A Bad Grad

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Trent

Submitted: April 11, 2013

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Submitted: April 11, 2013




“Rough and tough boys, rough and tough” Jake, the captain of our football team shouted out across the field.  He is a jerk, a player, competitive, obnoxious and yet we have been the closest of friends since before I don’t know when.

  I know that Jake and Jeremy have always butted heads and Jake has been looking for a reason to deck him to the face ever since Jeremy ratted Jake out about smoking behind the school with some of the other boys on the football team. Of course Jeremy got a star card from the principle.

 The Star system started 2 years ago and it works pretty much like crime stoppers but just for the school. It can go from the dumbest of things like sticking gum underneath the desk to obviously things like ratting people out.

Which actually was a pretty risky thing for someone like Jeremy to do to someone like Jake? The only reason Jake hasn’t really gotten to him yet it because everything on the star system is anonymous, but Jake knows it was Jeremy because he was the only one that saw them or even knew about it other than the boys. So my logic about thinking all of that through it that is I were perhaps mention it by Jake that Jeremy is  trying to steal my girl, it will maybe give him the idea to give Jeremy what he truly deserves.

  “GO TRENT GO!” Jake said as it seemed to snap me back into reality. I didn’t even notice what opportunity just came and gone. “Going to hear about this one in the showers” I mumbled, I don’t think anyone heard me though.

 Jake always does that, seems to take note of every single flaw that happen during practices and nails us with them in the most awkward times, in the showers.  “Just one of those days” I shouted back to Jake as I was just left standing there in middle of the field looking like an idiot, which happens maybe more than it should. I shan’t admit that though, last thing I need is to be is known as a weak player.  “Whatever you say day dreamer” Jake once again yelled obnoxiously.

Back in the locker room as I expected, Jake started to make his way to the showers with his nose in the air and so obviously about to go on a rampage about everyone’s game play. Since I didn’t even play, maybe I can sneak out now.

Sitting in the hall with my head phones in I’m just waiting for a teacher to come and ask for my hall pass. But of course not, here comes Jake coming down the hall with what he calls “swag”. I’m going to get it, I know I am.  “K, what’s wrong? I’m going to sit here and pretend to care” Jake says with a mild smirk on his face.  I’m drawing a blank on what to say… do I even bother mentioning Jeremy? Well here goes nothing.

“You know Jeremy”?  I say kind of nervous about the result of this conversation.

“Pfft, yeah.  One day I’m going to mess his face up” Jake says still smirking.

“Good to know “I say, almost excited.


After I tell him the whole thing about what happen at lunch I think he is convinced that he has the reasoning to mess him up a bit. Yes, I lied just a bit so I didn’t look like the bad guy, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal anyways. I’m going to tell Mikayla and Kelly, I bet they will be excited to have him taken care of. 

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A Bad Grad

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