The Elementists' Rain

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Three Teenage boys who's destiny is yet unknown, but all three are gifted by the elements. Magik and Demons are not the only thing that they face...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Elementists' Rain

Submitted: May 26, 2010

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Submitted: May 26, 2010



The city was packed with people as I got off the bus. It was something I got use to by now since I’ve been coming and going from here for the past three years.
I reached for my jeans’ pocket and pulled out my packet of cigarettes. I had only five left in it and my cheap lighter. I pulled out the first one that came to the tip of my fingers and lit it on the second stroke on the lighter. I took my first puff and exhaled it quickly. It was my habit and the first puff always seemed to disgust me.

I put the pack back into my pocket and took another puff at my cig as I looked around and observed the people passing by. I found it amusing how they seemed so lost in thought but I never understood why I felt that way about people.

Finally I decided to make a move towards my destination where I had to meet the others. As usual I was ten minutes late from the actual time we had to meet up but it never really made me feel guilty. I walked past the crowds of people as I made my way to the second ally on the left. My mind was on a different trace of thought as my feet made most of my way down the place.

At last I came in front of the green door. It was hard to miss even if it was your first time to the place. It was a wide door; the paint was peeling off the wood and not to mention the engravings of people’s names with hearts or vulgar words on the sides. At the center of the door was a knocker with an angel’s face which had a broken jaw which one could tell was done from heavy knocking.

I knocked at the door three times fast and two times slower which made a type of beet. It was our signature of letting the ones inside know who’s on the other side of the peace of wood.
The door opened slowly as a pale face with short brown spiky hair and glasses that covered his blue eyes peeked from behind it.

“Oh it’s you” he said, flying the door open for me to make my way in.

“Nice to see you too Matt” I said as I walked inside the place.

The place was a bit less crowded then usual I noticed. It was our little hide out where we could socialize peacefully and mix with our own type of people. There was a bar at the far right corner of the huge place and sofas rounded by small tables everywhere. My type of people which I call friends had our own little spot by the jukebox on the left closer to the center of the wall.
We were known pretty well by people for different reasons, but lately everyone knew us as the demon hunters. It was still a thing I hadn’t got use to despite the tag given to us was true and didn’t make us look like heroes. Few believed in what we did, others thought we were fakes or mental. It wasn’t easy to deal with and we tried our best to keep it hush-hush.

“Hey Don, what poison you taken old pal?” yelled the bar man as I made my way to our spot.

“I’ll take the usual, thanks John,” I showed him a thumb up and nodded as I said so. “Bring it over here when it’s done.”

“Sure thing mate,” he said. “Be there in a sec’.”

I sat down at the first empty space I found. Pyro was already at our table with six empty shot glasses. He was like a brother to me, always was. We had known each other since we were kids from school only that his hair was longer now. He always looked serious when he drank. I found him rather relaxed with one arm on the head of the sofa and the other at his knee. He was wearing the usual jeans with chains on one side, leather gloves on each hand which let his fingers show and the grayish y-shirt which was tithe to his body to show off his abs.

Matt sat down adjacent to him as he was checking out the ladies who, as usual, where two tables to our right.

“I don’t get it.” He started off, “What is it that others have that I don’t?”

Pyro rolled his eyes and I just looked where Matt was looking as I finished off the last bit of my cig. There were the usual three girls that took the middle table for the past year or so. I knew them quite a bit by now but they weren’t the best for guys who were looking for serious relationships like Matt. As far as I knew, the longest fling they ever had with a guy was three weeks.

“Dude, I can’t believe you’re still trying for them” I said as I turned my head back to him, “They’re just a bunch of one night stands man.”

“I don’t think so,” I raised an eye brow as he shouted the words, “’cause they didn’t even gave me a chance for that ether!” I shook my head sadly.

John came over with a boot glass filled with beer. I took out the cash and paid him. I saw Pyro’s eyes widen at the thing. He loved any type of alcohol, but beer was his main attraction. The one thing I find amusing about the guy is that it takes a lot of glasses for him to get drunk.

I downed a good amount of beer and slammed the boot glass down. I still had three fourths left to drink. I looked at Pyro who was still drooling for a taste of my beer.

“Go ahead, but don’t you dare down it!” I hadn’t really finished the sentence when he grabbed the glass with both hands and started drinking from it. He downed half of what was left and exhaled loud.

“So, are we doing it tonight?” Matt asked me. I knew that what he was referring to and it wasn’t the thing I felt like doing tonight.

“Ye man, are we? It’s been a while since we’ve done anything you know.” Pyro continued.

“I don’t know guys, I’m not really in the mood for fighting tonight,” I said, my voice sounded rather frustrated. “I wanted to take it relaxed tonight.”

