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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Chapter 8

I decide to open the envelope when Kelsey is at work. When I get up, make my coffee, and sit down at the table and just stare at the envelope. It is six in the morning, getting up early all your life for a job, your internal clock just decides it’s time to get up that early every morning, even on days off, and besides, the insurance man is suppose to be at my apartment around ten. I take a drink of my coffee in my mug, as I stare at the envelope lying on the table. ‘Just open it. Your going to have to sooner or later, and it might help you to solve your wife’s case, so you can move on,’ I say to myself as I stare at the envelope. I stare at it for a few more minutes, before taking it from the table, ripping it open, and dumping out the contents.

When I dump out the contents onto the table, I see some pictures, a letter, and a tape, that is in the hand held recorder. There is also a file folder with Chelsea’s name on it, and some papers inside of the folder. Whoever the killer is, obviously went through all of this trouble to get me these things. I decide to pick up the pictures first.

When I pick up the pictures, and begin to look at them, I see Chelsea having coffee with the captain. I notice a date at the bottom of the picture, and it is dated 1997. What? A year before we even knew about the captain, Chelsea was having coffee with him, I think to myself. I grew angry and confused, because she had never told me about her meeting with the captain and confused, because how would she know the captain a year before we moved to New York? I flip through the pictures to the second one. This one is of me and my father before he was murdered, but why would the killer send me a picture of just me and my father? In the picture, my father is wearing his police uniform, and I am in my college graduation gown with my diploma in my hands. My dad had one arm around me as we smiled for the picture. I flip through the last picture, and it is a picture of my father’s killer. It is a picture of an old man with a white beard and white hair in an orange jump suit. I don’t understand and these pictures and why the killer would send me them? I lie the pictures down and pick up a letter that is written from the killer. It reads:

Dear Sam,

Enclosed in the envelope are the following:

1): Three pictures

2). A tape recorder with a tape

3). A file folder with Chelsea’s name on it with papers inside.

Now you must be wondering why I have sent you these items. Well, all these items are linked to finding the killer. Who the killer is, is up to you to find through these items that I have sent you. Since today is Thursday, you have to midnight on Friday, which is tomorrow to find out who the killer is.

P.S. I’m sure that you will be a bit surprised at what you discover.

-The Killer

Great, I only have a day to go through all these items to find out who my wife’s killer is, I think to myself.

First thing I do, is look at the rooster clock that is on the wall in front of me. It reads six thirty, so I still had some time to look through everything. I know one thing already, is that I’m going to have to talk to the captain about Chelsea, and the photo. I finish my coffee, go and grab another cup, sit down, and open the file.


Kelsey is sitting at her desk doing some paper work on the computer, when someone busts through the front door of the police station with a ski mask, and a gun pointed at her. The police stations is a little empty at this time, with everyone out doing their rounds. Kelsey quickly puts her hands up. ‘What are you doing?’ she asks scaredly with her hands up, and a scared look on her face.

‘You are coming with me!’ yells the woman as she holds the gun to Kelsey.

‘Why? I didn’t do anything,’ says Kelsey quickly with her eyes wide.

‘Yes you did! You got too close!’ yells the woman. The woman quickly rushes over to grab Kelsey, and puts handcuffs on her.

‘Please, let me go!’ pleads Kelsey.

‘No! I told you not too get too close, but you did, and you ruined the plan by getting too close!’ says the woman as she rushes Kelsey out the door.

‘Please! I didn’t get too close! I told you everything there is to tell!’ yells Kelsey. The woman opens the back door to a cop car in the parking lot. It is the only car parked there.

‘What about the phone?! You could of tole me that he was going to turn it in!’ yells the woman. Kelsey is leaning up against the cop car with the woman standing in front of her.

‘You texted him! You should of known that he was going to get it traced!’ says Kelsey.

‘But I was suppose to have someone helping me make sure he doesn’t do anything like that,’ says the woman angrily in Kelsey’s face.

‘Just please let me go, and I will get the phone for you,’ pleads Kelsey.

‘No need now, I already sent Sam what I needed to send him, so now he’s going to know everything,’ says the woman.

‘Then why are you mad at me, and have me in handcuffs?’ asks Kelsey.

‘Because, you didn’t stick to proceeder; you got in too deep, and now you must go,’ says the woman. Before Kelsey could say anything, the woman shoved her in the car, closes the door, rushes to the front, gets in, and starts the car, and drives off with Kelsey in the back.


I am looking through Chelsea’s file, when I see her back ground information. I begin to look through the information, and I see Chelsea’s maiden name which was Chelsea Lynn Brown (which sounds familiar to me, but just can’t pinpoint at the moment), Chelsea’s mom’s name which is Tabitha Ann Johnson (she is divorced), and then I notice Chelsea’s father’s name which I remember right away, and know why Chelsea’s last name seems familiar. Her father’s name is Richard Brown. I pause and just stare at her father’s name. Her father is the captain?

I have never met her father because Chelsea’s parents are divorced, and they never spoke of her father. Then that took me back to the University of Phoenix diploma that is on the captain’s wall. That must have been why Chelsea went to school there. She must have found out that her father went to school there, and that’s probably how she founded out where her father lived, since everyone knew him there. I then find the picture of her and her father having coffee. Why didn’t Chelsea tell me that her father is the captain and lived in New York City?

I want answers, so I pick up my phone, and dial the captain right away. ‘Hello?’ asks the captain after a few rings.

‘Captain this is Sam, I need to talk to you immediately, can you meet me at the police station right away?’ I ask not knowing if he’s there or not, and with urgency in my voice.

‘Yeah, I’m already here, you can come right away,’ says the captain sounding a little worried.

‘Alright, I’ll be right there,’ I say as I hang up the phone, gather my things, and catch a taxi to the police station so I can get some answers. 

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