes his glasses, and looks up at me, as I pant. ‘What is it?’ asks the captain with a confused look on his face.

‘The killer just sent me text messages to my phone! You can trace them can’t you?!’ I ask as I quickly stroll down t find the messages that the killer sent me. The captain quickly gets up from his chair, rushes over to me, and grabs the phone to look at the number and messages.

‘It’s from an un known number. It may take them a couple days, since it’s from an un known number, and they are backed up in the lab,’ explains the captain as he looks at me.

‘A couple days?!’ I yell. The captain puts his hands out to motion me to calm down.

‘Please Sam, calm down. Yes, it’ll take a couple of days, but I’ll try and put a rush on it,’ says the captain before he rushes out to take my phone to the lab.

I take a seat to wait for the captain to come back. I haven’t really got to take a look around his office, so I take the time to do this now, as I am alone, sitting in the chair in front of his desk.

As I began to look around, I notice to my left that there was a book case full of books, mostly for law and some forensics books as well. The bookcase is five shelf’s tall, one’s that you can buy at any store. On the wall behind his desk are a couple of degrees from universities. There is one from Harvard Law, and University of Phoenix. This one is interesting to me, because Chelsea had also in rolled at the University of Phoenix as well. On my right side is just a water cooler and some plants.

I turn to face the front and see the captain’s desk. There is a computer sitting on one corner, the file that the captain was looking at when I came in sitting in the middle, a telephone on the other side, and the captain’s golden name plate sitting in the front of the desk, so everyone can read his name when they walk in which reads Captain Richard Brown on the plate.

As my attention goes back to the University of Phoenix degree, I begin to wonder if he knew Chelsea, since she went there before we had gotten married, but probably not, because she was way younger than him. When I finish my thought, the captain finally walks in, closes the door, and walks over behind his desk to sit down. ‘I tried to put a rush on the phone, buy they are just too backed up, but you should have it back within a couple of days,’ explains the captain as he looks at me.

I can’t believe it’s going to take till Friday to get a trace, I think to myself. ‘Alright,’ I say depressingly.

‘I’m sorry that I can’t get it any faster, but I want to catch Chelsea’s killer as much as you do,’ says the captain as he leans on his desk with his arms.

‘That’s alright,’ I say.

‘So, anything new between you and Kelsey?’ asks the captain changing the subject. I decide to tell him what happened when we got to her house after the funeral.

‘Well, I kind of slept with her after the funeral,’ I explain to him. There is silence for a few minutes.

‘Do you love her?’ The captain asks me.

‘Yes, I’m afraid I do, but I still love Chelsea, ‘ I say.

‘Of course you do, she was your wife,’ says the captain.

‘But what am I suppose to do? I’m in love with Kelsey, and I’m still in love with my wife who has passed, will I ever move on?’ I ask the captain sadly. Ever since Chelsea died, the captain was like a father to me, helping me through everything.

‘Sam, you will move on, it just take time, meeting Kelsey is what’s going to make you move on,’ says the captain.

‘I hope so; I mean I love Chelsea, and will always love her, but I need to move on, because it’s killing me not to,’ I explain to the captain.  

‘Listen Sam, this is normal to feel this way after meeting someone when your spouse dies, but it will pass, and you will feel a whole lot better,’ says the captain to me reassuringly.

With this said, I look at the round clock on the wall to my right, and it read nine o’clock. ‘I better get going, Kelsey will be worried,’ I say as I get up from the chair. The captain also gets up to walk me out.

‘I should have your phone ready in a couple days,’ says the captain as we walk out in to the hallway. Rachelle walks up when she sees us standing there.

‘What about your phone?’ she asks me.

‘The killer texted him today, and now we can trace the text messages,’ explains the captain before I could stop him. Rachelle looks at me with a stunned look.

‘Really?’ she asks.

‘Yup,’ I say noticing the look on her face.

‘Well, I better get going, I’m going to be late for my shift,’ says Rachelle before looking at her watch, and walking off. I tell the captain ‘see ya later’ before walking out and driving to Kelsey’s house.


When I arrive at her house, it is about ten o’clock. I walk in and I smell something coming from the kitchen, Kelsey is making me something to eat. I take my shoes off at the door, and walk into the kitchen. Kelsey is in her black silky pajamas as she is making spaghetti. She looks so beautiful. As she is making spaghetti, I walk up behind her, and wrap my arms around her stomach, to gently hug her. ‘Hey,’ I say as I kiss her cheek.

‘Hey,’ she says back, as she mixes the spaghetti in with the sauce. ‘I read your note, and decided to make you something to eat,’ she says as I sit down to wait on the food.

‘Good, I’m starving,’ I say.

‘Did you find out anything about the text messages,’ asks Kelsey as she puts the pan in the middle of the table with a spoon, before sitting down. I take a couple of scoops full before answering.

‘I won’t get my phone back for a couple of days,’ I say as I eat, and Kelsey gets some spaghetti.

‘A couple days?’ asks Kelsey.

‘Yeah, I guess they’re backed up in the lab,’ I say as I eat.

As I lay down my fork, I notice a manila envelope ling on the table with my name on it in black magic marker. I pick it up, before asking Kelsey. ‘What’s this?’ I ask.

‘I don’t know…it was in my mailbox,’ Kelsey replies as she eats.

Then I remember what the killer sent me in text message. ‘You will get a surprise in the mail tonight, and since you live at Kelsey’s, I will put it in her mailbox.’ I lay the envelope down and just stare at it. 

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