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This is a sequel to the story Thank You Damien, unfortunately i couldn't find the content for that so i'll use this, it's about a senior who struggles with his family, his girlfriend, the people around him.

The story also displays love, trust, having fun when your young and not to forget the people around you.

Somethings you might not understand so i'll fill you in on it, Damien one of the main characters, was kicked out of his parents house when he was 15 but not for the reason you may think, his dad blew up at him for something he didn't do(plus his dad was drunk)so now Damien lives in the guesthouse. Alyssa's life isn't all to good either, her mom was killed in a car accident, her boyfriend was shot and with that her dad became an alcoholic which caused him to be abusive. Shortly Alyssa's sister Ashanti goes missing. Along with all the sadness and unfortuante events within their families Alyssa and Damien become close and help each other get through it...in the end though Ashanti comes back. I think that is all you need to know, if you don't understand something please do tell me.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Her.A.V. Prologue

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Submitted: May 05, 2013



Her. A. V.


How do you go from being the biggest loser in town, to being one of the most popular? Answer, go out with Alyssa Vendross. It’s not as simple as it sounds especially because she didn’t even know I existed. Just so you know, none of that was on my mind, I never would have thought that going out with A.V. would change my life. The only thing that went through my mind each day was, there she goes again the girl I’m in love with, but unlike that stupid Jonas Brothers song we weren’t just friends, I wasn’t even sure she knew who I was.

I loved her and I still do and I’m pretty sure I always will…and I don’t just love her because of the transformation before grade 7 (Okay even though I promised I would never bring this up again, I think you should know…before grade 7, Alyssa wasn’t exactly how you say pretty. She had braces, bushy eyebrows, and she was somewhat chubby, but this isn’t my opinion this is others…she was still popular then, just not pretty. Anyways puberty happened to her really early she lost the weight, got curvy, a chest, and she was tall, like a supermodel, oh and she lost the braces…A.V. was beyond pretty.) I love her for who she is and what she does.

I remember the day I became brave and confronted her just like it was yesterday.

– “You shouldn’t cry Alyssa, it won’t make anything better,” I said trying to sound convincing.

She looked up at me, actually she was very confused you could tell by the look on her face she was thinking who the hell are you but in the end she managed to force out a “huh?” At that moment I swear our eyes locked, she studied my face and then with all the power left in her said, “Who are you? Wait, I’ve seen you in bio, do we share any other classes? Why haven’t I noticed you before?”

She had the funniest look on her face in fact her voice was a bit bubbly, but then she stared into my eyes and one eyebrow rose. That’s when I realized we were looking at each other for a good 5 minutes.

“Damien; uh…bio, geo, science and math. It’s funny how you’ve never noticed me before, especially because you went out with my cousin…Chris,” I answered trying to sound casual, but every once in awhile my voice would crack, I don’t think she noticed she seemed stunned by something, if only I could hear her thoughts.

“Wait, Chris is your cousin? He’s told me about his whole family but he’s never mentioned you…actually I never did pay attention,” she somewhat replied gazing into my eyes, then she ruined the moment by rudely adding. “Anyways why are you wasting your lunch out here trying to comfort me? Go hang with your friends.”

Okay the first thing that came to my mind was tell her, tell her you have no one to lean on, tell her you are a loser. But I couldn’t do it, so I turned to walk away, if she was going to be all pissy I didn’t need to be around her. Okay so maybe that’s a lie but I couldn’t stay, but before I left she yelled “Wait!”

So I shot her a make-up-your-mind-should-I-stay-or-should-I-go look. Like come on, I couldn’t take these mood swings, God she needs a mood ring to indicate her feelings. I think she noticed I was somewhat fuming, because she said, “I’m sorry, I’m just not used to people comforting me, I’ve been pretty much a loner lately,” she explained.

“The ‘Great Alyssa Vendross’ is a loner? I don’t understand, you’re so beautiful and talented, why would you be alone?” I asked—I just decided to speak my mind, but it made her blush, I searched her face she obviously was hoping that I didn’t notice she was blushing but, I did. I’ve never made a girl blush…well except for that one girl but this actually matters. “Like I was saying earlier why are you crying?”

“You already know, the whole school knows, my life is finished, no mom, glutton for a dad and recently an emo sister I might as well end my life, there’s no point in living anymore,” she spat out. Whoa, I thought I had issues she was telling me her life was pointless, normally I would freak out if someone told me they were going to KILL themselves but there was this little voice in my head telling me no. That’s when I noticed she was silently crying, hoping I would just let it past but I couldn’t, I couldn’t just sit there watching this poor girl cry. I kept trying to open my mouth to say something comforting but nothing would come out so I acted first…I gently wiped the tears off of her face, yes that is what I did I somehow managed to touch her face.

“You know you’re wrong, right?” I finally said.


“There is, think of all the people who need you in their life. You are a role model to so many people in this school, Chris needs you, Raquel she’s your best friend…I think, and what about your sister she needs you the most. You know something else I’ll miss you the most, why you may ask, it’s because I’ve known you most of my life and every day when I see that wonderful smile of yours it makes me happy. You just do little things to help everyone, like when Anjela was failing calculus you tutored her until she was as good as you. That’s what makes people admire you. You’re crazy rich and only wear brand name clothing but you still help everyone out.” I explained spilling my inner thoughts out to her, my only hope was that she wouldn’t call me a stalker. She was blushing even more; my hand was resting on hers, I felt some sort of a spark, was that just me? Could she feel it too?

“No one has ever told me that before, am I really that important?” she asked trying to sound casual, the attempt was pathetic but at least she tried.

“Yes, you are…every Sunday when we have family dinner Chris constantly blabbers on about you, it’s actually quite annoying,” I assured her.

“Does Chris really talk about me? Wait, he’s the one that dumped me what the heck could he say?”

“Chris tells the whole family about you, from the day he met you and probably to the day he dies. We should all face it he’s madly in love with you; however I think he loves you as a sister.” I replied it was actually really annoying there was no minute in the day when he wouldn’t blabber about Alyssa. It’s always Ally this, Ally that…that kid loves her a lot more than a sister (so maybe I lied to her, but I so didn’t want them getting back together).

“Oh, okay.” She was shocked. Then she looked down at the ring on her finger, it was the ring her previous boyfriend gave her, ensuring that he would love her forever, obviously that didn’t last long.

Quickly changing the subject she pointed to her ring and said “There’s no point in wearing this anymore.”

“You could wear it in his honor,” I suggested. Another lie, I did not want her to wear that ring.


“May I borrow your necklace and the ring for a second?” I asked putting my hand out to her I had the most brilliant idea.

“Why? This is all I have left of both of them” she asked. By both of them I’m assuming she means her mom and Jordan, her deceased boyfriend.

"Just let…”

“Okay, fine,” she interrupted. She apparently has a thing for interrupting people.

I took the ring and put it on the necklace; I then got up and went behind her, lifted the hair off her back and put it around her neck. Out of the corner of my eye I could see people watching us, one of the many eyes was Chris’ he looked somewhat heartbroken but at the same time happy.

“Umm…thanks…uh excuse me…I need to use the restroom,” she stuttered, and then dashed out the cafeteria doors. Until this day I’m not so sure what I did, but I waited for her through the rest of the lunch, in fact I was late for Rathburn’s class, the worst class you could be late for, I got a 2 week detention starting the following week so I could change my work shifts.

That was only the beginning…I was actually cursed to being with Alyssa Vendross for a really long time. I hope you didn’t misunderstand that I like it but have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with your boyfriend or girlfriend? I wondered that everyday of my life…I never thought it would actually happen.

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