“We’ve been taking it relaxed for the past two weeks and seriously I’m board of it!” Matt yelled at me, yet still trying to keep his voice down so that no one could over hear him.

“He’s got a point Don.” Pyro agreed whilst leaning forward towards the table.

“Alright,” Matt already started smiling at me, “on one condition, no one tags along this time.”

“We weren’t going to get anyone anyways.” Matt said as he leaned back on his sofa with a smile. He looked pretty much like a bastard when he posed like that. The whole leather jacket with a t-shirt underneath which had a skull on fire printed on it made him look more like a biker than anything else.

We took a few more drinks as we spent another two hours chatting about things that had to do with our everyday life and we left the place exactly as we saw fit to do so. It was dark as we walked out of the hang out. We all lit a cigarette each and made our way to the cave which was on the other side of the ally. As we walked Matt was smiling, his blue eyes seemed to throw out sparks with excitement.

Pyro, on the other hand, was cracking every joint he found loose in his body. He was focused and raging for the hunt. I knew too well that he took this fighting thing too serious for his own good that it sceared me. He let out some gas from his lighter onto his gloves and lit it up. It was his specialty. Pyro mancy was his element and gift. I, on the other hand, walked on with thought of what our encounter could be this time as we approached the damned cave. We approached the entrance and paused for a second. I looked at my friends which for a long time I’ve embraced them like brothers. Matt looked at bought of us from side to side; his looked seemed to have changed to a serious one too.

“O.K. you guys, we take it the usual way. I’ll stay up front to defend you and you guys attack from behind.” It was something we got use to and I was really hoping the formation would have changed just once. But Matt knew what was best I thought.

“Alright,” Pyro and I agreed as we took a V shape formation. I could already hear growls and hissing from inside the darkness.

“Light please,” Matt ordered. Pyro increased the flame on his hand which was too hot for me to stand next to but it gave out a good deal of light for us to see. People don’t call him Pyro for no reason as one would figure, but the truth was that he was also given that nick name for no one knew his real name.

We started walking into the cave, we’ve been at this place for so many times that it made me sick but we couldn’t just leave it be with so much to do. We hit the stairs downwards as we came further deeper into the cold, rocky place. Pyro’s flame was comforting now as the dampness took a toll on us.

“Can you guys see anything yet?” Matt asked wile slowing down at his pace.

I tried hard to focus my vision ahead of us but Julian cut me off saying, “Not yet.”

But I could still hear the growls and hissing, this time closer. My heart couldn’t help but pound harder as we walked on down the steps.

We reached our final step as we came to the part were rooms were dug into cave. There were two entrances on the right and one on the left. The noises where coming from the second room on the right where a veil of white fog was covering the entrance. I immediately recognized it to be a barrier.

“What the hell is that?” Pyro said stretching his lit hand further to see that same veil I saw.

“Is it one of them?!” Matt said in a panic as he raised his hands in front of him.

“It’s O.K. Matt,” I said as I moved on the left side of the entrance, “it’s just a barrier.”

Matt looked confused. We’ve been doing hunts and fights for so long that we all knew that it wasn’t the best of signs.

“Someone’s been down here,” I carried on, “barriers like these aren’t made by anything unnatural.”

“Darn the witch must have been here again.” Mat slammed his fist against the wall. Pyro just stood there taking in and observing every moment. It was times like these that I felt odd. There was no way anyone could tell what Pyro was thinking. He kept thoughts to himself until he saw fit to share them at the right moment.

I went to touch the barrier. It was just like trying to feel the air around. I pushed my hand trough it. It made it through the other side and I could immediately feel an unnatural heat within the room. I pulled it out quickly. I was unsure of what I had just felt.

“Guys, try penetrating your hand trough the barrier and tell me what you feel on the other side.”

Pyro was the first to approach the entrance and put his hand trough while keeping the lit one out. Matt followed his lead but quickly took it back out.

“It’s darn hot in there,” he said, his eyes wide with shock as he shook his hand from the hot feeling, “it’s like putting your hand in a furnace!”

“Oh, so that’s why it feels comfortable and familiar” Pyro joked with a smile. He let his hand out slowly which was letting out steam.

“That surly isn’t a good sign” Matt said while he was rubbing his hand at this point. I looked back at the barrier. A dear’s head was approaching it with antlers of seven horns.

“She’s back…” I said, my voice let out a hint of panic. Matt sprang round, literally forgetting his burnt hand.

“Where? Where is it?” he shouted.

“Behind the damn thing man!’ Pyro said as he split the flame in his hand in two making both hands on fire.

“Remember, don’t look into its eyes if they turn blue.” I whispered to both of them.

