A Bad Grad

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Mikayla

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013




“No running in the halls Mayman” Mrs. Lapinski yelled to me from down the hall way.  She’s my French teacher in 3rd block. “Whatever you say” I mumbled under my breath as I still felt the rush to get to my next class. As I entered the history room I quickly had to scan the room for a seat. There Trent was sitting in the back corner with his buddies from the football team. But there’s Kelly sitting alone right up in the front fixing her hair. “Find a seat please Mikayla.” Mr. Davie said just as I made up my mind. So I grabbed my chair and books and started to make my way over.

 Feels like the walk of shame every time I thought to myself. “Morning Kell” I whispered to her. “Hey Mikayla, how was your weekend, same as usual, Trent, Trent’s Football practice, and then dinner…with Trent? She knows me too well I thought to myself. “Yeah pretty much, just no dinner” I said. “Called it” She seemed to almost shout, as always. 

“Is there something you would like to share to the class ladies?” Mr. Davie interrupted and seemed to get the attention of the class on us.  “No” we both said. “Then I suggest you go sit near the wall by Daniel, Mikayla”.  I gathered my things and started to bring my stuff over. ‘Dandruff Danny’ he is better known by, looked up smirked and went back to staring at the floor. Why? I’m not too sure.  I put my stuff down and stared at the clock for the whole 2 and a half hour until lunch. Felt like forever.

12:00 struck the clock and everyone stood and seemed to rush out of the class and hundreds of teenagers crowed the corridor laughing and talking and making their way over to the cafeteria.  This is a pretty routine thing for everyone. Trent, Jeremy, Kelly and I always sat at the same table between the jocks and the Asian exchange students. And there they were sitting and waving me over.

“Hey babe” Trent said. Then Jeremy hopped up to pull my chair out and Kelly smiled and waved.  Trent is my boyfriend for almost 7 months now and Jeremy my best friend since 6th year.  Between them, there’s always tension and nobody agrees on anything. I thought I could set up Kelly and Jeremy but I’m not too sure how that’s working out.

 “Who the hell do you think you are?” Trent said sternly to Jeremy from across the table.  “Well that was random” Kelly mumbled, yet just enough for everyone to hear.  “Jeremy”? Jeremy said with the typical sarcastic response that Trent should have seen coming.  As Trent started to get all tense I couldn’t help but ask where in the world a question like that came from. “Well look at him. Pulling your chair out and constantly trying to make eye contact with you and walking you home late afternoons after I have no choice but to go home on the bus.” He said scowling at Jeremy still. “Sorry I’m such a gentleman”. Jeremy shot back. “Please not now you guys” I said just wanting this day to just be over.  “Shiz just got real” Kelly said as she looked at me and Trent and back to Jeremy.  Of course she said something like that. She doesn’t have a serious bone in her body. She’s cold.  She’s soul less. I couldn’t help but think.

The bell rang, people started to gather their belongings and leave for class. Trent was the first to leave and Jeremy wasn’t too far behind him. Kelly stood up, gave her hair a flip and was on her way. I sat there stunned and confused at what just happened.

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A Bad Grad

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