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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Her A.V. Chapter 8- Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

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Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

I swiftly jogged up towards my room, wanting no needing to get away from Alyssa’s room as far as possible. How could this have happened to me, only those things happened to me? My relationship was messed up with the love of my life, and she was being a manipulative freak who decided to control all my friends and tell them they should avoid me but on top of all that, the one person I thought was different from them; who was separate from their world, the one person I thought I could trust, set it all up?

No, it couldn’t be I will definitely be in denial about this, Ashanti had to have been covering for someone, and she would never want to hurt me like this. Would she?

I paced back and forth in front of my bed trying to keep all my anger in, but being me, it didn’t work, so I let out a loud scream. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

“Damien, are you okay?” asked Alice standing coolly in my door frame.

“No, I’m never okay, I totally hate this, I feel like if I had stayed hidden and never met Alyssa, my life would be so much more simpler,” I said immediately wanting to take it back, I’m actually glad I met Alyssa because now I’m surrounded with many people who love me.

“Damien, don’t say that, if you hadn’t met Alyssa, Tiffany and I wouldn’t have gone to the beach and we wouldn’t have these awesome shoes,” she said pointing to her feet.

“We both know you don’t think those shoes are awesome, you didn’t even want to wear them for the rest of the year,” I said forgetting about everything.

“I’m like Alys…erm uh I’m a fashion goddess I really care how I look, now all my outfits are going to have to evolve around these shoes, thank you Damien,” she said, but I started to think about Alyssa again and not because Alice almost mentioned her name but Alyssa was the last person, to say thank you Damien…and hearing Alice say that shot daggers through my heart. “Oh, what did I do?”

“Nothing, you do or say anything,” I said quickly.

“Your face totally dropped, Damien something bugging you,” then she walked over to my bed (where I was) and started tickling me, and I’m always ticklish.

“I’m going to get you back Alice!” I yelled getting up, she started to run, her hair moving side to side.

When I finally got her I grabbed her by the waist, and pulled her into me, unintentionally of course, immediately I let her go. She spun around on her heel, breathing in and out, her chest rising, and I knew this wasn’t happening because of the little run we had, I could see it in her eyes. I took her breathe away, but that wasn’t the shocking thing, she took mine away too.

I just stared her in the eyes, wanting to look away but I couldn’t, and she looked deeply into my eyes too. Ugh!!! Just what I needed, butterflies, normally I love all creatures but these butterflies had to be murdered, like now!

“Alice, I–

“Don’t, please” and with that she started to walk towards the door, but before she could even get far enough out of my reach, I grabbed her wrist and said “Alice wait, don’t go, I need you”

“No, Damien you don’t, I’m sure you ca– and then it happened something I will never in my life time ever admit to doing ever, I pulled her back into me and kissed her.

I caressed her face with my hands and gently kissed her, it was beautiful, I was so happy for the first time in a while and not like look I’m smiling, so I must be happy no, I mean the happy from your head to your toe. The one that makes you feel all bubbly.

Much to my surprise Alice wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back. Her body was pressed against mine, her mouth was so warm and syrupy exactly what I had wanted, and we stood there for a good while and then parted. We stepped back from each other, she licked her lips and then smiled at me, and I smiled back at her.

I turned my head only to find Alyssa standing in my doorway, with shock written all over her face, once she noticed I saw her, she started to run away.

“Excuse me, I just saw the last person I’d expect to see at my door,” I said quickly.

Alice nodded understandingly. I jogged after Alyssa hoping she hadn’t gotten far.

“Lyssa wait, I’m sorry, I didn’t–it was–I’m sorry,” I yelled. She stopped mid-track and spun around, with tears streaming down her face. This wasn’t good; I just shot daggers through her heart she shouldn’t have had to see that, I shouldn’t have kissed Alice.

“You know what Damien, Ashanti called me and talked some sense into me, when your sister calls you a bitch you know something’s clearly wrong so I came to come say I’m sorry, for being a manipulative bitch, but then I come to your room, and I see your tongue down her throat…Damien you are hypocrite…would you have told me, would you lie to me?” she was furious, her cheeks were so red, in fact her whole face was red.

“Yes Alyssa, I would’ve told you because you know I was never good at lying ever, I was bound to have told you, I just don’t know what came over me, I was so angry at you and your sister and Alice was right there, to hear me out, it was just an impulse, I didn’t mean to do it,” I said truthfully, that was one thing I didn’t do, lie just for the sake of it.

“Yeah, I’m so sure you’d do that, because any self-respecting boy would go tell his girlfriend he had his tongue down another girls’ throat,” she stated.

“Yes! I would and you know that!” I exclaimed why was she doing that? I told her when this girl threw herself at me, so why wouldn’t I tell her this.

“Actually you would usually tell me, but you kissed her first I saw the whole thing, you’d never tell me you kissed a girl and enjoyed it, two wrongs Damien don’t make an effing right,” she said with a devilish smirk and walked off.

Oh god what had I gotten myself into, the thing was she was right I did enjoy that kiss and I think if Alyssa hadn’t shown up I probably would have kissed Alice again and again.

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