Pyro wasn’t taking much notice of what was said. He threw a fire ball at the creature without thinking twice. The fire ball hit the dear’s face which was thrown back. Matt created a green force field in front of us which fluctuated from time to time. Two short plump ugly looking creatures appeared this time. They struggled against the barrier at the entrance.

“Guys, what’s going on?” Matt hissed between his teeth trying hard to keep his protection spell working. It was something we couldn’t get use to about Matt. He wasn’t gifted with unnatural sight so we had to dictate everything we’re seeing.

“Two minors are struggling against the barrier at the entrance.” I told him, hardly believing my own eyes. Matt gave up the force field and raised an eye brow at the entrance.

“The thing is keeping them trapped in…” he muttered. Pyro wasn’t impressed by this fact.

“Humph! That’s disappointing.” Pyro said, “I was hoping for a better fight.” He let out a rage of fire with both hands at them which turned them to smoke. He smiled as his flames went mellow making a dim light around us.

“So the barrier is keeping them locked in.” Matt thought allowed.

I took a step closer towards the entrance to take a peek. I wasn’t a big room so the creatures inside made it look crowded, especially with the major demon with the dear head and antlers of seven horns at the center of the room covering a black circle on the ground. I stepped away and took out my cell phone to check the time. It was half past nine which was very late for me. I knew the job was incomplete once again this time. I cursed under my breath and looked at the others. Matt knew what I was about to say since the look in his eyes were just hard to ignore the message he tried sending which was “not again!”

“Guys, I got to go catch the next bus home.” I saw Matt’s face become unpleasant now. Pyro let one hand burn once again.

We walked out of the cave knowing that we failed to finish the job again. Matt was constantly trying to make a decent theory of how we could take the creatures down. The whole thing was a repetition, almost a dejavu.

Pyro was constantly trying to convince us that he could take the things in there alone but we tried to convince him that that wouldn’t solve the problem. After seven months on demon hunting and fighting we knew that these things aren’t easy to handle as one would think. We only wished that our little job was as quick as they do it in the movies. A few big bangs and the job’s done and we move on to the next area. But we knew too well that if we did do our job quickly we might miss out on something or even trigger a counter effect.

Before we knew it we found ourselves at the fountain of the three mermen which was the center of the bus terminuses.The city was less crowded now, just a few groups of teenagers hanging around the place before they headed back home and bus drivers waiting in their bus for ten past ten to show up on their watches to do their last journey of the day. I had five minutes left to catch the bus numbered 143. Pyro had gone to the other side of the terminus since the bus he had to catch was further away from mine.

It was just Matt and I standing side by side waiting for the bus to come. It was a pleasant night, the sky was clear and filled with stars.

“I’m really tired.” I said as I let out a yawn. I couldn’t find anything to say at that moment.

“So, when are you coming back down to the usual?” Matt asked. I paused and thought when I was able to come back down during the rest of the week.

“Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll come down in two days time.” I said at last.

“I hope you won’t change that thought, we have loads to do.” He said as his eyes glared at me over his specs.

“I’m not promising you.” I told him quickly as I turned to look if bus had arrived. I looked at my cell phone once more. Two minutes left for ten past ten. My head grew heavy and the muscle in the corner of my eyes made a huge effort to keep them open. Certainly the toll of alcohol was taking its course by now.

The two minutes passed without another word spoken as the bus came along. I took out the fifty cents out of my wallet for the ticket and we said our byes as I got on the bus.
The journey back home was a quick one. Traffic was dead at this time so the bus drive usually picked up more speed than usual. I dropped off at the out skirts of the town in which I lived and walked my way to the flats which were found on the other side of town. It was only a fifteen minute walk but it always seemed longer when I walked it on my own. The road was a strait one too so there wasn’t much to bother about.

I’ve been living at Mecobeth for the past fourteen years of my life. It was a quiet place at any time of day and pretty much cut off from the rest of the world. I disliked it for that particular reason only. The buildings were unlike anything anyone would usually see in normal towns in the country, mostly because architectures would set up their experimental blue prints in this area. Like the flat in which I lived. It was more like cluster houses when you actually step beyond the entrance’s gate but from the outside it looked as if the building was meant to represent half a Christmas tree since the balconies were leveled out like branches.

I arrived at the elevator’s metal sliding door and pushed the red button on the left side of it. As the machine made its way to ground floor I took out the house keys fidgeted with them. The door opened and I stepped in and pressed five, which the number was almost faded like the rest of the printing on each button. The doors closed and made its way up the top floor.
My life was more or less a bore sometimes. It was a usual routine at home. Get in, say hi to anyone home and head to my room on the computer researching about unnatural stuff or just playing some game.

I got into my room and decided to just go to bed...

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