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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Why Do You Love Me?

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Why do you Love me?

Everything felt so right, we stopped and just clung on to each other, not ever wanting to move, there was no force on this planet that could pull us apart. I put my hand in her hair, stroked her hair gently and said “yeah maybe we should get some rest.”

“No, not yet,” she said quietly.

Wait what? She was the one who wanted to go, why the sudden change?

“I mean we both know we don’t want to stop but…

“But what?” I was so confused. She was definitely right I didn’t want to stop.
“It’s not that I don’t trust you but the last time a guy told me he loved me, I ended up in his bed…and sure that doesn’t sound so bad but he only really wanted me for sex and that well taunts me every time I want a boyfriend…why, why do you love me?” she asked.

“Alice, from the moment I met you I noticed there was something special about you, after all you helped me to see my mom without getting caught, you cheered me up about Alyssa plus you made one of my favorite people love you.

“Also you’re as sexy as hell—she giggled and then blushed—you have a name for me, I’ve never felt that honored in my life…your way too nice, you make me laugh plus you’re just always so happy…Also you’re just one of those people where we would laugh and talk for hours….should I continue or do you-

“No that’s okay…so I guess it’s only fair why I should tell you why I love you…your mom what a nice lady she is, she adores you like a lot…it’s funny, well me and her would go visit the spa like once every week and she’d always talk about you, and you just seemed like a pretty nice guy I mean, any guy who could catch Alyssa Vendross under his spell, live on his own since he was 15 was a pretty good guy…sadly that’s when I started crushing on you I mean I never even knew you but every time she mentioned you I kept falling in love with you, but it always messed me up

“You were in love with the Alyssa Vendross and she was your girlfriend so there wasn’t even a chance and then one day your mom asked me to come to her office and everywhere was a picture of this well very hot guy, I asked her who it was and she said it was you

I looked at her and studied her face she was dead serious she had fallen in love with me.

“Am not like freaking you out am I?” she asked, nervously.

“Not even close,” I responded quickly. “Please do continue”

“Ok and then it happened that faithful day when you couldn’t meet your mom because of your dad—

That’s where I tuned her out I did remember that day it was not to long ago but it was imprinted in my head something that if I tried to forget it wouldn’t work.


“Oh, Damien!” exclaimed their house maid and my old nanny, Anita. “Your mama, in spa, and daddy on first floor, I don’t think you can see her today.”

“Oh, gee that’ll be hard, thanks anyway Anita,” I replied stroking my hair, I really wanted someone to talk to and going to see my mom would have been extremely dangerous. It was blood curdling when I thought of me getting caught and what the consequences would be. At that time all I could think about was seeing my mom and telling her what I had done.

“I think I can help,” suggested a young worker, probably my age, and she wasn’t Hispanic, the girl was white, I wonder why she works for my parents(soon to find out she would be the girl I couldn’t live without). “I’m supposed to have a meeting with your father later, but I can get him in the office and discuss what I wanted to with him now. Anita will come back to you in five to ten minutes, to say it’s safe to go.”

“What’s your name?” I asked; I needed to know there was something about her that I couldn’t grasp.


“Well thank you, Alice…you’re so kind, you should come over sometime…you do know where I live right?” I asked, I had not known where that had come from, but now as I look back on it, I think it was a sign of my heart telling me that I was falling for Alice.

“Yes, your mother talks about you constantly, she’s really kind, I can see why you love her so much…anyways I’ll come over soon, you’ll probably see me around,” she said knowingly and with that walked off. Who would’ve guessed I would be seeing her at school.


“And I guess the reason why I truly love you is because you make me happy in my pants, and I know it may sound weird to you but Damien every time I see you whether your pissed, sad or happy, something about you always brings delight to my heart and I fall in love all over again.

She looked at me and I just looked deeply into her eyes, I was seriously in love with her. She moved towards me and kissed me gently, but this kiss was different it had a whole different meaning to it. I actually felt lost; I caressed her face with my hands and kissed her back.

She licked her lips smiled and said… “Mmm Dame you taste good”

In a matter of seconds we were both in the bed clothes everywhere, I just kept kissing her she did the same we both wanted to go further but there was an obstacle blocking us. She stopped me and then shook her head.
“Did I do something wrong?” I asked quickly.

“No, no…it’s just that…I’m scared,” she said softly.

“You mean you never—

“No it’s not that, I have but…I’ve never had someone love me as much as you have, well ever…I mean when I look into your eyes I see something so much more than just lust but I see passion and love like you want to be there for me at all times,” she explained.

I turned onto my back and put her arm around her, we were done for the night, because honestly I was scared to. “I do want to be there for you,” I whispered in her ear.

“Thanks,” she said softly.

“For what?” I asked but not rudely.

“For everything, you made me able to trust people more, I was once afraid of guys, I won’t even lie…ever since my last time, I’ve been scared of all guys not even wanting to open up to them, but when I met you, I noticed there’s something way different about you…it was like you knew I was hurting and you wanted to help me, I don’t know if that makes any sense but it’s how I feel,” she explained, I never knew she was afraid of guys, but the thing that made me happy was I did something good for the past few days I had just been screwing up and she just told me I did something right for a change.

“No thank you, what you just said has just lit up my whole world a bit more and I thank you for that.”

“I love you” she whispered into my ear.

“I love you so much more”

And for a change I believed this was pure love because I think my love for Alyssa was just to gain popularity and to move away from the dark. But Alice wasn’t popular at all, no one really knew her, and I am willing to give up all my popularity for her.

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