Skyrim: Dusk

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Delethor

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012




Delethor the Wicked did not ask to be the representative of the Breton race for the Daggerfall covenant, the people insisted, he could not argue with all the people of High Rock, so why not? He had a good sense of politics and was more than adequate with magic.

The Daggerfall Covenant had sworn to drive out the Aldmeri Dominion one province of Tamriel at a time, with the Bretons, Redguards, and Orcs joined as one, no man, beast, or Mer would stand in their way.

The first Daggerfall Covenant wagged war against two other factions several hundred years ago, against the Dominion and the Ebonheart pact. Who won Delethor did not know, he was not present during the reign of the first empire and those twisted Necromancers. (To see more look up the Elder Scrolls online) nor did he care, he was focused on winning this war and bringing Tamriel back to the great continent it once was.

First stop, Valenwood, he had learned a lot from the great war, if they could pull of an attack on a secondary province, they could do to the dominion what the dominion did to the empire.

“Sack the summerset isles.” He said silently to himself,

Delethor had not looked forward to today’s meeting; these meetings were usually full of mindless banter of what should be instead of what could be. Delethor had better things to do than sit here and listen to an Orc win an argument against a Redguard.

Soon the meeting was at a start, the Orc representative, Mortgal-Zag spoke first.

“How is the liberation of Cyrodil going?”

The black haired and dark skinned Redguard representative Ahzam spoke to the Orc saying, “the Redguard forces have put the dominion at bay, but several of the Orc scouts have been captured and interrogated.”

“What does the dominion know?” asked Delethor,

“The scouts gave the location of the military camp in Cyrodil, I am afraid if we don’t send more forces soon, the dominion will kick us out of Cyrodil.

“What about Elsweyr?” asked Mortgal,

“Good news, the dominion has been eradicated from Elsweyr, and the Khajit are very grateful and have offered their warriors!” Ahzam said,

“Will we send more troops to Cyrodil?” asked Delethor.

“I was thinking of sending the Khajit warriors there,” said Ahzam,

“Not a bad idea,” said the Orc,

“All in favor of bringing the Khajit to Cyrodil?” asked Delethor,

The three in unison said “I,”

“Now we have other matters to discuss about, we have Elsweyr in our pocket, but I was thinking about Morrowind.” Said Delethor,

“But Morrowind is neutral and has refused to let us send soldiers in their land!” said Mortgal,

“You are right,” said Delethor, as he scratched his chin, what now?

“We need a northern province to surround the dominion, if we can surround them then they cannot escape and we will be victorious!” said Delethor,

“I don’t know about the Morrowind,” said Mortgal,

“What about Skyrim?” said Ahzam,

“Skyrim is under dominion control,” said Mortgal quickly,

“Well,” said Delethor, “not entirely,”

The Orc gave Delethor a curious look as the wizard began to think deeply in his mind.

“If we could somehow convince the nords to help us, we could take Skyrim,” replied Delethor,

“Preposterous! Those nords are as stubborn as they are stupid, they won’t help us “outsiders” in their land, and well it’s not theirs any more…” said the Orc,

“Skyrim could be useful,” said Delethor,

“What about you, Ahzam? You being awfully quiet?” Asked the Orc,

“I think if we could pull that off, it would not only benefit us ways we cannot understand, and get us the nords favor, but could also show those elves that Tamriel is not their puppet show!”

Ahzam had risen from his seat. The Redguard sat back down and quietly said, “Why shouldn’t we try?”

“This could be a waste of valuable men...” said Mortgal,

“I assure you it won’t be,” said Delethor, or at the least he thought it wouldn’t be, Delethor had thought of Skyrim for quite some time now, and today he was sure it was the right choice.

“Who will go?” asked the Orc,

Everyone hesitated, Skyrim was dangerous, if the elves don’t get you, the animals will.

“My people and I will go,” said Delethor,

“Then it is settled, all in favor of setting troops in Skyrim?” asked Ahzam slowly,

“I,” said Delethor,

“I,” said Ahzam,

Mortgal took his time, like he wasn’t in a rush, he hesitated, why? Skyrim would be a great target, and if they could take back Cyrodil and Skyrim, the war would be theirs.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” the Orc said,

“Do you agree?” asked Ahzam,

“I,” said the Orc,

“Then this meeting is settled, Delethor and the Bretons will begin to take Skyrim, and the Khajit will be sent to Cyrodil, tell the commander the news.”

“All right,” said Mortgal,

“Good day to you both,” said Delethor as he walked off, confident yet fearful, he knew what he had just done, this could cripple the fate of the dominion or the Covenant.

The war for Skyrim had begun…again.

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