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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Her A.V. Chapter 4-Ashanti...Diary...Chris...WTF???

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Submitted: May 05, 2013




I feel asleep shortly after with Alyssa snuggled up beside me, it was really nice. Her skin touched my bare chest, which was all I needed to satisfy me, there was just one problem…one thing that was bothering me and probably wouldn’t leave my mind until I found out.She hasn’t told you yet? Ashanti’s text kept buzzing within my head. What the (trying not to swear) hell hasn’t she told me, should I be scared? Other than that I had a nice sleep, dreamt happy dreams, all was well.

“Wake up; we have to go, school starts in like 2 hours!” Alyssa squealed.

I groaned and rolled over so I was facing her and managed to say, “you can’t be serious, right, I never get ready for school until 8:30, why wake me up at seven, is there somewhere you have to be?”

“You are lazy, no I have no where to be, I just need to get ready,” she said quite calmly.

“So why the fuck do I have to wake up?” I exclaimed. Note I am a grumpy teenage boy who doesn’t want to wake up if it’s not necessary.

“Cuz I need someone to tell me how I look,” she said giggling…I found it quite hard to figure out what was so funny.

“No you don’t…just let me sleep…who honestly cares what you look like, you already no I don’t, I think you look fine all the time,” I responded sleepily, I was beyond pissed, you don’t just wake Damien out of his sleep.

“Ugh, fine!” she exclaimed, storming out of the room.

“ASK PEARSON!!” I yelled with a chuckle, she was so damn hot when she was pissed.

“Whatever,” she said quietly, obviously I heard her.


Shockingly (well it’s not really shocking but I felt the need to use that word) she was still pissed at me when we reached school, it was quite amusing, I enjoyed every second of it. Apparently so did Chris, I was surprised that we were agreeing on something.

“What’s up with her?” asked Chris chuckling.

“Oh, you’re talking to me? And this morning she tried to wake me up at seven so she could try on outfits and I was supposed to tell her how good she looked and I said no,” I explained. “It was hilarious.”

“Yes, I’m talking to you…it’s stupid, I just have to let go, you know?” I was NOT expecting that, Christopher Bryan was willing to let go?

“Yeah…yeah…I…I….I know,” I was still stunned from the shock.

“Your as white as a sheet, did I shock you?” he said grinning, Chris once told me he was waiting for the day he could say that, only god knows why.

“Picking on the white boy, so unfair,” I said waking up to reality.

“Not really, uh…she told me last night about the moving in thing sorry, I just was upset yesterday and overreacted poorly,” he explained, this was not the Chris I knew.

“Listen, I don’t know what’s up with you, but I kind of find it creepy; you being nice to me, did she promise you something?” I asked.


“Okay, whatever you say…umm because we’re on speaking terms can you keep her after school,” Chris looked as shocked as I felt, I did not want to say that, where did that come from?

“Uh…uh…sure?” he sounded so unsure. “What just happened here?”

“I don’t know…I think I just told you to keep my girlfriend occupado until I finish unpacking her things…am I okay?” I asked.

He then took his arm and put it around my neck–if you had no idea what we were doing it would look like a head lock to you–and chuckled softly. “You’re fine, cousin…you can just trust me now, that’s all.” He sounded so sure, it reminded me of when we were younger and used to just talk to each other about everything.

“Oh my gosh, are guys over your little feud?” asked Ashanti as she made her way to us, with Jason right behind her.

“Yep, little sis,” I said with a grin.

“LITTLE SIS?” asked Chris, Jason, Noel and Alex in unison, Chris released me in an instant and gave me a puzzling look.

“Did you just call my girlfriend, little sis?” asked Jason he was so confused, this day just kept getting better nothing was going to ruin it.

“Oh calm down, you guys are dorks, Jason remember when I was texting to Damien like crazy, well I decided that he would be my big brother–the brother I never had–and just so you know, he’s only my big brother, okay?” she explained.

The four idiots then nodded their heads, still looking incredibly lost but at least they got the gist of it.


“Why can’t I unpack too?” Alyssa asked.

“Just stay with Chris, please,” I pleaded.

“Why do you…never mind I kind of don’t want to stay with Chris,” she responded.

“Alyssa, I want you to stay with my cousin until I come and pick you up, just please do it,” the begging for her to stay with the frenemy (friend/enemy) was getting to me.

“Fine,” she answered coldly.

“Okay,” I planted a kiss on her forehead and hopped into my car.

“See you later, and remember I love you Damien,” she yelled as I started the car.

“I love you too, babe”

With that I took off, Alyssa hated when I drove fast, it made her feel insecure and unsafe, but what could I say I’ve been driving fast ever since I got my license and I wasn’t ever going to stop. A “short” 20 minutes later, I reached my house. There were trucks and people standing outside; they probably went to my parents for the key.

“Oh you’re finally here!” shrieked Chantel, Alyssa’s personal whatever.

“Yep, so what am I doing?” I asked eager, to get this over with.

“Umm…here, find her room and unpack these in the bookshelf…by the way her room is on the first floor, her dad, made specific rules, she cannot be on the same floor as you,” Chantel explained as she passed me the box.

“Alrighty” I walked into my house and searched for her room. When I finally found “her” room I was in shock. I felt like I was in her house, in that short time they transformed two rooms into one just so it could look exactly like Alyssa’s bedroom. I stood in the doorway, with the box of books, so stunned. Money really could do wonders.

“So what d’ya think?” asked a familiar voice, she sounded so southern but so irresistible.

