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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Her A.V. Chapter 10-Nice to Meet You

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Submitted: May 05, 2013



Nice to Meet You

I slowly walked back to my room breathing in and out slowly, what did I just do? I blew up at Alyssa, why? It all didn’t make sense in my head, I once worshipped Alyssa I was actually losing myself to her, but today I did something completely different I told her to get away from me.

I then started to laugh to myself, Sunday was going to be so funny, how was I going to go regain my fathers love, pretend Alyssa’s the love of my life and then act like everything was fine as if my life isn’t screwed up? I think not.

I was about to enter my room when Tiffany came up to me looking depressed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“It’s not me, it’s you…what’s going on with you and Alyssa?” she asked softly, she cared a lot because she knew if me and Alyssa broke up, that could mean Noel and me could stop being friends and I wouldn’t come over to her house.

“Nothing, I think we’ll get over it…it’s just when of those fazes couples go through,” I said in a neutral tone or as much as I could…why was I lying to Tiffany?

“Are you sure? I mean I would hate to see you two break up, but like I mean there is someone else right?” she asked.

“What? What do you mean someone else?” I asked in a really high voice, my voice was totally cracking.

“Well I have someone in my mind who you should be with…other than Alyssa that is but, don’t tell my cousin this but I like that girl way more than I do Ally,” She knew.

I started to laugh and then sat on the ground, where she joined me. “So this ‘girl’ is she pretty?”

“Very, plus she’s smart and nice,” she responded with a giggle.

“Oh, maybe I should meet her, you’ve got to introduce us one day,” I said with a wide grin.

“How about now?” she said getting up.

“Wait, she’s here?” I said giggling (yes giggling, guys can giggle too).

“Why yes Dame-yan,” oh yeah she knew only Alice said my name like that. “Be back in a sec”

I sat with my back against the wall smiling to myself, Tiffany was definitely nice, and a smart-ass I loved her.

She came back dragging Alice behind her, winked at me and then said, “Alice meet Damien.”

Alice laughed and said “Hi” giggled “What’s going on guys?”

“Tiffany here is introducing me to a very pretty girl, who is nice and smart,” I explained looking her in the eyes.

She blushed a deep red, Tiffany let go of her and left us alone. “Why thank you.”

She hesitated before sitting down beside me and then sighed. “We shouldn’t you know?”

I held her into me, my chin resting in her head and then whispered, “I know”

I could feel her heart beat, I could hear her breath, I felt every movement she made, and all of it stirred something deep inside me. There she was right beside me sitting in the dark innocently, and I just wanted to scoop her face up in my hands, stroke her hair and kiss her gently. I wanted Alice so bad, there were no words that could describe the things I felt for her.

She then moved her head into my chest and said “So why are we doing it?”

I sighed, but then started to laugh, for no apparent reason. “Do you want to be my date for prom?”


“I know it’s random but just a second ago, Alyssa pissed me off, like I mean I saw all sorts of things in her that I never did before and now I’m trying to figure out why I loved her so much,”

I breathed in for a second because I knew what I was about to say, might just make her hate me, but not like a bad hate a hate for loving her. “And the thing is today Tiffany pointed out that there is someone way better for me than Alyssa.”

She was about to say something but then paused, and I heard her she was crying. She then punched me in the arm, and said “You’re not allowed to like me!” With that she started to laugh.

I started laughing to it was funny, but it was kind of true, I wasn’t supposed to like her that way…it looked weird, she was an employee for my dad, my “girlfriends” enemy and well I don’t know how everyone would respond to it.

She stopped laughing and in a serious tone said “But the thing is I like you too Dame-yan.”

I chuckled at the way she said my name which is the reason why I asked the next question. “Alice I have a quick question…why do you always say my name as Dame-yan?”

“Because…because I, I kind of wanted a way to call you without making it obvious that I had a massive crush on you, but yeah, it won’t ever change though, I will always call you Dame-yan for as long as live,” she explained.

“Oh cool, that’s nice…anyways so prom is it a go?” I asked.
“Uh, sure let’s do it!”

After I said that all went quiet and we just sat there, me holding her into me, not ever wanting to move. I wanted to just there and kiss her gently without a sound. But something was stopping me and it was her, as weird as that might have sounded, we both wanted it bad but she kept pointing out that we shouldn’t do anything.

“We should get some rest; we do have school tomorrow after all,” she whispered.

I nodded, grabbed her wrist and dragged her into my room. As soon as we entered she locked the door behind me. Whoever made the first move I wasn’t sure, but I was glad someone did. We kissed in the corner of my room without a sound, in the black nothingness.

Everything felt so right, we stopped and just clung on to each other, not ever wanting to move, there was no force on this planet that could pull us apart. I put my hand in her hair, stroked her gently and said “yeah maybe we should get some rest.”

“No, not yet,” she said quietly.

Wait what? She was the one who wanted to go, why the sudden change?

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