Just There

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Isaac Xanthis life could be better with his lack of social standing and his freaky dreams that could possible become a strange reality. When he wakes up on his seventeeth birthday everything has change from his pyshical appearance to his states as just human.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Just There

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



Drowning he was drowning, he could feel it the salt water burning his nose, his throat and soon his lungs. As he tired to gasp for air that wasn’t there. His eyes shot open and his vision conformed it not only was he drowning, he was also lying at the water floor. He acted, adrenaline pumping his unstable movements as he took no time to climb his way up to a surface he could not see.

Air was all he could think about, he need it but he could find it if he didn’t swim up.

His throat burn from the absences of air and his body began to pain as he straggle to swim, something he didn’t do well or much less know how to do. That when it grabbed him and dragged him back down so hard his head hit the water surface the bubble his last breath escaped his shocked body. He stared wide eyed to were the black figure was descending. He thought to move to act in some way but couldn’t. (Even with the possibility of near death around the corner)Even with the fact he might drown was ring in his head. He was a dead man from the very beginning and it was his entire dam fault. The figure landed on his feet and bent down slowly and he saw it the gruesome red eyes he had always saw in his dream of the man who tried to kill him when he was merely eight years old

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Just There

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