“Huh?” I snapped back into reality, did a one 180 spin so I could face…Ashanti. We were only about a centimeter apart, I searched her eyes, and much to my surprise she held my gaze. This was so weird, why was I looking at her like this? Before that I had never been so close to Ashanti, she was so pretty, she may have been Alyssa’s twin but there were features that Ashanti had that just made her gorgeous, how I had not noticed this. Realizing that this was wrong on so many levels, we both took a step back and laughed nervously. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop looking at her and surprisingly she blushed.

A wide grin spread across her face and then she said, “So, what do you think about the room.”

I looked at it one more time and said “I think…I think you’re beautiful.” Wait, what?

“Huh? What?” she looked lost.

“I think it’s beautiful, the room, the room’s nice…was–was it your idea?” Oh.My.God. Did I just tell my girlfriends’ sister she was beautiful? Where the hell did that come from?

“Yes it was…my sister’s room is her biggest treasure and for her to leave it probably would’ve killed her mentally, so I decided I can’t and won’t let her leave it behind,” she explained.

“Wow, you’re so loyal to your sister,” I said still staring at her intensely, something was definitely wrong with me.

“Yeah,” she said casually, still blushing. This was getting pretty awkward so I said, “Uh, where’s Jason?”

“Actually he’s outside, Jason was so sincere towards this whole thing he was granted permission to leave school early so he could help out, without Jason some of this wouldn’t have been possible but…I think…I think I should, should–I uh Damien do you wanna hang sometime?” LIKE WOAH!!! Remain calm.

“Uh, sure,” but to make sure I didn’t sound eager I added “Is it just you and me or a bunch of us?”

“Me, you, Jason, Ally, No–

“What’re guys talking about?” interrupted Jason appearing out of, well no where.

“We were just deciding on what we should do as group, you know, so we can like hang,” she explained sounding incredibly giddy to her boyfriend, that’s what I love about her though no matter how hard she tried Ashanti could not remain calm around Jason.

“What about Brookheaven? Alyssa and I went there it was actually fun,” I suggested. “It could be a couple’s thing, all though that kind of sucks because nowadays everyone is single.”

“Wolfe, that isn’t such a bad idea, I’ll figure out some plans and send it to you later,” she agreed.

“Whatever, who’s going?” asked Jason, obviously he was bored by this idea.

“Umm, well Alyssa and Damien, me and you uhh…Drea and Eric for sure oh, Noel and Sara, that sou–

“Noel and who?” I knew who Sara was she was a junior and also head of the cheerleading squad but she was more than that to me, this will come up later. Jason put his head on his forehead and gave Ashanti this he-is-not-supposed-to-know-about-that look. She had this worried look on her face and then mouthed ‘sorry’ to Jason. What was this? I’m not an oblivious fool, I was quite indifferent to Noel going out with Sarah but why did it have to be a secret? I was sure Noel had told me everything, guess I was wrong.

“You should call him later, we’re gonna go, bye big bro,” she said quickly, grabbed Jason’s hand and then rushed for the door.


I walked back into the room and searched for the bookshelf, who could miss it though, it was the only sad looking thing in the room, it was painted black with blue hearts on it, it didn’t even go with the room…what was Alyssa on when she got this bookshelf. I walked towards it and set down the box of journals, each diary had a year on the front and a title…my babe was a freak. I looked at each title.

  1. Grade 9: 2004-2005, The year I met him
  2. Grade 10: 2005-2006, Is it love?
  3. Grade 11: 2006-2007, So why’d he leave me/ I miss her
  4. Grade 12: 2007-2008, Mixed feelings, Everything and Everyone Sucks

Grade 9 through 11 obviously evolved around Chris, I was curious to see what she had written, so me being the nosy type read through each diary. Grade nine was sickening, it was all about her meeting Chris and wanting to marry him, and how he was the one. Grade ten I swear I wanted to gag, she really loved this kid, it also included when she lost her virginity. This was so wrong I wasn’t supposed to find out this way, apparently her and Chris got really drunk and ended up in bed, before they knew they were doing it, but then she started freaking out because she could have been pregnant and didn’t want to go to the fam doctor. Then there’s grade eleven when the bastard left her, he just left her with no explanation and ran off with her best friend. That was a tough year for her because she also lost her mom. When grade 12 came I understood the meaning, she still liked, no loved Chris, I got one page in her diary Jordan got a sentence “Today my boyfriend Jordan was shot” and that was it, but the entire diary was filled with Chris.

May 10th

Chris, I still like him, he looked at me today, like fully looked at me and wouldn’t stop and I just couldn’t stop looking at him and then my brain flashed back to grade ten and then to just the other day when I went up to his room because Raquel broke up with him. I had only been wearing my skimpy purple bikini and he wanted to jump on me so he gave me his shirt, I looked at him and completely forgot how good his body looked. I need help though how can I love two guys and be going out with one of them while looking at the other.


Alyssa Vendross

I was freaking out, when was this, this was the same day she told me she wanted me to hold in my heart that I was the best thing that has ever happened to her. I quickly stacked everything away, I was fuming sure it was pretty stupid to get mad, but I don’t understand. I shouldn’t have read her diary, I was just beginning to like my cousin again and now it was going to be hate all over again. This day was actually pretty twisted, Chris acts way too nice, I get attracted to Ashanti, my best friend is hiding his girlfriend from me for only God knows why and now I find out way too much information on Alyssa’s life.

I came up with a plan I wasn’t going to say anything, I needed to just keep my mouth shut and let it go. Was it really my right to be reading her personal info?

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