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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Her A.V. Chapter 5-Would I Lie to You?Uh...YES!!!

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Submitted: May 05, 2013



Would I Lie to You? Uh…YES!!

I loved Alyssa Vendross (and still do) so damn much and nothing could change that, but at that particular moment I wanted to rip my cousin in two and blow up at my girlfriend. The only problem, what exactly would I tell them? No self-respecting person would say “I read your diary, and it pissed me off.”

I grabbed my favourite Hollister hoody, slid it over my head and rushed out the door. Maybe a jog would help, I need to visit mommy anyways I thought. It would take 10 minutes to reach the Wolfe manor, and I had to pick up Alyssa soon, well who cared my mom came first. I started up the hill towards my mom and dad’s house, I always hated this hill it seemed never ending , and it’s not like the house was that far away, its that the hill was incredibly steep.

When I finally made it to the top, I walked towards the enormous tree beside my old room, my mom always kept the balcony door open so she could see her baby boy.

I quickly climbed up, hopped on the balcony and walked into–it was gone everything I once called mine was now a regular guest room, but why was I sad, I didn’t live there anymore. I stood in the room for the longest time forgetting my purpose for even entering this dreaded house.

“Oh, Damien!” exclaimed their house maid and my old nanny, Anita. “Your mama, in spa, and daddy on first floor, I don’t think you can see her today.”

“Oh, gee that’ll be hard, thanks anyway Anita,” I replied stroking my hair, I really needed someone to talk to and going to see my mom would have been extremely dangerous. It was blood curdling when I thought of me getting caught and what the consequences would be.

“I think I can help,” suggested a young worker, probably my age, and she wasn’t Hispanic, this girl was white, I wonder why she works for my parents. “I’m supposed to have a meeting with your father later, but I can get him in the office and discuss what I wanted to with him now. Anita will come back to you in five to ten minutes, to say it’s safe to go.”

“What’s your name?” I asked.


“Well thank you, Alice…you’re so kind, you should come over sometime…you do know where I live right?” I asked.

“Yes, your mother talks about you constantly, she’s really kind, I can see why you love her so much…anyways I’ll come over soon, you’ll probably see me around,” she said knowingly and with that walked off.

I sat against the wall and waited, the suspense could really kill a person, I needed to see my mom…I had to get this guilt off my chest and I really needed to know what I should do next, I really didn’t want to screw up my relationship with Alyssa. I waited, waited, waited and waited. Then finally Anita came in nodded her head and said “you can go, it wasn’t easy.”

I got up gave her a hug and said “thank you and tell Alice I said thank you so much.” Anita smiled up at me and you could see the joy in her eyes, I haven’t seen that in years. My mom always said that when I left Anita was damaged, and never smiled unless she saw me or heard my voice.

I sprinted to the spa, taking as many short cuts as possible. But I had I few problems I actually had no idea where the spa was, it was recently added, so I had to occasionally stop and ask a worker for directions. After 10 minutes I finally made it to Kendra’s Organic Spa, typical.

I was about to enter when I was stopped by a tall, blonde wearing a white Fendi suit (yes I know my designers thanks to my freak of a mom). “Do you have an appointment?” she asked no emotion whatsoever.

“Uh, no, but I’m looking for my mom, have you seen her?” I answered, heavily breathing.

“Who is your mom?” she asked, this lady must have been a) new to town and/or b) and idiot.

“Kendra. Kendra Wolfe,” I said dramatically slow.

“Oh, oh my gosh, now that I look, you look like her, I’m so sorry you can go, I shouldn’t have stopped you, I am so sorry–

I blocked her out, she was such a nuisance, and I just walked in while she was still apologizing like a dummy.

“Mommy!” I called out.

“In here sweetie!” she called in from the mud-bath room; I was not in the mood to see my mom naked it just wasn’t right.

“Ye, I am coming,” I walked in, praying that only her head sticking out of the mud, and the good Lord must have heard my prayers because that’s all that was showing. “We need to talk…I did something…something bad?”

“Oh, god, Damien what’d you do?” she responded already having no faith in me.

Then I spilled my guts out to her, my mom was always capable of that, she did it to Finn to, my deceased younger brother. I told her from this morning all the way to me finding out how Alyssa lost her virginity.

“Damien, why?”

“Don’t ask me that question; I know if dad had a personal journal and you came across it you would read it,” I responded.

“Au contraire, that’s where I am different from you…I could care less what your daddy wrote in his personal whatever, Damien temptation will sometimes prevail yes, but your conscience should have some what told you to not do it,” she explained.

“Whatever, what do I do?” I asked; I hated when she played psychologist.

