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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Her A.V. Chapter 3-She Walked Away

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She Walked Away

It was completely different than I thought it would be, when Alyssa said we should shower together I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes off of her chest but it wasn’t even like that. We would just look each other in the eyes passionately, I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it was, both of us didn’t dare look down, it’s like there was some force stopping us from letting our hormones overtake us. Quite honestly I couldn’t care less what it was but she made showering really sexy, she could’ve had all her clothes on and I still would have been turned on.

I was so tangled up in my love towards Alyssa I completely forgot that Thomas was at my house and he was here to get away from Jason and Ashanti doing some stuff and it’s not like Alyssa and I were any better, I needed to go talk to him.

So I ran downstairs, he wasn’t there, I looked everywhere and just thinking how big my house is you would figure this took a good hour, well you’re right I just couldn’t find him so I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water to find a note on the table.

Was studying for test, got tired

So I went to bed in one of the rooms

See you tomorrow


All guys should write that well, but I feel kind of bad. Thomas was pretty much every girls’ dream yet not one girl would go out with him…his vocabulary was large but he only used it when necessary, god, if I was gay I’d have a crush on him. After I got the whole Alyssa thing under control, I was so going to find him a girlfriend, a decent one. So I ran back to my room, to find a post-it note on my door, you passed.

I knew it I had gut feeling that the shower had been a test thank God I didn’t look down. It was a clever test actually, I think I figured out what I passed, by not groping, fondling, feeling, squeezing et cetera, while we were showering this means she can trust me enough and will know I will not take advantage of her when she is unable to make her own decisions. Still I should have figured out it was a test, it’s Alyssa where talking about she has the “Alyssa Rules” which are stupid and smart at the same time two of which I broke on the first day of actually meeting her. The first rule I broke was under any circumstances no girl or boy can enter her room until after two months, not only did I enter her room, I slept in it, Chris almost broke me that day. The second rule I broke was under no circumstances can a boy kiss me, not until after 3 days of meeting him, she actually wanted me to kiss her though I remember it like it was only yesterday.

“Last night when you weren’t in the room Chris was saying something about how you have these rules, is it true?” I really wanted to know what the hell was up; did I have a crush on a freak?

“Well…yeah…for any person I meet there are some standards which they have to meet…one of them I broke for you…he probably mentioned it but the rule is under no circumstances a person cannot enter my room well not until after 2 months,” she explained. “You are an exception…because…technically I’ve known you since pre-k.” That was smooth she supported her reason no problem, but honestly at the time I was shocked because what did she see in me?

“Nice excuse, so can you tell me one of the rules, so I can’t break it,” I said quite sarcastically.

“How bought this NO boy can kiss me before 3 days,” she exclaimed.

Any boy who heard that knew they had to kiss her so that’s what I did, I kissed her and much to my surprise she kissed me back.

“What’cha thinking about Damien, you looked like you were stuck on some trig problem,” Alyssa said appearing before me in a tank-top and pajama short-shorts.

“About how I knew it was a test and how I broke two rules on the day I “first” met you,” I responded reminding her.

“Ah, yes that day, technically it was a day and a morning, I kissed you in the morning,” she replied with a grin.

“Okay, we should get to bed,” I suggested.

“Damien the night is young, you need to live a little,” she said jumping up and down.

“Sorry babe, I’ll live a little when you move in, I’m so tired…work was well tough,” I answered, which was true I had two girls stalking me, I’d have to tell her sooner or later that I worked at A&F. The only reason she never saw me there was because she did not like shopping, Chantel her personal shopper saw me everyday but she swore she’d never tell Alyssa.

“You know I actually have no idea where you work,” she exclaimed, great I guess the choice was sooner and not later.

“Oh, I work at A and F, isn’t that amazing?” is what I wanted to say, but no matter how hard I willed myself I ended up saying, “It doesn’t really matter does it?”

“Well yeah it does, I could get discounts and I want to see you work…plus I quit trying to figure out where you work, I’ve been to every fast food restaurant in Thornlea, in addition I also checked out the grocery stores and normal restaurants but you weren’t there.” She explained.

“Fine, I’ll tell you but didn’t it occur to you that maybe I work in a clothing store?” I asked kind of annoyed it’s like she expected little of me. There was no way I would work in a fast food restaurant or a restaurant in general, i hate grocery stores once being formally rich you can’t work that hard so A and F seemed like the perfect place for me.

“OH MY GOSH!!!!! I know where you work!!!” she exclaimed dropping her apple, stepping back with one hand pointing at me, and the other over her mouth.

“Gees, Vendross, Thomas is sleeping,” I said attempting to shush her, the key word being attempt.

“You see, I was in the mall with Drea, ‘cuz she needed someone and Eric was away, so we walked by A&F, she doesn’t shop there and Chantel already got my clothes but, I saw you Damien, I saw you. I took 10 takes and I begged my heart not to believe it, because well I didn’t think you’d work there and not tell me. But I also thought maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, your mom could be around the corner and you could be shopping with her…but you saw me too didn’t you? You stared at me for like a minute and wouldn’t let go of my gaze, why didn’t wave or anything? Why didn’t you tell me you worked there?” she blabbered, for one simple explanation she had a lot to say, but she was right I did see her and I began to panic what if she walked in and noticed that I wasn’t just shopping, and the biggest problem was I couldn’t stop staring at her.

