The New Kid

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The new kid in school is named Donte and he never went to school because he has a secret that he mustn't reveal. Some people call him the grim reaper of earth but others call him a pure demon. But anyway his dad is dead because Donte accidentally killed him when he snapped and destroyed a whole city, so its only him and his mom and its hard to live with him having to conceal his much power. And his mom is afraid that he might to do it again.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter #1

Submitted: December 13, 2013

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Submitted: December 13, 2013



Chapter 1

The sound of the door shutting  hit Tyn's ears, "hi mom" Donte said, "so you back from the store" Tyn said "I didn't know you were such a shopper" "im not, you made me buy new clothes" Donte said. Donte went to his room to put his new clothes away, and then Tyn put a bowl of soup on the table and waited for Donte to come out. Donte came out "come here and eat the soup i made us" Tyn said "nah, not hungry" said Donte "Don, come eat" Tyn said "ok" Donte replied. They sat at the table and ate there soup. "so you are ready i guess" Tyn said "ready for what?" Donte asked "school" Said Tyn handing him a school handbook. "what" said Donte with a sirious look on his face. "you sighned me up for school?" Donte said "yup, so you can find some friends and get some type of educa..." Tyn said getting cut off "no one likes me and no one will like and besides who would be friends with an idiot like me!" Donte said walking off to his room.

The next day Donte was out of his room and walking towards his mom with blue shorts on and pink shirt on under a black hoodie, "how do i look?" Donte said. "what?" Tyn asked confused "well i want to look good for my first day of school" Donte replied looking at his watch. "Good i guess, what made you change your mind?" Tyn asked. "well i just want to find friends is all" Donte said walking to the door. "gotta go bye" "bye, love you" Tyn said "love you to mom". Donte started walking to school and saw people sitting outside the school at tables. Donte walked up to a table and emidiatly a girl gets off the table and walks up to him "hello, are you the new student" said the girl. "uh...yeah" Donte said embarised. "Dont be shy, come over and sit down by me". Donte sits far from were she is sitting. "Sooo whats your name" the girl said "Donte" said Donte red-faced as she scooted closer to him "im Carla". Everyone started to go inside the school. "Follow me, ill show you were our class is". they walked to there class ans sat by each other. "Carla who is this guy" said Amanda, Carla's best friend who sitts behind her. "he's the new guy, his name is Donte" Donte looked back at them as they said his name. "Hey im Amanda, but you can call me Amy" she said holding out her hand. Donte shook her hand and Amy held his hand for longer, "wow your hands are small" Amy said. The teacher came into the class and stood at the end of the class, "Ok, quiet down" said the teacher "So we have a new student today, so come up to the front of the classroom". Donte walked up to the front and stood there for a second. "Im Donte Carnade" said Donte.At the end of school Carla walked up to Donte "hey do you want to hang out at my house" Carla asked "Sure, thanks" Donte replied walking around town with Carla " So, you dont say much" Carla "oh sorry, im just nervous you know" Donte said "well dont be its just school" Carla said "i just screwed it up last time and i dont want it to happen again" Donte said. Carla then walked with Donte to her house "wait this is your house" he asked "yeah why" Carla answered "i live across the road" Donte said "well i cant wait till tomorrow so i can hang out with you again, see ya" Carla said "bye" Donte said walking to his home.




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