“Ask her, ask do you still love Chris and I mean love him more than just a brother,” my mom suggested. It will work, I think.

“Okay…oh and mom one more thing, Noel is going out with Sara,” I said casually, or tried to say casually.

“What? When? Damien why didn’t you tell me?” she asked, frantically.

“Mom, calm down, he never told me, it slipped out of Ashanti’s mouth today, I’m dropping by his house later to see what’s going on,” I responded.

“What if she’s there, Damien, you can’t go,” my mom was so melodramatic sometimes.

“It’s not you who’s going, I’ve gotten over it, I kinda see her everyday,” I explained. “Anyways my time is up I have to reach upstairs right now, call me later if you feel iffy.” I didn’t even let her say anything more, I ran out the spa, back upstairs and to my old room. I shimmied down the tree and ran back home.


“Hiya, you’re Damien right?” asked Noel’s kid sister Tiffany.

“That’s right,” I said with a smile. “Are you gonna make me stand outside or can I come in?” Noel told me she had this huge crush on me, I found it amusing, but I think I was going to use it to my advantage.

“Uh, yeah, come in,” she said. I gave her a hug and said, ‘thanks Tiff’. I saw her blush.

“Noel’s downstairs in the basement, with Sara, I don’t like her Damien, I haven’t been able to talk to my brother in such a long time.”

“There’s nothing wrong with Sara, she’s really sweet from what I remember, if you get to know her, you’ll love her, also I hear she’s the best shopping partner around,” I explained, trying to defend an old friend.

“Oh okay,” she said quietly.

“By the way, I have a friend named Alice, you’d love her, anyways we were going to hang out one day, and do you want to join us?” I asked, she probably never thought that would happen.

“Umm sure, but when?” she asked, aaaw I made her blush even more.

“I’ll call you,” I said casually. I handed her my phone and let her put in her number. “Thanks”

“Your welcome, I guess,” she said and then walked away. Tiffany looked like she was 15, really tall, and had a matured body, I would never have guessed she was 12 .

I slowly walked down the stairs that led to the basement; I was hoping this would work out well.

“Noel, stop it, your way too nice, can’t accept. This is denied,” I heard her say, the joy and giddiness in her voice made me happy.

I walked into the room and then she turned white as a sheet and looked me dead in the eye, she looked nervous.

“Oh, Damien, it’s good to see you,” she forced out.

“Likewise,” I said cheerfully.

“Why didn’t tell me you were coming?” asked Noel kind of panicky.

“I didn’t know I was coming,” I said plainly. I then explained to them the story of how I found out.

“Well, Brookheaven sounds fun, I would love to go,” exclaimed Sara.

“So, why didn’t you tell me?” I asked, I knew why but it was really a stupid reason.

“Do I have to explain?” Noel asked.

“No, you don’t, I actually could care less…but it would be nice,” I said kindly.

“Damien I’ll tell you…when he died, you cried and cried for days…in fact I cried more than you did, months after I was still crying, and I thought just avoiding you would help both of us forget about–

Then she stopped and cried; I knew this would happen. Sara went out with my brother Finn, he was 14 when he died of leukemia, she was the best girlfriend anyone could have. Throughout the whole fight to survive, Sara always sat beside him, she looked past the way he looked, and loved him for who he was. I lost faith in everything, I even quit praying, but Sara she sat with him and told him, everything would be alright. And when he passed on everyone asked how can she still believe in the God who let your boyfriend die? Through all the prayers and tears, Finn still passed in pain. Many thought there’s no use in praying, but she still bowed her head so she could say “Thank you for ending his pain” The thing is Sara hasn’t stepped a foot in church a day in her life, she was an atheist but her life flipped when Finn was diagnosed with leukemia. I admired Sara for that, she was hurt the most by Finn’s passing but, she also held together better than anyone.

“Sara, its okay…I’m fine with you two going out, actually I’m really happy, and to see two of the people I love, together…overwhelms me with joy,” I exclaimed, they started to get fuzzy, I could feel the tears in my eyes, I missed Finn too, these were tears of joy and pain.

“Damien, I’m sorry…avoiding you was the worst mistake I’ve made in my life, and trying to forget Finn never really worked…you know, I can still hear him, I even see him in my dreams, telling me to move on, to not forget him but to let go,” she said

“Ye, I know the feeling, anyways I gotta go, I have to pick Alyssa up from Chris’ house,” you could hear the sadness in my voice and I knew Noel heard it because he gave me this Damien-you-know-you’re-going-to-have-to-tell-me look. This was right Noel always found a way into getting me to tell him, but I didn’t want to tell him, we’re talking about his best friend and cousin here. I just nodded and walked away.


Damien2Ally: I’ll be there in 5 minutes. B ready

Ally2Damien: What took you so long?