“Yes, I work there. I panicked ok? I couldn’t wave because I didn’t want you to come in, come on think about Alyssa, what girlfriend would want her boyfriend to work at Abercrombie and Fitch?” I responded.

“None,” she answered coldly.

“Exactly, I wasn’t about to run out the store, embracing you and say ‘hey babe, I work at Abercrombie.’ There were so many times when I wanted to tell you, but then you’d do something so sweet or outrageous and I didn’t want to ruin the moment,” I explained.

“Okay,” it chilled to my bones the way she said it.

“Well, I’m gonna go to bed, are you coming?” I asked in hopes of her not being mad.

“Yeah, but I’m going to come soon, there’s something I gotta do,” she said still with iciness in her voice.

“Okay, hopefully, I’m still awake by then,” I said as I jogged into my room.

As I walked into my room I got an e-mail from Ashanti.

From: AshantiVendross@thornlea.edu
To: DamienWolfe@thornlea.edu
Date: May 16, 10:23 p.m.

It just came to my attention that the day before we eat at your dad’s house, it will be the anniversary of our mother’s death and she’s going to go crazy and by then she’ll be living with you, whatever you do, do not let her leave the house, she’ll try to leave the house at stage 2 or 3. Anways can you believe grad is almost here, in like what 10 days, sickness.

Well love you to death...you are officially now my big brother,

From: DamienWolfe@thornlea.edu
To: AshantiVendross@thornlea.edu
Date: May 16, 10:28 p.m.
Subject: STAGES WTF???? And same I can’t wait

There are stages, I guess your right I should be scared, uh…you do realize if I’m your big brother I would also be Alyssa’s big brother, that’s twisted on so many levels.

W.e. luv ya to death 2 little sis, Damien

Then she text me cuz I guess it was easier.

Ash2Damien: Naw, you can only be MY big brother not hers anyways ye it’s bloodcurdling, Dude I almost forgot me and Jason already packed her things, we’re sending over a truck load of things tomorrow
Surprisingly my dad was really cool about it, he was like, it’s about time she’s found some independence.

Damien2Ash: Sweet, I guess I can help her unpack

Ash2Damien: Yeppers expect Chantel is unpacking all the clothes and toiletries you can unpack like her journals and books that’ll be fun, it’s only one box you have to unpack by the time you come back from school everything will be fine.

Damien2Ash: Oh…okay, wait why am I unpacking her journals and books?

Ash2Damien: cuz that’s what I want you to unpack

Damien2Ash: You are really weird lil' sis

Ash2Damien: I know but you just got to love me, I wish we were friends before you started dating my sister

you really know how to make a persons life real happy

Damien2Ash: Really? Anyways she found out I worked at A&F

Ash2Damien: ooooooooooo I bet you everything she says sounds like ice

Damien2Ash: exactly…well I’m gonna go catch some z’s so tired way to much to handle today

Ash2Damien: I hear ya

Damien2Ash: so what’d you and Jason do? You’re still my little virgin right?

Ash2Damien: You know it, the farthest me and Jason has gone is just sleeping beside each other, I’m keeping myself clean, so if I were to die at a young age…say like 17 and they said she died a virgin and how clean and pure she was it would be true

Damien2Ash: you are way too weird, well that’s good, I wonder why Ally thinks you lost it

Ash2Damien: trust issues, long complicated story…u do know she lost it a long time ago right?

Damien2Ash: I guessed that, it’s really no surprise, it’s Alyssa we’re talking about

Ash2Damien: she hasn’t told you has she?

Damien2Ash: oh god, tell me what?

Ash2Damien: She’ll tell you, trust me

Damien2Ash: Fair enough

Ash2Damien: well Jason is getting annoyed that I’m paying more attention to you than to him, I can tell…it’s really funny, well love you Big brother Damien

Damien2Ash: I love you2, little sister Ashanti lmao we’re dorks but dorks are cool

Ash2Damien: You know it…

I think that was the longest text I’ve had in ages, I liked it though, talking to Ashanti really was like talking to my little sister, but Ashanti meant a lot to me, if she was in danger I would be the first one there to help her, ever since the incident, I’ve changed quite a bit. I re-read our convo and then remembered I had to go and find someone who would cover for me tomorrow for me at work.

Damien2Josh: hey, u should still be awake…uh can you cover for me tomorrow, I have to deal with my family and Alyssa

Josh2Damien: sure dude

Damien2Josh: thanks a million

Josh2Damien: no problem.

“Hey who are you talking to?” asked Alyssa as she entered the room.

“Well at first I was talking to your sister, well according to her I’m her big brother, and I just asked my co-worker Josh if he could cover for me, while I help unpack after school tomorrow,” I explained.

“One: gross you can’t be my sisters brother because that would mean you’re my “brother” and two: unpack what?” she replied.

“Your answer to one, I’m only her brother and no one else’s and to two, unpack your stuff,” I responded quickly.

“Unpack my what? I’MMOVINGINTOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!” she squealed. “Oh my gosh, I’m so psyched, who wouldn’t be psyched?” and with that she kissed me smack on the lips.

“You and your sister are like the weirdest people I know,” I said with a chuckle and then we both hopped into bed, playing footsy and just giggling like idiots, I liked it.

She didn’t walk away, the way I thought she would, I expected a lot more drama. Like her screaming at her dad to her go and that she would be laughing at how she left them behind…wow big difference.

All in all she did walk away which in some parts is good and some parts bad.

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