Damien2Ally: Made 2 stops

Ally2Damien: Where?

Damien2Ally: Mom then Noel & Sara

Ally2Damien: o u no, well c u in a bit

Damien2Ally: ye

This was going to be one interesting ride home, I just couldn’t wait.

*Honk, Honk*

There was no way I was getting out of the car if I saw Chris I would flip, and then she would be mad at me, so staying in my car was the best possible choice. She walked out of the house, Chris watched her until she made it safely to my car. “Take care of her!” he yelled.

“Will do!” I responded.

Alyssa hopped into the car, she smelled like the ocean, her face was glowing, she looked happy. I on the other hand, may have looked happy but was pissed off; I couldn’t stand her, and Chris.

“Hey babe,” she said with a smile.


“So, you saw you’re mom?” she asked, still sounding cheerful.


“Okay, are you alright, everything seems forced?” she asked, now she was sounding uncertain, uh oh, she has to stay happy, or else everything will get screwed up.

“Yep I’m fine,” with that I turned up the music and just drove home.

After ten minutes of silence, we finally reached the Wolfe residence, where I was stopped right in front of my parents house, by–Alice.

“Damien, can you wait a second?” she asked, this was not good.

“Ye, sure,” I hopped out the car and walked towards her.

“Your dad, packed my schedule tight, the only time, I get to myself is during school, so can you tell me when we’re hanging out?” she asked as she took out her…iPhone?

“Uh…Thursday, and we have a 12 year old joining us, she has this HUGE crush on me, and I thought, maybe I should invite her too,” I explained.

“Oh, good, that sounds like fun, what’s her name?” Alice asked sounding like she could give me a big hug.

“Tiffany, anyways I should go, it’s getting kind of cold and I left my girlfriend in the car,” I said. “I don’t want to get her pissed off.”

“Okay, see you at school,” she said with a smile and ran off. School? What was she doing at my school?


Well after my encounter with, Alice we drove to my house in total silence. Obviously Alyssa was pissed off, I could talk to Alice no problem, but I was forcing out my words towards her, if only she knew.We walked towards the house, I opened the door, gave Alyssa directions to her room and then I ran up to my sanctuary.

I sauntered towards my bed and fell on my back, put my right head on my forehead and closed my eyes. I must have dosed off, when I opened my eyes Alyssa was looking right at me with a smile, but it was sort of freaky so I screamed.

“AAAAAAHHHH!!!” I yelled.

“Oh, Damien, did I scare you?” she asked, with a giggle.


“Anyways what’s wrong? I know there’s something wrong with you, you looked really tense during our car ride, but I feel it’s me, because when you saw that girl, you talked to her no problem and with me it was really forced,” she said, still sounding cheerful.

“Well while my mom and I were talking, a question crossed my mind,” I explained.

“Oh, okay…well shoot, what is the question?” she asked, with not as much joy in her voice.

“Well, do you still love Chris, and by this I mean, more than just a bestie or brother?” I forced my self to say.

“Pardon?” she asked, she sounded upset.

“Do I have to repeat it?” I asked.

“No, but it’s like you don’t trust me, I never asked you if you fucking LOVE Kaiya or if you fucking LOVE that girl, what the hell?” she was angry, Alyssa only swore when she wanted to rip someone’s head off.

“I just want to know,” I said remaining my cool.

“NO!!! Would I lie to you?” she asked, she was a good liar, I could give her that.

“Yes, you would, so you don’t mess up our relationship, Alyssa, it would be better if you told me the effing truth, I could care less,” well I do care, but I would have rather heard it from her mouth, and not have read it.

“Damien, no, I’ll ask you again would I lie to you?” she repeated.


“What? You read my diary? Why?” she asked, heartbrokenly, tears started to well up in her eyes, I felt really bad.

“Ye, I didn’t want to, but it started off with seeing what you wrote about me, and then I saw something I didn’t want to so I started reading more, it was like a novel you couldn’t put down,” I answered quietly.

“Ye well you shouldn’t have done that, I…uh…Damien I don’t wanna talk to you anymore…but can I still stay in the house?” she asked incredibly sad.

“Yep, I agree though, I kind of don’t want to talk to you either, anyways my house is always open for you, just, try not to talk to me,” I responded calmly, but you could hear the sad in my voice.

“Well okay then, I guess…this is it”

I don’t know if that meant we were over, or if it meant see you at school but don’t talk to me. Either way Chris would be happy and I would be gloomy, my only wish at that moment was to go back in time and tell Ashanti that I didn’t want to unpack the journals and books.I was so depressed, I wanted my girlfriend back, and I wanted everything to go back to normal.


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